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  1. SkydiveMonkey

    Tell me what went wrong with this opening

    Is it just me or is the bottom flap clinging to the grommet on the dbag? ____________________ Say no to subliminal messages
  2. SkydiveMonkey

    scam in skydive society

    Did you get serial numbers to check against the stolen gear database? ____________________ Say no to subliminal messages
  3. So he didn't fancy the 5th attachment point from you then? ____________________ Say no to subliminal messages
  4. SkydiveMonkey

    Video for Beginners

    All that with 176 jumps? ____________________ Say no to subliminal messages
  5. SkydiveMonkey

    Identity Status Suggestion

    Nice idea, although very easy to photoshop things like that. ____________________ Say no to subliminal messages
  6. SkydiveMonkey

    Soft housings

    I think THIS sums it up
  7. SkydiveMonkey

    The trees, the peas, or the pond?

    The riggers car Prolly the pond if it's steerable ____________________ Say no to subliminal messages
  8. SkydiveMonkey

    Help needed ASAP-uni club

    Not much point now - might as well get the club set up to start proper in september (just as the weather gets bad ). Hasn't Leicester already got a club (or had one?). ____________________ Say no to subliminal messages
  9. SkydiveMonkey

    Laser ???

    Advanced Para Systems IIRC ____________________ Say no to subliminal messages
  10. SkydiveMonkey

    Protrack Question

    Set the altitudes to 0. Or put it in your jumpsuit pocket ____________________ Say no to subliminal messages
  11. SkydiveMonkey

    "Was this review helpful?"

    Gear - it was the latest review on the hornet ____________________ Say no to subliminal messages
  12. SkydiveMonkey

    "Was this review helpful?"

    I got the following message when hitting yes or no ... ---------- A fatal error has occured: Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at /home/dropzone/ line 167. Please enable debugging in setup for more details. OK The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. ____________________ Say no to subliminal messages
  13. SkydiveMonkey

    strong tandem cross rating

    It might be a good idea to mention (at least in your profile) where you are
  14. SkydiveMonkey

    Teardrop in the USA

    The PISA ones weren't supposed to be sold outside of south africa, so there shouldn't be THAT many around. ____________________ Say no to subliminal messages
  15. SkydiveMonkey

    Open container in the plane, what would you do?

    I don't use rsl's. did think about it after I posted though. ____________________ Say no to subliminal messages