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  1. This is my AFP 2. When I pulled that happen. Is that a malfunction? I was wondering what would of happen if the jumpmaster was not there. I would have cut away. The link to the movie is below.
  2. Where did this idea come from? I like that hanger white better. At least the last time I jumped at Skydive Chicago it was white. I don't think the farmers would like that pink hanger either. LOL. But that is pretty damm funny.
  3. AFP is much better, when you are done with the program you will have your A license. AFF you will not even have enough jumps to get you A license. I would do the AFP. MUCH MUCH better. The AFF program was written when they had round parachutes.
  4. Oh Believe me I have a freind that is a total poser to the sport.
  5. A Fellow sky driver and I went to a titty Bar about a half mile away from our drop zone. I bought him a lap dance from the best looking girl in the place. So what does he do for me? Gets me a nasty old lady for a lap dance. She had so much makeup on she looked like a clown. I can't believe he would do that to a fellow sky driver. What should I do about this? Does anyone have any rules about lap dances and revenge? The worst part is its raining today so we can't jump. I am bored so I am posting this.
  6. I will be back in the air. My home drop zone is Skydive Chicago. The people there are great. I am sure you heard of them before.
  7. Jan Meyer thats is so cool. I never thought you would respond to my Post. Your story is Inspiration to me. Thanks for your words. I will be jumping again. Roger D.
  8. The plane ride down is more scary. When that plane goes into a nose dive it feels like you are falling big time. When I jump it does not feel like that more like flying, but I no I am really falling. I will be jumping this weekend again. I have been thinking about it all week. See you at the dropzone Scuba. Anyway the jump master is going to pull me out of the plane next time and YOU Know she Could. LOL
  9. I was on my fifth jump and my jump master said get ready. I did not want to jump it did not feel right. I ended up riding the plane down. The jump master tried to get me to go but I could not. I felt stupid all the way down. I love to jump but for some reason that day I could not. I was going to try it again that day but I went home. The jump master called me at home and asked me what happen. Basically why did I go home. Has anyone felt that way on a jump before?
  10. Go for It I am selling mine on e-bay. But I have two cars so I have a way to get to the dropzone edited by Skymama. Please obey the "no advertising in the forums" rule.
  11. Well Raquel I am not addicted yet but close. I can't wait to go again. I will go again and then be addicted.
  12. I am just trying to see how my jump went compared to other first jumps.
  13. On made my first jump on 7/12/03. It took me a week to decide to go. The worst part of the whole thing was getting out the door of the plane. I was the fist tandem out the door. Looking down at 13,500 feet and falling from a plane would scare any normal person for the first time. I had no idea how I was going to react. Once out the door and falling a 120mph I felt great. I made a few mistakes my first jump like not pulling at 5500 the jumpmater had to pull and the way I looked at the altimeter. I guess I am aloud a few mistake the first jump. I am planning to go through the whole AFP Program. I would like to hear about any other fist jump experiences or if you are a tandem master and had any really bad first jumps.