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  1. It is? I live in London - could you narrow it down? Where do I get one of these? Infernos nightclub Clapham. 21 year old girls of all nationalities!! But seriously, what to do in London. Jesus, theres everything. Whats your bag? Cultural, sleazy, drunken. Its all there. Do all the obvious - London eye etc. Check out Kew Gardens. Go to the theatre. From there its open. Check out the "time out London" website. It has a whole breakdown of whats on where and special events. Good luck!!
  2. God I love this game!!!! So addictive!
  3. I take it your a fan of the game "fizz buzz"??!! Fucking hate that game tho maths isn't my strong point. I've got a FS suit with booties, got it on 5 sec delays years ago. Will still wear it when I start AFF next March. In my limited real life freefall and my 10 minute tunnel time I tend to agree with the idea thats theres not much point as why add "boosters" till you can do it properly
  4. Hah, yeah I tend to agree the human race is completely fucked. From the earths point of view it will probably be good riddence once we wipe ourselves out. And yeah I'm only 25 but I guess il be gone in 50 years or so. won't affect me much either i hope
  5. I can't wait for the kiss and tell stories to come out when she becomes Queen. "Essex Builder tells all about his sexy romps with Queen Kate when she was just 16 only in todays Sun"
  6. I always wondered what would happen to skydiving once oil ran out. And from this article they hint that it might not be too far off. Seems like it would be balloon jumps all the way? Anyone got any thoughts?
  7. I pull low because I can't afford the ride to altitude. To the OP: Tell that wanker to mind her own business. Or, I can come to your DZ, pull below 500 feet, and that way you will look like a conservative jumper. You the man. Can I be on your ash dive? Sparky I actually replaced my reserve with C4 explosives and configured my AAD to set it off if I ever go in. That way, no one will know where I went. Magic. Bahahaha!! funniest reply ever! lol. Look, locate, cut-away re-BOOOM!!
  8. Preface - total newbie here. Why do you care what someone thinks of you? If you know you are in the right it shouldn't matter what they say. It only matters if you think they could have a point.......
  9. What a great way of putting things. I think your words could apply to a lot of things we worry about in life.
  10. on an unrelated note where you jump looks beautiful. amazing visuals! i want one :-)
  11. gunit

    First windtunnel

    Wow awesome! 10 minutes at airkix Milton Keynes in prep for my AFF. Got everything done except side slides. My left arm and thumb is pretty numb tho as I was doing my turns left quite a lot. Anyone else experienced that at all?
  12. Haha, just booked my AFF course for next March. Super excited, its been 7 years since my last jump (5 sec delay). Got stuck on RAPS at 18 y/o with 5 secs delays and gave up. Always told myself I'd do AFF and here I go. Gotta get that A licence! I've booked in some tunnel time at Airkix Bedford UK, 10 mins and they say they gear it towards AFF students if you ask. Anyone got any experience at Airkix at all?