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  1. Time Left: 10 days and 21 hours

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    Mirage G4 M1 custom navy, purple, grey, light grey pinstripes, pink and silver details, kept indoors, 800 jumps, custom made. Pilot 132 purple white & teal, I was 2nd owner, approx 1000 jumps in grass landing areas. PD 143R never used, dark grey. I haven't jumped since 2013, stored in my home. No AAD. More pictures on request. Cashiers check or with Paypal add 3% processing fee. Negotiable


    Chicago, IL - US

  2. EricaH

    Mirage owners

    Nothing is going to look small with a large canopy stuffed inside. The G4 has a tapered bottom and the G3 is squared off. So you're probably thinking of the G4.
  3. EricaH

    Mirage owners (especially M0/1's!)

    I would get chest rings whatever that means. Here's why... sorry for the long response. I have an M1 on a G4.1... and when freeflying specifically after transitioning to head down from a sit, one of my shoulder straps slips off to the side. My boyfriend's MX (I think or an M0) does the same thing. However, having the Unisys harness allows us to really tighten the chest strap down (my laterals end up only 5 inches to reduce the slipping). Note that both containers were custom... I've complained to Mirage & they're response "if you jump a canopy as big as a 135 we expect you to be a larger person & so the yoke is wider".. I have complaint threads all over, yes they really did respond that way. I stick with it since the harness is SO comfortable otherwise. However, when I'm ready for a new container, it won't be Mirage. Sorry, I don't know answers to your other questions.
  4. EricaH

    WFFC-Its going good!

    That's great!! Do you know if they'll have PD Reserves to demo as mains?
  5. Depending on the dropzone, they will probably have you go out solo with a coach or two. Just one english hint - we use the letter V instead of your W. So the word you used, "wery much" is actually very much. My boyfriend is polish & he makes that mistake a lot. no worries, you'll do fine.
  6. EricaH


    I called mine & straight out asked if they covered accidents from such things as surfing, motorcross, hang-gliding, bungie jumping, boating, water skiing, skydiving, mountain climbing. Blue Cross Blue Shield didn't have any issue, but that may be policy specific, insurance is a mystery to me.
  7. EricaH

    Mirage Systems

    I do love my mirage - I got it last year. The only problem I have is that when transitioning to HD, one shoulder slips off. then I'm flying with a crooked rig. The yolk can be tight enough to not let this happen if I have the chest strap tightened so the laterals are with in 3 inches of eachother. Then the laterals & chest rings are right on top of )& very painfully so) my breasts. Mirages response. If you're jumping something as big as a 135 (my M1 container meant to fit a 120 - 135, though I squish a 150 in), our design assumes you are a bigger person w/ broader shoulders. When discussing this with them I brought up how I have a tiny 100# 5ft tall friend that just started jumping. She's on a 150 & would literally fall out of the rig, if she stood on her head you could pull it right over her shoulders no matter how tight the chest strap was pulled. They said, yup, that could happen. But we can't tell people to jump smaller rigs. Also, another issue is that when I do decide to chinch the chest strap down that tightly, it is VERY difficult to loosen under canopy. my last jump of the season, my fingers were so cold I couldn't do it I even tried after taking my gloves off. Lets just say it was a very uncomfortable ride down!! Having your risers literally infront of your face is no fun at all!! Apparently all the webbing fits fine, just the yoke is too wide. And since I didn't start HD till about 8 months after getting the rig, I didn't notice the issue - and so it can not be fixed with out buying a whole new rig (which would probably need to fit an even smaller main/reserve combo - which I am not ready for). Sorry for the rant, it's something I've needed to get off my chest () for a while now. edited to add: That Justin (the Mirage rep at the time) measured me. And I have had extensive conversations w/ Ward - nothing. Oh, forgot to say that I'm glad you like yours!! Enjoy, it really is so comfortable any other time!
  8. EricaH

    Mirage G4 options?

    Hopefully he has wide shoulders. My d-bag is built to fit a 120 - 135, the shoulder straps slide off my shoulders all the time. I was told by Mirage that "since I have such a large canopy they have to build the yoke wider". so I just have to be fine w/ the slippage (I have the chest strap tightened to about 4" apart & leg straps almost cutting off circulation) there's nothing that can be done about it. Other than that I love my G4!! Pretty much everything is standard on it (unisyss & stainless are pretty much the only options). It is super comfy & you learn to pack w/ the split bag. I can easily fit my spectre 150 in it w/o the split I think that would be rather more difficult.
  9. EricaH

    Do skydivers care about safety? Bill Booth

    Not that this addresses your issue (which I completely understand), but.... someone at my dz was saying that Infinity will make a container to fit basically any size main (with in reason of course). The person in question jumps a 97 main & has a 135 reserve. There are other issues here in that you NEVER would want to deal w/ a 2 out situation in that set-up... but that wasn't your question.