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  1. Probably DeLand --- PCSS #10
  2. Only this time, tell them to stop before they hit russia. --- PCSS #10
  3. Did my first static line jump today (the one where you do a dummy pull). My jumpmaster got mad at me because I hung on to the C-182 for about 15 seconds after thumb-up, not wanting to let go. Then I did a really lazy arch and forgot competely about the pull. Landed in a small forrest clearing between some power lines. Failed that jump by a clear margin. Put a case for first static line jump. Now I am mighty drunk since someome else put another case and we where only 5 to drink then both and two of them left febre the first was finished. Goimng to jump more (if they allow me back on static line) in 8 hour. --- PCSS #10
  4. BOOBIES!!! --- PCSS #10
  5. We would also see more atrocities like this. --- PCSS #10
  6. 1. Scientific tests find that when women produce amounts of the hormone estrogen, which makes hair shine and skin smooth they make love more. 2. Dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes reduces your chances of gentle, relaxed lovemaking. 3. Those calories you piled on during that binge eating session implies less lovemaking. 5. Mild depressions is an instant cure for sex. 6. The less sex you have, the less you will be offered. The sexually inactive body gives off lesser quantities of chemicals called pheromones. These subtle sex perfumes would have driven the opposite sex crazy! 8. Lack of saliva to wash food from the teeth, decay and plaque build up prevents kissing. 9. Lack of tension that restricts blood vessels in the brain can lead to more sex. 10. Asthma and hay fever can help combat sex. --- PCSS #10
  7. hagar

    Ford Tough

    If they do try a tandem, for the love of humanity please don't try to fit them inside a spandex jumpsuit --- PCSS #10
  8. hagar

    Firewall Question

    If you don't know what it is firewall it. If everything still works leave it that way. --- PCSS #10
  9. How about stop getting new ones? This is a bit besides the topic of the thread... but anyway... based of past conflicts this is what I think is going to happen. 1. In order to save the life of its soldiers and make victory faster/easier/possible, america ally themselves with various groups, ethnical minorities, fundametalist tribes etc... in fact anyone who has the common enemy. 2. Victory. Civilians greet US/NATO/coalition soldiers as heroes. New regime installed. US military rent land for bases for 99 years. The russian mafia already has its brothels in place and can't wait to profit from the peace(keeping). 3. The "allies" are unhappy with peace. What they really wanted was victory over their enemies. They continue to smuggle drugs and blow up stuff, this time with american weapons and training, causing embarrassment for everyone involved. Move to 1 --- PCSS #10
  10. IIRC only about half of the foreign legion is foreigners. The rest sign up as "canadians", "belgians" or "swiss". --- PCSS #10
  11. This is an important point in places like Kosovo and possibly Bosnia. American forces does an important job trying to keep some sort of stability in the region, but what kind of conflict are the F-15 fighters at Keflavik (Iceland) supressing? An eskimo uprising? Viking raids? --- PCSS #10
  12. Because like everything else the goverment does, once in place it becomes virtually impossible to remove. http://www.g2mil.com/Oct2002.htm *Edited to add link to article --- PCSS #10
  13. Damn. Missed it again. --- PCSS #10
  14. So what is your problem then? --- PCSS #10
  15. War is not nice. -Barbara Bush --- PCSS #10
  16. [tin foil hat off] Here is the evidence! [tin foil hat on] --- PCSS #10
  17. My excuse: Living in Norway --- PCSS #10
  18. hagar

    follow it up...

    lastPostBeforeLock --- PCSS #10
  19. The SR-71 flew at 80-90K and where never touched by anything. Hitting anything @200K ft /12,500 mph would be like hitting a bullet with a bullet. --- PCSS #10
  20. The brits and soviets where probably thinking the same in 1878 and 1979... --- PCSS #10
  21. YEAH!!!! Bomb them into submission, that have worked soooo good before, then throw some leaflets to add insult to injury. --- PCSS #10
  22. If none of those things means anything to you, how about pride? There should be certain pride in knowing that there is quality in the art or craft you are practising. --- PCSS #10
  23. hagar

    Superbowl ads

    Why do you care about the superbowl ads? (please explain in a way that an ignorant foreigner can understand) --- PCSS #10
  24. Can I get spanking instead?? --- PCSS #10