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  1. What is wrong with the 170: -Not much. It could have been a bit more rigid but other than that, I love it. What I hope to gain: -Sharper turns, more rigid wing that flies more like a Stiletto is supposed to do. -A free 'upgrade', I think the 170 might be hard to sell otherwise. (I know money is not supposed to be an issue when choosing canopy...) --- PCSS #10
  2. That is of course the boring but correct answer, the thing I know I SHOULD do.... --- PCSS #10
  3. I currently fly a Stiletto 170 @1.1, but I have got an offer (that I can't refuse
  4. I have been jumping a Stiletto 170 for a while. At 1.1 it was everything but rock-solid, the wing was breathing or pulsing, and jumped around a bit if there was any wind. It was still fun to fly but I think it wants to be loaded more. --- PCSS #10
  5. There are mountains to the east, north and south. Therefore the run is always east-west. That way those who exit last don't have to worry about the ~2000ft mountain that we now fly over about 20 seconds before exit. --- PCSS #10
  6. At my DZ we have this scheme: What do you think? Upwind: Large flat groups Small flat groups Large freefly groups Small freefly groups Students Tandem Downwind: Large freefly groups Small freefly groups Large flat groups Small flat groups Students Tandem --- PCSS #10
  7. I am not sure if skydiving increase metabolism, but adrenaline increase levels of glycogen and free fatty acids in blood. That means you don't feel hunger and you forget to eat. If any of you "big-boned" skydivers out there wonder why you are still "big-boned" you are probably eating more when your body realizes that its storage of glycogen in liver is nearly depleated. --- PCSS #10
  8. Do you know when they stopped making it and why? How was it obsoleted by the modern 0-3 cfm fabric? --- PCSS #10
  9. So far I have understood that the fabric skydivers call "F-111" is the name of a particular fabric that went out of production years ago. What was the last time someone actually jumped a canopy made of real F-111? --- PCSS #10
  10. Could the reasoning be that more taper -> higher aspect rato -> higher loading -> more speed -> more lift? --- PCSS #10
  11. Strange. Only time I got a really nice and slow opening from my Turbo ZX was with a wet canopy deployed in subterminal. How to solve your problem: -Get used to it -As someone already said, expose the front more may help --- PCSS #10
  12. This week I learned how to stop a spinning sit. For some strange reason the solution was twisting my upper body in the direction of the turn. No idea why it worked, shouldn't it make me spin faster? --- PCSS #10
  13. Since I only got a year in this sport, could someone please explain these things for me? -Jesus straps -gravel plugs -hydraulic reefing --- PCSS #10
  14. The Stiletto is not that bad, you may even get an onheading opening sometimes! I have never jumped the Springo, but I have packed them a few times. The only thing I know about it is that it usually opens quite hard. I had to experiment a lot to pack an "surviveable" opening. --- PCSS #10
  15. hagar

    Turbo ZX

    So far I got 50 jumps on my Turbo ZX. The first jumps I got really hairy openings, it wanted to throw me into a linetwist every time. After a while I learned to pack it properly, and now I get on-heading openings as soft as I care to make them. It is really easy to control with the light and sensitive toggles. Same with the rear risers. Double fronts is really heavy but possible. This canopy is definitly a toggle machine. Landing: It flares ok, not THAT much flare power but enough to keep a slow straight in landing endurable. The flare might be better at a higher loading. A good first canopy that is fun to fly on the first 50-100 jumps after student status.
  16. When I cut away from a low speed mal, I placed one hand on each handle, despite having learned the two hand method in FJC. I had enough time to think about it and felt more comfortable not having to locate the silver handle after cutaway. Afterwards I have started to practice the one hand procedure a lot.