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  1. Michele


    Fly fast, fly free...but by God, FLY! My condolences to all who knew him. Ciels- Michele
  2. It's horrendous pain coupled with potential complications (ear drum problems), and just altogether a bad, bad, bad idea. Take the week, drink lots of water and rest, and then go play next weekend...it's just not worth it if you are sick - let alone contemplating taking otc meds to handle symptoms. The sky will wait...sit it out. Ciels- Michele
  3. Chris, how sad I was to hear you've passed on. You have been a fountain of information, and a great source of education for lots of people around the world. How badly you will be missed...how very badly. Thank you for giving the sky to so many people. Thank you for your love, your laugh, your joy, and your incredible generosity. Rest easy now, and know that yours was a life which counted - in the sky and on the ground. Dance in the golden sun, play tag with clouds, drift forever on the wind. Endless freefall is yours...and while we miss you, you are now Home. To Chris's family: when the loss gets too great to bear, look at the sky and see him flying through the endless blues; listen to his laugh carried on the wind; and see his spirit reflected in the eyes of his children. He is not far...peek into your heart and see him there, living always with you. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Chris was well loved. He made a difference to scores of skydivers. If there is anything we (his "other" family) can do, please don't hesitate to ask. It hurts, I know, to lose someone; if you need anything, reach out. We're here for you. I am so very sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace, Chris, and know you live on in our hearts, and in the sky. Ciels- Michele