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  1. I think the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party might be something for you http://www.nazi.org/party/platform.html --- PCSS #10
  2. Right now that must be the only legitimate reason for attacking Iraq. Just make sure whoever is installed in Saddams place it actually better than him, this has not always been the case in previous US-driven regime changes. --- PCSS #10
  3. With both houses secured, where is the need to attack Iraq? 2004 election? --- PCSS #10
  4. Could you please extract the funny part from your mailbox, and post it here? --- PCSS #10
  5. Another way of saying: "At least the chimp has excellent handlers" I wonder who is REALLY running this government. --- PCSS #10
  6. It looks like the republicans have won both houses. Does that mean that GWB is totally unopposed, and is that necessary a bad thing? What changes do you expect to see that otherwise would have been stopped by the dems? --- PCSS #10
  7. Do you know about an activity that is more "extreme" than the one you are doing? Do you consider those performers to be suicidal manics? If your answer is YES/YES you are probably not. If you are thinking about yourself as "extreme", you are probably not. --- PCSS #10
  8. Why don't you measure it yourself? --- PCSS #10
  9. Foreign languages: Bastadized English/American Fluent in Java --- PCSS #10
  10. You are correct. The time of war, such as now is not a good time to dispute the wise decisions made by der fuh ^H^H^H president. I know deep in my heart he has our best interest in mind in his fight against evil. All attempts at aiding the enemy by protesting the war is treason and should be treated as such. Hopefully Reich^H^H^H^H^H Attorney General Ashcroft will step up his fight against such anti-freedom, anti-God, anti-"our way of life", anti-patriot and anti-American tendencies. --- PCSS #10
  11. Some things will make you unpopular: 1) Spam CHECH 2) Mindless post whoring CHECH 3) Repeating yourself CHECH 4) Rudeness CHECH 5) SHOUTING CHECH Still, mostly harmless by the standards set by clintonR. Was he ever banned? --- PCSS #10
  12. Not that I know anything about the kind of cramps you get but it has happened to me a few times. It was not pleasant, but didn't affect my stability either. --- PCSS #10
  13. Instead of a parachute I think a pogo stick would work. --- PCSS #10
  14. Please send me some of the stuff you are smoking. --- PCSS #10
  15. Good morning to everyone who live in a resonable timezone! --- PCSS #10
  16. hagar


    Don't do that, he'll only get homesick --- PCSS #10
  17. Try the random NYTimes registation generator http://www.majcher.com/nytview.html --- PCSS #10
  18. Just a note about the face mask: Make sure you are not breathing into the fabric. It is better to have the face exposed to dry cold than a cold wet fabric. About the layers thing: Don't overdo it. It doesn't matter how many layers you put on if you have to squeeze it all into a tight jumpsuit. Probably why some American forces on winter exercise in northern Norway put on clothes to the point where they had difficulties walking, but where still freezing. Try this: skin|wool|something windtight if the jumpsuit isn't|jumpsuit|cold air --- PCSS #10
  19. Usually the AK 74 is made in 5.45mm but there may be an export versions chambered for 5.56mm. Not really a serious sniper caliber as it doesn't have the range and power. --- PCSS #10
  20. It could be fair if what he really ment was: "My faith in jesus helped me train hard enough to win" Even as an atheist I see nothing wrong with that. --- PCSS #10
  21. I have made it a habit of calling my parents every time someone doing the same thing in the same place as me dies or is involved in a serious accident. I am living in a small country, so when something nasty happens it is guaranteed to be on the news. --- PCSS #10