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  1. Where you jumping, Skydive Palo Alto?
  2. Best Audible for a KISS Helmet Looking for an audible altimeter to use with a KISS helmet. I have heard of at least one that is not loud enough to hear. I jump with ear plugs so that would definitely be an issue. Never used an externally mounted audible, so no experience to fall back on. Thanks
  3. flyhi

    Going Home Again

    RW groups may not be the first ones out. It may be people who are referred to as movement groups. These are people on tracking dives or angle flying. With two movement groups on a load, one group may go first and one may go last. They may also not be that good at it. Make sure you know where they intend to go and watch for them. Welcome back
  4. flyhi

    Jim Dann, SCR 6, passed Aug 23, 2016

    Is it still possible to see this image? I guess it didn't make the leap over.
  5. flyhi

    Balloon Jumps

    Did this balloon jump with Get Loft, Hot Air Balloon Adventures. Damian travels as the demand requires. I believe he said he has something set up in the near future in South Carolina. You can contact him at With him or with someone else, definitely do it. It is totally unique.
  6. What are you calling the base of the lark's head knot? Is it the red box portion? Thanks and sorry about the pic. Was in a hurry before my boss came in.
  7. So, tell your friends and family not to die on Friday and Saturday?
  8. flyhi

    US DZ operating Skyvan or Sherpa

    Looks like no matter what you do, you're just screwed if you own Skyvan S/N SH1960.
  9. flyhi

    Packing Nightmare

    Also clear the excess material from between the lines before laying it down.
  10. flyhi

    skydive boogie in Ramsar , Iran

    May want to post this in the Events & Places to Jump forum. If it's real.
  11. Saw two cutaways on one day. And he packed for himself and was very particular about the way he did it.
  12. Looks like the draw was M - E - O - N, but with the centers in a two-way instead of a cat for the N. Was that the official formation back then?
  13. flyhi

    Skydive Chicago

    I bet he has already decided.
  14. flyhi

    Fluidwings Gangster

    How big do they pack? (My container is tight for my current canopy. Would probably go the same size in the Gangsta.)
  15. Why was Andrew Hill fired from Mile-Hi Skydiving? (Assumption on my part.)