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  1. flyhi

    License Number

    Yeah, and he really use to abuse the shit out of it, too. Would come on dropzones and try to organize big ways, would never buy beer, and insisted on using the 45° rule. What a dick. BTW, Alice Cooper has an honorary doctorate. He doesn't have a Bachelors degree. Too much?
  2. At one point, I jumped with an individual named Scott-2. Scott-2 was very motivated to skydive, in the beginning. He eventually decided he had done everything he wanted to do in skydiving, conquered every challenge he wanted to attempt, learned everything skydiving-related he thought he could, felt there was no place left for him to go in the sport, and he quit skydiving. He had 79 jumps. He did come back for a brief spell. Ended up landing in some electrical wires and again, quit the sport. Everyone is different, and things change.
  3. Outside video probably would have provided more info. Hard to tell from handicam video. You had an instructor right there. What did she say?
  4. flyhi

    Looks like Boeing could use a pin check

  5. I have seen free coaching offered at DZs. it was meant to assist the young grasshopper, bit it consisted of using swoop cords, the boxman, and hugging the beach ball if you go low. Great stuff, back in the day. Surprised they didn't throw in balloon suits. Good, quality coaching is worth it. Consider getting on/starting a 4-way team and split the cost. It does make you better.
  6. flyhi

    Has run it’s course?

    As long as no one knows WTF DB Cooper is, this site will have a new post every six hours or less.
  7. flyhi

    Packing tool

    Are you saying to use a packboy (Sexist! ) to close the D-Bag?
  8. flyhi

    Diff between RW & Competition jumpsuits

    Windline Skydiving Equipment out of Lake Wales makes a nice jump suit for a little lower price.
  9. flyhi

    Diff between RW & Competition jumpsuits

    IMHO, a competition suit will be tighter, with less drag. You'll have spandex or the equivalent for the lower sleeves. The grips will be bigger and you have both inside and outside leg grippers. An RW suit may be dependent on who you jump with. More baggy in the arms and between the arms and the body. I have not seen a lot of people get real upset if you do not have inside leg grippers. I have never seen anyone get upset with smaller grippers. Both save money. I would not consider not getting booties, but some people leave those off, too. I wouldn't, but that also saves money. Look around at the people with whom you jump. Do they fall faster or slower. If you are in with a slower falling group, a competition suit may knock you out of that group. A gross generalization would be that with competition suits, lighter guys wear weights; with RW suits bigger guys wear swoop cords. In competition suits, arching is expected. In RW suits, de arching is de rigueur.
  10. flyhi

    Good place to jump in winter?

    If you want to try Florida, recommend either Skydive Deland or Skydive City in Zephyrhills. Both have very robust AFF programs with a number of options. Both have fun jumper groups on Facebook that often post rooms, apartments, houses for rent for reasonable prices. They both fly seven days a week in the winter, so you could jump as much as you want. Both dropzones host many international jumpers over the winter, so you would be able to meet with a very diverse group while there. You would probably even be able to find others there who speak Canadian. And yes, Zephyrhills is the home of water, so you would also have that going for you. Good luck wherever you opt to learn. Have fun, and remember, a good arch cures a lot of problems.
  11. If you don't know much about computers, Paint probably seems like a pretty rudimentary program. The more you use it, the more powerful you realize it is. Here's a pretty good article that tells people how to use it and some of its strengths. Experienced, mature people can see the utility of it if you tell them it's a good way to mark-up, crop, resize, and share pix of their grandchildren. People of that generation love to share pix of their grandprogeny. In fact, if you want to see pix of mine...
  12. From their website: Permanetly Closed After 21 great years of skydiving we are shutting down our opperation at the Laurel Airport. We can't thank all of you enough for the support, jumps and fun over the years. If you have an outstanding Gift Certificate, Voucher or Deposit from the last calendar year please fill out the Refund Request form below. Blue Skies Always sad when a DZ closes. It hurts the sport. Always thought I would try it if I got up that way.
  13. flyhi

    San Diego 9/12-9/18

    Them's fighting words in places like Elsinore, Eloy, Chicago, Rosharon, Raeford, Deland, and Zephyrhills.
  14. Just renewed my USPA registration and the letter said there were 40,000 member in USPA who thanked me. I would guess 35,000 of them are active. lists the dropzones in the world (minus the US) as 1061. The US is listed at 343. The ratio there is 3.09:1. So I would guess 108K. And as they say in the 25 Spanish dropzones listed, Quien sabe? Definitely, YMMV