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  1. If your priority in learning how to skydive is scenery, you can try PISC on the North shore of Oahu. They are very good at what they do. On a very clear day, you can see five islands. Rare, but it happens. Other good places include: Skydive Chicago - But you may have to look at corn on the way down. Also, they run their Summerfest the end of July, beginning of August. Probably not the best time to try and go through AFF. Don't know. Give them a call to confirm. Skydive Arizona in Eloy, AZ - More desert, but you will be looking at it from the other side. Very hot in the summer. A good late fall, winter option. Skydive Deland in Florida - You can see the ocean, Daytona Beach, possibly Cape Canaveral, and at the right point in the day when the sun sits just right, you can catch its glint off the Eyesore on I4. Spectacular. They are all large DZs with full time schools and good instructors. Good luck. Hope it all works out for you.
  2. flyhi

    Packing Practice

    First fifty or so jumps on my new canopy, I psycho packed it. Seemed to offer more control. Here's a video that may help, but always discuss with a rigger, never take advice off of the internet, go to the PIA conference before you do anything new, yadda yadda yadda
  3. But he said, "my friends." Doesn't that ensure it is not a vitriolic response? And if you don't agree with me, then I say, "Good day, Sir!"
  4. flyhi

    Extreme engineering

    Pretty valid. My undergrad is in civil and my graduate degree is in aeronautical. I tell non-engineers that both disciplines rely on Newton's F=mA, but in civil A must always equal zero and in aero, it almost never does. Gross approximation of the truth, but you know how non-engineers are. If you have the option, I would recommend taking an elective in a Computational Fluid Dynamics course if you can. I know Scott uses it in his work and it is the future. Wind tunnel in a box.
  5. Jumped at Monterrey 15 -18 years ago. I was traveling and did not have a helmet, altimeter, or goggles with me. They said they would rent me each of those devices. For $5. Each. Per jump. Also had an indoor and an outdoor packing area. Don't know how it was phrased or presented, but the bottom line was there was a cost to use the indoor area. It was air conditioned, after all. This may have all changed by now. Back then, I understand the owners were on site and since then, they have relocated to one of their other DZs on the east coast. Quien sabe? Having said all that, I did not see anything unsafe while I was there. At that time, the aircraft appeared new and well maintained. Jump run was done up the wind line, and with appropriate time between jumpers, I easily made it back to the landing area. Would I jump there again? Probably. It would be like jumping at Lodi. (I would do that, too.) You have to realize that you are acting as your own safety officer. Be alert, look around, keep your head on a swivel. Do you have the experience to do that? No, not at this point. That plus the fact that you are already predisposed to not trusting them would lead me to recommend you not do AFF there. I would recommend you do AFF somewhere else, get some experience, and then, if you want (and if you can), get on a load at Monterrey. The scenery is pretty spectacular.
  6. More protection on landing. Less snag hazards. Yes, controlling fall rate. The miltary has a saying, "Train like you fight." Works here too. Less prone to covering a handle? Old timers here will remember a post from Sangiro when his shirt did exactly that. And he knew what he was doing.
  7. Not familiar with this terminology. What does the "IAD student" part mean?
  8. What does YouTube pay per view? I heard it was $7 per thousand views. If true, that means they have pulled in over $100k from your video. Is it worth getting a lawyer or taking them to small claims court?
  9. flyhi

    Skydiving after shoulder surgery

    Had surgery for a dislocation with a rotator cuff tear. Everytime the doctor saw me he loved to say the word massive. "That was a massive tear. Massive." Twelve months to jump again. Do your rehab. Join a gym. Get a good trainer. Never stop rehabbing. You'll have a massive amount of fun.
  10. flyhi

    Bob "Hubie" Huber

    I remember Hubie from Lake Wales. He was usually out early in the day and on the first or second load. I don't remember him jumping with anyone consistently. He always seemed to enjoy doing hop n pops early in the day and then finishing them up with some accuracy at the bottom end. After reading about him being the Quincy Santa Claus, I can see why that was important to him. Sat around and talked to him on some weather days and he was very gregarious. BSBD, Hubie. You will be missed
  11. Where you jumping, Skydive Palo Alto?
  12. Best Audible for a KISS Helmet Looking for an audible altimeter to use with a KISS helmet. I have heard of at least one that is not loud enough to hear. I jump with ear plugs so that would definitely be an issue. Never used an externally mounted audible, so no experience to fall back on. Thanks
  13. flyhi

    Going Home Again

    RW groups may not be the first ones out. It may be people who are referred to as movement groups. These are people on tracking dives or angle flying. With two movement groups on a load, one group may go first and one may go last. They may also not be that good at it. Make sure you know where they intend to go and watch for them. Welcome back
  14. flyhi

    Jim Dann, SCR 6, passed Aug 23, 2016

    Is it still possible to see this image? I guess it didn't make the leap over.