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  1. No video, but strong memories of lines shooting between my legs as I flipped backwards from a SL exit from the step ofQuote a C182. Next jumps, I learned to look at the door as I exited and it never happened again.
  2. Hey, thanks everyone for the encouragement and advice. Good to know I'm not the only old fart still looking for adventure in my life. Hadn't thought of it, but yoga definitely sounds like the way to limber up and strengthen my core. In the midwest now but relocating to general Daytona Beach area in late spring. Also hadn't considered tunnel time before FJC. Will definitely look into that. Again, thank you to everyone who replied.
  3. I'm 63, not overweight (6', 170 lbs), in reasonably good shape from a fairly active lifestyle and no known health problems. I've had a fascination with skydiving for a long time, even have 5 S/L jumps (many years ago that were actually 2 jumps, then a military deployment that interrupted things, then another 3 S/L jumps a few years later that preceded another military interruption) but never got back to it. Have taken a recent early retirement and realize I still have the bug. So, do other people start at my age or is this just ill advised?
  4. FAR's rule...period. If pilots allow breaking them, lots of questions arise, at the very least.