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  1. like this?
  3. Awesome - can't wait to see/fly these new toys! Swept back arm wing means less shoulder pressure and a more comfortable flight. I'm guessing the Viper's wings are more square to allow for greater lift? Much like the Venom?
  4. Wow that was impressive! That dancing PC went everywhere except where it should have! The biggest rookie mistake was videotaping the deployment height though - that's how fun things get banned at DZs everywhere! ;-)
  5. Cheers Michi/Olek, Wingsuit porn.
  6. Awesome. But not just straight line speed right? When you point the nose at the ground, lean it over and pull into a turn, it leaves your stomach somewhere behind you and above you right? Thats the feeliing I love about my V4, when that speed gets turned into a hard and fast turning carve, with a couple of mates in formation... not much better. Being able to carve harder, faster, and with more speed, all good things! Forecast is rain here tomorrow... finally some clouds!
  7. Not saying I want anyone else hurt, but if we didn't have the people that put everything on the line to see if things could be done, we would never find out if they could be. For those that are following, there are tried and tested ways of doing things. I'm all for safety when it comes to things that have been tested to breaking point. But for things that are new territory... I really expected more from fellow wingsuiters... the freedom to fly the way we do is something we all wouldn't be able to enjoy if "pessimists" were the ones who were blazing the trails. If only what was 'safe' was allowed to be tried, we wouldn't even be jumping wingsuits today. The hard core flat fliers would have us all turning points and only dreaming about the lines we could fly. If this project isn't just a joke, and if everyone here is really as much of an expert as they make out, then why aren't there more real suggestions being put put as to how to make this project more feasible? But I guess i've answered my own question. Armchair experts spend more time complaining and whining about the ideas of others , and not enough time pondering what is possible and making their own dreams reality.
  8. More agile? It's meant to go faster right? And more responsive as well? The V4 was like a jet fighter, loads of powerful speed and carving turns, real linear, not washy and mushy like most suits. Is the V5 even more like that? You would have had a few flights Jarno... Give us a detailed description of how she flies compared to the V4. It's more refinement of the design, but describe this flight and the difference in feel. I'm waiting for my V5 and Viper to arrive, and it would be great to have something to day dream about while I wait...
  9. So many pessimists... Where would we be if we didn't have crash test dummies pushing the boundaries of credibility every day? I say keep it up. And if you get it off the ground put me in line for an early order!
  10. Any new pics of the V's yet... there are a few being flown, but almost no pics in circulation...
  11. Awesome, how did you find the diving turning and carving? Was it a lot like the V4 (like it is on rails?) or more like the bigger floatier suits (wallowy and a bit mushy?)
  12. I've had a couple of blown zips - over shoulder, armwing zips etc, and while it can be a bit weird to fly compensating for it, it doesn't really affect the way it flies. Its irritating, but its not gonna kill you. I've never had an armwing cutaway release, but since it follows the same line as an armwing release, I'm assuming it would fly about the same. I have also had zippers jam on several occasions because they caught baggy clothes under my WS (or because thats what zippers do sometimes); and each of those times I was glad to have had the cutaways as standard. They made fixing the jammed zipper something I could worry about on the ground, instead of when I have a bunch of mates in the air around me trying to get close enough to film my struggles on their GoPro (and I appreciate their good efforts - how else are we going to be able to stop it happening from someone else?).