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  1. Mikki_ZH

    Venom DOM

    I'm sure your probably already did... But did you ask pf???
  2. Mikki_ZH

    Information about Ultimate Tracking Suit?

    talk to Rami, the living tracking legend from Finnland.
  3. Mikki_ZH

    Performance V3 vs. V4 ?

    how do you define performance? What is it that you want for your wingsuit?
  4. Mikki_ZH

    go pro 2

    yes, but only real live base jumping (WS jump) with it. I tried the new video resulution setting 960 - 48 (1280 x 960). I was very happy with this setting...
  5. Mikki_ZH

    Pulling in full flight

    Because 90% of my Wingsuit flights are in Base I always pull in full flight, also when I'm skydiving. I see no reason why not to pull in full flight. My skydiving openings are much softer than my base openings so no problem from that point of view.
  6. Mikki_ZH

    New video: Norway Terrain flying 2007

    Ok, I suspected it before but now I know it, Robi is just a little bit cracy... I like the part at 3:35 Very nice flying! And I also like the new term"Terrain flying".
  7. buy phoenix fly next time. you get the goods normaly 2 to mx 4 weeks
  8. Mikki_ZH

    HD to Non HD

    yes, but you have to convert it from HDV to DV. for example with sony hc3 you can convert via I-link your output signal to dv very easy.
  9. Mikki_ZH

    gess whose bak...

    Hey Borat, Yes, I had a good time and got to do a very nice jump! Unfortuntatly it was to windy for your flat mountain but at least I got to do some sight seeing :-) See you sometime in Switzerland!
  10. Mikki_ZH

    room in stavanger needed

    and... (hijack
  11. Mikki_ZH

    ITW Jun 7-10

    are you going to buy a house there? I'm sure this will be cheaper in the long term for you :-)
  12. Mikki_ZH

    looking for a video

    So you mean this one?: sport opportunity for ex base jumpers who want to do something a bit less dangerous... :-)
  13. Mikki_ZH

    bad accident video

    front loop arials are black death as our fellow skydivers would say...
  14. Mikki_ZH

    Rumors about the Mushroom...

    I don't agree. I think that is exactly what they do most of the time. Misjudging or underestimating the situation is what is cause of most of the alpine heli rescues. I think it is not fair and expedient to speculate if it is only a rumor and if you don't know the facts about this incident or if it happend at all.
  15. Mikki_ZH


    The chances of the bridle and/or PC entangling the object are much, much higher using this method. I really do not like it regardless who and where it was used. I know of at lest two incidents where this method could have resulted in two fatalities. TowerTopper can chime in hopefully sharing his view on this (one of the two incident). You could stow the remaining bridel with a rubber band to keep it together. edit: when I say stow I mean to just s-fold the remaining bridel and keep it together with a rubber band...