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  1. nice speedflying weekend with landing stab touch (world first ??)
  2. Hi all, I'm really enthusiastic about the filming made by drone racer (the pilot is Red Bni). Give me your opinion :
  3. The 2017 Speedflying meeting at 2Alpes (France) from August 12 to 20. Great atmosphere and flights with unforgetable pilots :
  4. Jamie Lee in 2Alpes :
  5. To watch and to share :
  6. I did. It's some pretty amazing flying. Yes, Max Toeldte is a great pilot, Joseph Innes too and the video chasing of Max is awesome.
  7. Hi :) to watch and to comment if you want :
  8. Hi all, Some of you like speedflying too :) Then a nice video from Chamonix (Le Brévent) :
  9. The latest video from David Walden :
  10. Hi all, I hope you'll like that one :
  11. Proximity speedflying with Joseph Innes and Dob Durden (chasing)
  12. After a nice trip with the pilot Joseph Innes in the south Alpes in France, a little movie ;)
  13. My latest :) I hope you'll enjoy it :
  14. Hi all ;) My latest little film with Joseph Innes, a talented speedflyer :
  15. Beautiful video from David Walden :