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  1. I have yet to encounter an airline that act as if they have ever heard that question before. SAS called the captain from the gate and asked me if there were any compressed gas capsules in the rig. Do bring your Cypres X-ray card and any other piece of paper on the rig, though.
  2. rasmack

    Stupid question about Alti's in aircraft holds

    Cabin pressurizes at ~6000 ft. Your altimeter and protrack would not be damaged by the altitude, though. I've taken mine to 30k.
  3. rasmack

    Anvil Brothers at WFFC

    I'll be there. I take it my 220 lbs plus gear qualifies.
  4. rasmack

    Reserve canopy's durability

    I have a '90 PD-R in my rig. Haven't heard any complaints from my rigger.
  5. rasmack


    The Altitrack is a digital altimeter with a classic analog display, and let it be said immediately. It just works! Never again will you worry that you bumped your altimeter on something. Never again will you wonder if you forgot to zero it on the ground. Like the Pro Track before it, you turn it on and it will give you a fast and precise altitude measurement. The finish of the unit is very appealing. The design is very classic but with a few twists. First of all the needle is very close to the scale. There is no noticeable difference reading the dial from different angles. The scale itself is not linear. The first half circle goes from 0 to 6000 ft while the second half goes from 6000 to 21000 ft. The asymmetric scale is an option but personally I find the added precision while under canopy to be a refreshing innovation. Turning the altimeter over, is where you really discover what this thing can do. A large comprehensive display logs every detail of the jump (including the temperature). The altimeter will play back the jump for you afterwards both on the digital and the analog scale. The back side is referred to by L&B as "ergonomically shaped" and indeed it does curve somewhat. I just didn't fit my hand too well. No matter how I positioned it I always had a knuckle or some other bone hitting the display. This, however, is the only minor inconvenience I could find. The first time you use it you might be a bit surprised at take-off, though. As the altimeter automatically zeroes itself to ground level it takes a few hundred feet for it to realize that you are indeed in an airplane and not just driving up a hill. The needle will remain at zero until this point, when it will align itself at the correct altitude. I haven't had the opportunity to try all the options of the Altitrack. For example I haven't tried it on night jumps, but it is supposed to be able to light up. Also I haven't tried looking at the logs on a computer. In summary this is by far the best altimeter I have ever seen. The fact that it is also the most expensive should not come as a surprise but in this case, you get what you pay for.
  6. rasmack

    Skydiving in Dijon, France

    The coverage requirements in France are exceedingly steep. Don't recall the amount but check on wuza.com. They will check your insurance and if the amount is too small they will require you to join the French federation to get their insurance (~90 Euros IIRC).
  7. rasmack

    pack volume spectre

    I'm no expert, but I can tell you that the experts would probably ask for the size of your Javelin to give a usable answer. If you don't know the size try checking inside the reserve pin cover (Open it. It has two layers and thus has a "pocket" accessible when it is open). You're looking for a J plus a number. Mine is a J4 with a Spectre 210 in it.
  8. rasmack

    Skydive S.O.S.

    I can spare the price of a jump ticket for this. Good initiative.
  9. rasmack

    javelin j-3 ff friendly or not ??

    Depends very much on when it was made and perhaps also on some options, so I would have a rigger inspect it to be sure.
  10. rasmack

    Parachutisme 74

    This is a dropzone that will take good care of you. When you arrive as a stranger you will be given a thorough briefing. Your gear and your papers will be inspected, and they will make d*mn certain you are as well prepared as possible, when you get on the plane. As a newbie jumper I have always felt very well treated. One of the instructors even did a checkout dive with me to clear me for RW the second time I was there. The Porter is nice, but pretty stuffed with tandems on the weekend. The view from freefall is spectacular. Make sure your first jump leaves you time to enjoy the view of Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) and Mt. Blanc. The people are in general very friendly. It is not a problem finding someone to jump with. Just make sure to do a bit of work yourself. There's not much in the way of load organizing as this is a small DZ. Everyone is within shouting distance if you need a partner for a two-way. A couple of notes: - It is a quite small landing area, and there's a helicopter landing zone right next to it. Fly carefully. - No high altitude hop 'n' pops. Geneva airport is very nearby. - You can't buy food on the DZ, but there are supermarkets and fast food joints nearby. - The beer rules are simple. If you feel you owe beer, you out it in the fridge. Any beer found in the fridge is always assumed to be free.
  11. rasmack

    AAD research

    Weren't most pre-Cypres AADs mechanical devices?
  12. rasmack

    DZ's near hamburg

    You have of course checked the DZ-list for Germany here at dz.com I don't know any German DZ's, but feel free to cross the Danish border. The two nearest Danish DZ's seem to be: http://www.albatross.dk/ http://www.springud.dk/
  13. When something is declared unairworthy by a rigger in Denmark he/she is required to clearly state this on the unit in question. I suppose this is the reason I sincerely hope noone gets hurt.