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  1. Saw a post on FB that said Perris was close to getting their DC-9 back up. No idea of when.
  2. Looks like you will be close to Skydive Chicago. Check on the map first. Coming from west to east, if you get to Chicago, you missed it. Also, Aerohio might be close to your route.
  3. You guys are low rent. They wanted $5K from me in bitcoin. Obvious fake since it said it got me on my webcam (Don't have one.) Also, figured if it was real, they would have given some hard evidence like a screen shot. Deleted. Next!
  4. Heard Skydive Sebastian in Florida shut down until April. Harbinger of things to come?
  5. Formation Skydiving - Low experience people jumping together Minimum 5 coached jumps in logbook to make 2 ways with someone of the same experience or more. Logbook must show proof of competency of FS skills to match the level of jump CCI discretion regarding 3 ways and bigger - FS1 course recommended. As posted. Skydive Spain seems kind of cavalier with their periods, That's one of the reasons I bet I would like jumping there, their devil-may-care attitude. Aloha
  6. Pink Floyd isn't music. It's a dirge. Hate it.
  7. Bottom line, though, we still don't know if the Earth is flat or not. We need another astronaut...
  8. Apparently tandem skydives are too dangerous for Enzo Ferrari's team's taste.
  9. Big city. Take you an hour to drive from end to end. Beaches suck because the St John River dumps out right there. Very silty. Have to go to Daytona Beach for the first good, not great, beach. There is jumping in Herlong. Also down the road in Palatka. Palatka is very friendly with a great group of people. They have a couple of good boogies a year. Haven't jumped Herlong in a while. No input for you there. Deland is 75 to 90 minutes south. They are tearing down the Jax Landing in downtown Jax. Not sure what is going in there. The landing was a Rouse Corp similar to NYC's South Street Seaport or the one in New Orleans. Riverwalk? Maybe. Some great areas to live. Some not so great. Ponte Vedra Beach is nice, but you probably can't afford it. If you could, your butler would be posting on here asking about Jax. Local pro sports is the Jax Jaguars. They'll break your heart. Don't get involved. A lot of UF fans in the area, but some FSU and Georgia as well. UF vs Georgia football is held there every year. Always a big draw. Formerly advertised as the world's biggest cocktail party. The St John River runs north through the middle of the town. Some restaurants and hotels built on the banks. Some docks downtown named Ego Alley for the boats that show up on weekends. A lot of cigarette boats. Not sure how the loss of the Landing will affect that. Large Navy presence. NAS Jax and Naval Station Mayport. Pretty good air show once a year. They use to alternate it one year at NAS Jax and the next year on the beach. Not sure if they still do that. No state income tax. Property tax is not too bad in Jax. Some snowbirds, but most of them go further south. Some people say Jax is northern Florida. Others say southern Georgia. Make up your own mind. And I-95 is always under construction. Always.
  10. A good arch cures a lot of problems. The tunnel is always good. On the floor is also good. As well, stand a distance away from a wall and arch forward with your hips until your belly button only touches the wall. Too easy? Move back. In yoga, there is an exercise called the superman (attached). Using that and adapting it slightly (arms in, legs slight bent, yadda yadda yadda) can also work. Yoga pants not required.
  11. How much does skydiving cost? $1500 to start, then half the money you make for the rest of your life.
  12. Yeah, and he really use to abuse the shit out of it, too. Would come on dropzones and try to organize big ways, would never buy beer, and insisted on using the 45° rule. What a dick. BTW, Alice Cooper has an honorary doctorate. He doesn't have a Bachelors degree. Too much?
  13. At one point, I jumped with an individual named Scott-2. Scott-2 was very motivated to skydive, in the beginning. He eventually decided he had done everything he wanted to do in skydiving, conquered every challenge he wanted to attempt, learned everything skydiving-related he thought he could, felt there was no place left for him to go in the sport, and he quit skydiving. He had 79 jumps. He did come back for a brief spell. Ended up landing in some electrical wires and again, quit the sport. Everyone is different, and things change.
  14. Outside video probably would have provided more info. Hard to tell from handicam video. You had an instructor right there. What did she say?