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  1. protests in my town... Same ... .distance and masks... and yes, I was there
  2. Lots of misleading information and outright lies in this For example, CA tax rate of 13.3% only applies to people making over 1million per year. As others have noted, some states (FL and GA are purposely misrepresenting Covid case and death #'s The graphic also does not take into account Tx 45b pension debt, nor does it take into account that FL and TX receive a disproportionate share of federal aid Think there's a reason Gov Abbot deleted his retweet of this? Hmmmmmm........
  3. lummy


    My anecdotal evidence is similar to Wendy's. My step daughter and her fiance got really sick in March. Her Dr said it sounded like the flu and to self quarantine to be safe. After a week of being sick, she was tested for Covid 19 and got her positive results back more than 2 weeks after she recovered. Her fiance was never tested
  4. lummy


    I think you're reading that data wrong. It's in fact saying that Ohio would need to perform more than 14k tests daily to come up to the baseline testing recommended by the Fed in order to open by 5/1
  5. NorCal bay area sheltered in place on March 16th (my birthday) My work switched from "work from if you can" to "you must work from home" on 3/10..
  6. By town, 8 cases with 38k population county population ~1.1million I believe only Seattle area has been on SIP longer than we have
  7. Here in NorCal, we're in our 2nd week of shelter in place. We are allowed to go out for essentials and to exercise, but must socially distance. Last weekend, the local parks were fuller than a holiday because people weren't abiding by the rules. In response, the parks district is now closing most of them
  8. lummy


    A town in Italy just did something similar and haven't had a new case in 10 days. Basically, they tested everyone, and caught most of the people who were asymptomatic
  9. lummy


    I just got one too for posting something about Amazon not taking shipments to their warehouse and posting a link to the NY post article.... Whatever....
  10. But the Bay Area unemployment rate is under 3%, currently @ 2.3%
  11. For what it's worth, Clinton's impeachment inquiry was initiated 10/8/1998, and he was impeached on 12/19/1998, a total of 75 days] Andrew Johnson's impeachment lasted a week Trump's impeachment proceedings started on Sep 24th, is currently on the 73rd day and there has not been a vote to impeach yet
  12. I believe it's to outline a potential abuse of power charge by getting rid of her because she stood in the way of Guiliani's efforts
  13. huh... I kinda figured you'd be an MGA kinda guy
  14. One can argue that the original document, State is capitalized, which means it's a proper noun referring to the United States, not a state of being
  15. In some respects, I think you are correct. I thought Swiss service in the military is compulsory, whereas this would be entirely volunteer