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  1. Nothing.... The gunman was confronted by school police and exchanged fire before entering the school. The gunman went inside and killed 21 people so far. The school police were shot and unable to stop the massacre.
  2. To clarify, the 45 senators voted to hear the objection that the trial shouldn't happen. They didn't vote that it shouldn't happen
  3. Look on the bright side, Rudy's not likely to get a pardon now
  4. Regardless of how I feel about Pence, I'm glad it didn't happen. Don't forget that the electoral votes were in the Senate chamber and were grabbed by pages. Can you imagine the constitutional crisis if the insurrectionists burned those votes? Sure they could be replaced, but how long would that take?
  5. I believe he was charged in federal court yesterday for his involvement in the riot
  6. From what I have read, Virginia NG has a standing mutual aid contract to provide support to DC in times of crisis, whereas Maryland did not have the same support contract in place. As I understand it, Virginia NG did in fact provide support, but only after Pence and Pelosi personally activated them. Members of Congress tried to activate Maryland NG but were stymied by lack of contract and Sec of Def denying support. DC NG which was on scene during the insurrection was not allowed to interact with protestors nor deploy the quick response force due to Secretary of Defense restrictions
  7. she lifted herself up and was going through the broken window of the door. Are you arguing that the officer had to wait another second for her to be completely through the door before deadly force is allowed? Was it needless? Of course, it was. She put herself in that position by her actions by storming the Capitol
  8. wow...... she's part of a mob who just broke down a door and she is personally trying to gain entry into a secured area, but she's not culpable for her actions
  9. Yeah.... she looks like she's innocent in this video trying to break into the House inner chamber..
  10. Nixon was pardoned and wasn't even indicted
  11. Also to be noted that the DC National Guard were controlled by Trump. They were given explicit instructions not to be provided live ammo or riot gear, would not be used to interacti with rioters except in self defense, and could not share equipment with Capitol Police unless specifically approved by the Defense Secretary.. Also, their "quick deploy force" could not be used except as a last resort. Lastly, it was Pence and Pelosi that finally got the NG activated, not Trump
  12. What if Pres has 16 letters of "you're fired" made ahead of time, submits his rebuttal , then hands the letters to his cabinet. Is that second letter still valid if the Cabinet is no longer?
  13. How is this clear? he shall resume the powers and duties of his office -->unless <--- the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive department or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit within four days to the President It does not say until
  14. My edit took out the part I was quoting So the process is more like Jakee outlines which was the point I was trying to make. And since this has never been done before, there is also some ambiguity over who is in charge during the 4 days the cabinet is trying to overrule the president
  15. Only if Trump doesn't appeal