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  1. How many jumpers does the Long Ranger helicopter sit? Maybe we can set a helicopter record?
  2. ~70. So I could get trained on flying smaller canopies for a rig that should last me for a long time.
  3. You must be talking about the Leo Dikinson system discussed in this thread I've googled for a picture to no avail, and have yet to come up w/ some creative way to pack my old PC in my helmet and wear it with out fuss. Have to agree w/ Quade though. And I tell ya, when I thunk it out, I'm gonna be rich
  4. I've got the Classroom in a Book one. It's a few versions back though - I think it's 4.0. You can have it if you want: FREE
  5. For used, eBay to the rescue... New though..., I'd take a look at for a list of retailers
  6. More like 3:1 on a sport canopy. But if you're some hot shot swooper like Andy Farrington, it'd be more like 12:1 but you'd have to be going around 75mph Back tot the PARIS system: Who makes these?
  7. While browsing Para-Gear, I happened on this PARIS style canopy. At first glance I thought it was a paraglider. Upon reading, it seems that you deploy it like a skydive canopy. This is really because I've been told (by paraglider pilots) that paragliding canopies could blow should you deploy it in freefall. But this PARIS canopy looks like the marriage between skydiving and paragliding. No more having to worry about long spots, and for swooping...
  8. For OS X users who have Formac's Studio DV/TV converter. If you have trouble getting the supplied sw to work properly - be able to watch tv programs continuously w/o it hanging. Check out Vidi. I tried it last night and let's just say that this fine piece of freeware outshines TRVX.
  9. k, maybe not praying. But sort of like covering your nose and mouth with both hands as you sneeze. How's that?
  10. Incidentally, this was something I posted late last year.
  11. I heard only if they're the type 17 (mini) ones. But I ain't no rigger.
  12. I came across a technique to soften or brace your neck from possible hard openings. What I do is right after I pitch the PC, I put my hands together like I was praying, except my thumbs are upright. edit begin And brace my face between my index finger and thumb edit end. This is suppose to prevent my head from getting thrown forward thus stretching my neck beyond normal. Anyone else heard of this technique?