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  1. Another angle: ----------------------------------------
  2. The Norwegian public broadcasting company NRK is right now airing a 5 day/13 hr live transmission of what is known as "The World’s Most Beautiful Sea Voyage", Hurtigruten. All 134 hours will be avaliable for free download (HD) under a CC license. Info In a few days the ship will cross the Polar circle, and you'll be able to see the midnight sun. Enjoy. ----------------------------------------
  3. Thats right. And one of the guys in the video is Olympic champion and multiple world champion Lasse Kjus. (Alpine skiing) Actually, all of the persons in this video are extreme sports athletes. ----------------------------------------
  4. The Norwegian national television network NRK have made a 12 episodes tv series about extreme sports. They have released this clip from the next episode. I know that the ad before the clip is annoying, but it's worth the wait. Extreme flyby in Sognefjorden (I don't know if the video will work outside Norway. Please let me know.) ----------------------------------------
  5. Yesterday my children and I went to see the new skiflying hill in Vikersund, Norway, being tested by the best skijumpers in the world for the first time. Those guys can fly. I mean, really fly. A Norwegian jumper set a new world record, twice. I shot this video of the 246,5 meter jump: New record:246,5m The steepest point in this hill has an angle at 38deg., at the 250m mark: 24deg. ----------------------------------------
  6. You're right about that. Power ranging from 700 to 1000 HP in the "Unlimited" class. Some photos I have taken is located in this album. Apparently skydivers are not the only ones with"No shit, there I was" moments. ----------------------------------------
  7. I have to admit that I'm not really into motorsports. But each year the local offroad driving club invites the best Formula Offroad drivers in Scandinavia to a weekend of madness in a large sand quarry. Combine some crazy icelandic guys, homebuilt cars with huge nitrus oxide injection and paddle tires, 70 meter tall walls of sand, and you get a lot of fun. And of course, we all want to see the big spectacular crashes. Can't wait until next year. See for yourself, here's some footage I shot in 2007:Formula Offroad crashes, Norway ----------------------------------------
  8. May I help you, I live in Norway. ----------------------------------------
  9. "Call Of The Wintermoon" by the norwegian black metal band Immortal must be the most ridiculous music video ever. The worst thing is that these guys really are trying to be scary, but end up just looking pathetic. ----------------------------------------
  10. Click the line tool icon, and hold down the left mouse button a few seconds. Then you will be able to select the line tool. Se attached image. ----------------------------------------
  11. Congratulations to all three of you Marc. I will pray for you and your little boy. I know what you are going through, one of my girls where born almost eight weeks premature and spent three weeks in the NICU. Today she is a healthy, smart and active little 7 1/2 year old angel. Bjørn Ivar ----------------------------------------
  12. 1. My sister giving birth iany day now. I'm finally going to be an uncle again, 10 years since the last time. 2. Going on a two day ATV (all terrain vehicle) driving course next week. 3 Celebrating the norwegian constitution day (tomorow, may 17th) with my kids. Ice cream and hotdogs for everyone.
  13. I guess that they are either Hanging around, taking a nap, watching television, ripping apart my kid's stuffed animals, contemplating about the mysteries of life, or they could simpy be exhausted after running around the house all night long. The brown cat is called Pål, and the red/orange one is called Pus
  14. I'm too fat. I would probably break the bull. (That's my excuse anyway) ----------------------------------------