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  1. Thank God! I hear gonorrea is a bitch to deal with! I prefer staying STD free cya! Rhino
  2. Tell me. Do you take the cigarette out of your mouth before or after giving your blowjobs?
  3. http://www.bobrivers.com/audiovault/downloads/cheneyvid.asp
  4. Well... I hear you.. We have an entire prison system full of people that feel just like you do.
  5. YES!!! Someone that isn't making excuses or rationalizing... Very refreshing.. Backbone and real honesty is a good thing.
  6. Excuses.. Lots of them coming from you. Anything can be quit with a decision. I've known pack a day smokers to just STOP. And never again have an urge to smoke. Simply because they stopped rationalizing and made a decision.
  7. I'm not judging anyone. You have to live with you. Fortunately I don't. Keep rationalizing and making excuses for things you know are wrong. Someday the kids will be grown and gone.. then you can deny any of it ever happened to make yourself feel better.. That, "I became a mom against odds" crap may work with someone else. not me.. No symathy here. If you had to work to get pregnant and you STILL decided to smoke? Well the proof is in your face.. Saying "I bacame a mom against all odds" is a rationalization and excuse for poor behavior.. Believe me, the only person that buys it is you.. Look in the mirror.. No matter what you post on here and how you try and defend yourself "and say it's all o.k." you have to ultimately live with you.. Rhino
  8. bla, bla, bla, bla... yak, yak, yak, yak.. Same thing I hear from you over and over again.. A bunch of woman's rights crap.. Fetus this.. It... that... Your attitude is poor when it comes to the value of a human life.. Who cares what PEOPLE think.. Stop stating everyone elses beliefs and come up with your own belief system.. Stop cowaring behind women, society, the masses and philosophy, defend children and innocence for once in your life... For goodness sake.. Step up... Rhino
  9. Anyone who refers to a baby this way shouldn't be a mother.
  10. Only in a pathetic woman's reality. A REAL woman doesn't do that.. A REAL mother doesn't do that..
  11. Maybe so. But the child’s body is not her body. The child is a separate being all together. Once a woman gets pregnant "like it or not" humanity dictates that she take care of herself because she is now responsible for that child. You don't have to agree and frankly I don't give a damn if you do or not. Most women sympathize with women. SOME women need to take their role much more seriously while pregnant and stop making excuses for themselves and others. That "It's my body and I'll do with it what I want to crap" is a bunch of shit. That's why family court is so fucked up. That's why fathers are shit on these days "Even the good ones". People need to quit their fucking whining and accept responsibility for their actions and weaknesses. Too many excuses and rationalizations in here. Bottom line... You get pregnant you have a duty to that child. Your life now becomes secondary to that child. If you continue to put yourself first "like smoking" you should consider adoption. Who cares how "acceptable" smoking was 30 years ago. It's still a sorry ass excuse for WEAKNESS and selfishness. Women who smoked and smoke while pregnant are setting the stage for their entire child’s life. That stage says, "A cigarette is more important to me, your mother, than you are. Welcome to my world of stink and second hand smoke little baby. This is moma's fucking house. You don't have to like the air, you just have to breath it.." End of story.. Rhino
  12. It's o.k. for both of you not to agree. Disagree all you want.. Do you feel better?? Good... Have a nice day! Rhino
  13. I don't think it will fly with congress.. An investigation is already under way.. Bush is a dumb fuck.. That's right Mr. George W Bush.. I think you are a fucking idiot.. I'm ashamed to have you as my president and I did not vote for your dumb ass..