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  1. You seem to have a problem.. You weren't breast fed were you? poor child.. I said swooping with a student is wrong. No where in there did I tell someone how to fly their parachute. This is the last time I will ever waste a keystroke responding to you..
  2. rhino


    Triathlon is an EXCELLENT canopy. Really good first canopy. If you learn the ins and outs of a 7 cell you chances of getting hurt landing a reserve are reduced.. They have great low speed flight as well. Good for the new canopy pilot to learn accuracy with.
  3. I said swooping a tandem passenger is wrong.. You can take the rest of that bullshit and walk with it. Don't put words in my mouth. Rhino
  4. Swooping tandems is wrong. The tm may know and accept the risk, the student doesn't. Unecessary and wreckless. Rhino
  5. Has anyone won on a Xaos27 yet? I mean it has alot of 3rd place finishes behind the VX and the Velocity.
  6. Agreed... The waiver is the point. Doesn't matter if they did agree to race the waiver is the point.. Doesn't matter if the pilot fucked up "which I think he did" the waiver is the point.. We've all done screwball things that could get us killed.. That's half the fun.. We've all dove with an otter or king air.. Hung from wings.. done crazy shit.. That's what makes this sport so damned fun.. I know what the waiver means and so do we all.. My family has specific instructions not to EVER sue anyone if I die skydiving.. I knowingly and willingly put myself in that position.. As do we all.. Leave the pilot alone.. Stand by the waiver.. Just like WFFC2002 with the helo accident rotor strike.. Doesn't matter if they agreed to the high speed fly by so he could get some cool video.. The waiver stands and should stand... Rhino
  7. I would have been more than happy to compete under my XF2.. I just don't have the time.. Job,, Wife.. Kids. All that stuff..
  8. rhino


    agreed.. The racer is fantastic. Can't beat the price either.
  9. Precision wanted $450 for the xmod.. Not gonna happen.. I wonder how much a reline is from Icarus?.. What would you do??
  10. Can't really answer that yet. I had so much time under that canopy it was like a piece of me. Starting over under a new wing is just a bit of a pain in the ass. The xf2 was just an awesome, fast, responsive canopy.
  11. Same here.. I loaded mine at 2.0 and the front riser pressure was beautiful.. I'm thinking about going back to the xf2..
  12. It can be if you have one on the MOD list.
  13. It might be controllable until te wind blows from a certain direction, or a thermal or, or, or... Just an unecessary risk. I would have chopped that sucker..
  14. lol.. ouch.. Good thing it's water.. :)