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  1. Ragnarok


    I have had the Solo about two years. I hear some complain about the battery life, but I have none. Besides, I always have spares on hand. Best part about the solo is that it can be changed in the plane. You can easily reset it anytime, skydive to skydive. Flying camera??? This is one thing you don't want to be without.
  2. Ragnarok


    I gave this canopy a 4/5 because it is an amazing canopy in nearly every aspect that is important for me to enjoy my skydive. Openings: Simply put - SWEET!!! Gentle, on-heading, and surprisingly forgiving of packing method. Even with a camera helmet, I have never been wacked. Twisted, maybe once, but never a "bad" opening. If you fly camera, this is the canopy for you. Flight: This is a fun canopy to fly, period. Responsive, stable, predictible. Easy to dial in, and once you do, you can touch down light as a feather or you can "turf surf". The canopy planes out nicely and will have you skimming for a bit, especially on a 'downwinder'. Never a worry landing this canopy, even in turbulance it is forgivng and quite stable. Packing: Let me start by saying that I am picky about how I pack and I like to enjoy packing my chute. My canopy has 300 jumps on it and it is slicker than a greased pig. I flatten it out and it just wants to re-inflate. I have to fight it into the bag more often than I like, and it takes me longer to pack than my triathlon. All things considered I would not want to fly another canopy, though I am partial to 7-cell canopies. I just hate packing it. I have 50 jumps on this (got it second-hand for a great price) and won't make it to 100 because I am selling it and going back to a triathlon. Why? I actually enjoy packing my triathlon, which makes the whole skydive that much sweeter. I am looking at learning to flat-packing, it has packing tabs. That may change over the next 2 & 1/2 months. If so, I may end up feeling diferently about this canopy.
  3. Ragnarok

    Blue Skies Steve Parrella

    Steve, I still hear your adivce when I skydive. I will remember the things you taught me - and when I teach my students, I hope to bring them to the understanding you brought me to. Jen, remember, Steve was on reserve for my first skydive and you were on my main side. Never thought I would regret not getting video of that jump..........
  4. Ragnarok

    Ozarks Skydiving Center

    Bryan and Lynn are the BEST! My home DZ is Quantum Leap. Needed a repack and QL was closed for the weekend. Bryan set me up, tolerated my annoying questions about reserve re-packing and I did 4 loads that day. I had just got the 'A' license, had yet to jump my own gear, and yet to jump out of a cessna. I had an AWESOME day. It is almost 2 hours for me to drive there, but worth it every time. The shower set-up makes camping overnight sweet. Bring a cooler. When QL closed in July '06, I was a "homeless skydiver". FFE "took me in" so to say. There are no clicks, you never want for someone to jump with - or work with you on your own skills. For a small DZ this place is big on everything that counts!!
  5. Ragnarok

    FF2 vs. Optik Illusion...

    Too bad that most of the time when we want to buy gear, it is not an easy thing to go to a gear store and check things out. I have settled on the Havoc for my needs. I checked out the review section - it helped me alot. When you cae see what others think about a specific product. Good luck!!! (I like to optic myself - but that is based on looks.....)
  6. Ragnarok

    I can't wait!

    Looks like that hurt a little. Take a case of beer so you have something to celebrate with, or to help numb the pain if you re-fracture it (J/K!) - you will be just fine.
  7. Agreed. Peace I serve for personal reasons. I save lives to save myself. My day begins when yours is about to end. Your peace and survival are my reward and thanks. Someone has to watch the wall, right? Sleep well, my friend - for there are rough men ready to do violence on your behalf.