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  1. This might be a good thing. Every stupid and unreasonable case like this will make it more obvious that the system needs to be changed in some way. --- PCSS #10
  2. Is the helicopter black? --- PCSS #10
  3. Ideally you should have a seperate drive to install Linux on. Much less chance of fucking up the windows partitions. --- PCSS #10
  4. I am sure that when bombs start hitting anything other than their intended target Saddams use of GPS jamming will be the official explanation even if the bomb where laser guided or not guided at all. --- PCSS #10
  5. Problem is, you definitly can't prove that either. Is it impossible to prove Gods existence? I am not asking about any particular god-proof, just the possibility or impossibility of such proof. --- PCSS #10
  6. What is the big deal about GPS guided bombs? There are other ways to deliver bombs. I think there will be more problems for moving ground troops, they have used GPS the last ten years and may not know the art of navigating in a desert (they have probably learned land navigation, but why practice those skills when you can pull out a GPS?). --- PCSS #10
  7. I have a possible explanation for that: Most guns in Norway are either hunting rifles, shotguns or assault rifles. Not easy to hide when you are up to no good, not something you bring 'just in case' either. Do you have any numbers or general idea about long guns vs short guns used in crime? --- PCSS #10
  8. I have been jumping a Stiletto 170 for a while. At 1.1 it was everything but rock-solid, the wing was breathing or pulsing, and jumped around a bit if there was any wind. It was still fun to fly but I think it wants to be loaded more. --- PCSS #10
  9. Having just moved to Gentoo Linux I am still trying to find fomething that does it all. On Windows Winamp played everything but .rm and .qt/.mov. Wouldn't want to touch any incarnation of Realplayer with...anything. --- PCSS #10
  10. Didn't know Bush liked Keynesian economics... If a war is just a way of throwing money into the economy, isn't there more effective ways of doing that without putting the life of your soldiers at risk and increasing the terrorist activity against the homeland? --- PCSS #10
  11. There are mountains to the east, north and south. Therefore the run is always east-west. That way those who exit last don't have to worry about the ~2000ft mountain that we now fly over about 20 seconds before exit. --- PCSS #10
  12. Yes, when they are not busy supporting Bin Laden or giving away nuclear technology to North Korea. Maybe your government should sell them more F-16 fighters or something to keep them loyal. I have heard that Ollie North is good at such things. War is usually an astronomically expensive business, so how would a war on Iraq be good for the economy? --- PCSS #10
  13. At my DZ we have this scheme: What do you think? Upwind: Large flat groups Small flat groups Large freefly groups Small freefly groups Students Tandem Downwind: Large freefly groups Small freefly groups Large flat groups Small flat groups Students Tandem --- PCSS #10
  14. clicky clicky It is getting harder to find jokes that hasn't been posted before, especially good ones. --- PCSS #10
  15. Looks like an arab version of Fox news. --- PCSS #10
  16. I wonder who that other moron is? --- PCSS #10
  17. No greenies online! I am free to post anything I want! I'll start by saying cunt! heehee, no greenies online my foot! --- PCSS #10
  18. Definitly whoring. Please entertain me with your mindless drivel. I am bored. --- PCSS #10
  19. hagar

    A 3-Front War?

    I would be wary of anyone in power counting on any particular war to be fast/decisive/easy. "The men are in splendid spirits" -Battle of the Somme "We have only to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will come crashing down" -Operation Barabarossa --- PCSS #10
  20. hagar

    Its official!

    Chosen One Critic Lethal Weapon Millionaire Movie Star Moron Observer Poet Politician Rock Star Secret Agent Shark Skydiver Socialite --- PCSS #10
  21. Talk about skydiving. Try to convert THEM. --- PCSS #10
  22. I am not sure if skydiving increase metabolism, but adrenaline increase levels of glycogen and free fatty acids in blood. That means you don't feel hunger and you forget to eat. If any of you "big-boned" skydivers out there wonder why you are still "big-boned" you are probably eating more when your body realizes that its storage of glycogen in liver is nearly depleated. --- PCSS #10
  23. If US/NATO forces conquer afghanistan they will have accomplished something no foreigners have done since Alexander the Great (325BC). --- PCSS #10