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  1. trust is good but it suck ass when it doesn't work out. cars are good. bike shops sell retractable wire locks used to secure helmets and jackets but the only goes so far. not being stupid, trusting that you havent been stupid, and trusting those that know how stupid you are won't steal your gear (or have better gear) are the only opitons i see. namaste, motherfucker.
  2. eat more pussy. namaste, motherfucker.
  3. wow! I get to agree with you! whoop out yo camras ebbyone, it's a kodak moment!
  4. good? i don't know if i would characterize the end of an intimate relationship as 'good'. 'right', 'correct', 'humane' ?? maybe..... hard to find the right time to break the news, so you think, but unless you are just coming out of the sun with an arbitrary break-up it is likely that the other party is already expecting it.... whether or not you actually have tangible reasons or not (these are optional, 'knowing' that it aint working for you is quite enough) will determine the depth and length of the conversation you need to have and then you simply separate yourself from them. may mean distance, may mean will power. but it needs to be definite and, if necessary, brutal. sending a video of you pleasing another should do the trick.
  5. pds

    Amazing guy

    no shit. q: what do you call a guy with no arms an no legs? a: mat, door mat. or anything you want; what's he gonna do? seriously though... i bet mat gets more ass than a toilet seat. but really, seriously.... The teaser for his DVD is inspiring. I hope he does well. He seems like an awesome dude. one thing that rang true to me and a fundamental precept i hold close is: wishing won't make it so. work with what you have, do your best, and don't worry about it. after all, what else can you do? namaste, motherfucker.
  6. pds

    New Drunk Dial List

    back in the day I had it all in my phone, each entry prefaced with "zDD-" so it was at the bottom where i wouldn't 'pollute' my phone book but where i could just cycle through victims namaste, motherfucker.
  7. pds

    New Drunk Dial List

    p.s. PZ - ask dave to call me. you too for that matter. namaste, motherfucker.
  8. pds

    New Drunk Dial List

    then the keeper of the list (apparently dave) got lazy and just let any old riff-raff in. sad day when the DZ DD list dies due to lack of stewardship. edited and PM sent. namaste, motherfucker.
  9. pds

    New Drunk Dial List

    so i see a post that implies that wingnut controls the DD list?? who is in control of the new list? i want on it so i can blow up yall's cells.. namaste, motherfucker.
  10. thank you grant. it is the love and gentle guidance of my friends here that helped me through that first really hard part. i love you guys. i hear her in a lot of music and the list is long but i am 3/4 through a fifth of tanquerai and while cleaning the garage in prep of my next teardown, chop and rebuild of my bike I had the pleasure of hearing Tony Bennet's "Duets 2" on NPR. Man, that muthafucka can still sing. no joke. and this is what i heard.... One for My Baby (and One More for the Road) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMAJRpDVGcA but this is about Ela - a forward thinking, open minded 20 something who could literally light up a room (just like the cliche, but real) and heal people with her presence and her touch. the one who said to me one friday night "Hey mr. fearless, I am going skydiving tomorrow morning. You coming?" ooohhh, it's on! We went, along with my friend, Seth, one of the most die-hard motherfuckers I have ever known, and did our tandems. after it was over and we were all sitting down - Ela and I just looked at each other and knew that something had just gotten started. Seth said "I see the attraction, I had a phenomenal experience, but I don't think I will be doing that again any time soon..." blah blah blah..... i am, and have always been, an absolute athiest. there was a time there that i wished and prayed to be proven wrong if only but to know that Ela had not ended. no such luck. but hey - we live on in those who remember us, right? I think I understand that now. namaste, motherfucker.
  11. It's that time of year again, babe. I miss you more than I could have ever imagined possible and I have thought of you every day for the past nine years but 11-02 is always the hardest. But I get through it, again, every day and don't regret a second. I think it is safe to say, now, that you are now and will always in my heart. Thank you for loving me. for those who never met her, this is Ela on her last day on earth and before her last jump. namaste, motherfucker.
  12. Perv. don't be jealous remmy there is enough to go around. you guys need to PM me when/if you are in or coming to Az so we can eat and drink. namaste, motherfucker.
  13. i been working remotely for a UK company for a few years now and totally dig it. have a couple teleconferences each week but other than that i set my own schedule. play with my kid, wrench on the bike, ride the bike, take a few days off, whateva. life is good. namaste, motherfucker.
  14. fine guzzi squeak. nothing beats breaking it down to nuts-n-bolts an building it back up turn by turn the right way. namaste, motherfucker.
  15. dint yo mama ever tell ya don't feed the trolls. namaste, motherfucker.