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  1. In all those cases the work of AQ supported groups. If W had serious evidence of a link between Saddam and AQ I think he would have made it public by now. Then don't. When a threatment is obviously not doing any good you just don't just add more? In this case doing nothing to make things worse is a good idea. I think the problem is that W wants to fight a conventional war to show some progress in the War on Terror. Obviously OBL is not giving him a conventional war. I also think that there is no thing that would please OBL more than an invasion of Iraq, half the point about terror is causing your enemy to overreact. It would certainly increase his support in the arab world. Finaly something I can relate to
  2. Definitly a good thing. Just look what happened to eastern europe once the rulers decided to soften up their grip a bit. --- PCSS #10
  3. I have a profecy: When our favorite badboy is named Sodumb and the name of the leader of the free world is Dumbya, the world is doomed. --- PCSS #10
  4. Maybe a hunter or a poacher? How about a small game poacher, that could explain the strange choice of caliber(5.56mm) and the ability to sneak around. --- PCSS #10
  5. Assuming it is as easy as you say to develop and deploy effective bio-weapons, how does an unprovoked invasion into the worlds most unstable region decrease the chance of some terrorist using bio-weapons against the US? --- PCSS #10
  6. What is the half-life of Pu again? --- PCSS #10
  7. Satyricon - Volcano http://www.satyricon.no/ --- PCSS #10
  8. Re: [markharju] Whore! Re: [SkydiveMonkey] Whore! Re: [lummy] Whore! Re: [Sassy] Whore! Re: [ernokaikkonen] Whore! Re: [pop] Whore! Re: [JumpNFly] Whore! Did I leave anyone out? --- PCSS #10
  9. How much more to go? --- PCSS #10
  10. hagar


    Breasts in freefall! )^( )^( --- PCSS #10
  11. hagar


    Woke ut with a Hitler mustache during a boogie. Had no idea why everyone was laugthing when I went for some coffee. Got even later by pieing the bastard who I at the time thougth was responsible while he was sleeping (now I know he was innocent but it was fun pieing him anyway). At least I kept both eyebrows. Not everyone did. --- PCSS #10
  12. And you are willing to send some of your countrymen to die so you can drive a bigger car? --- PCSS #10
  13. hagar

    Weekend Numbers

    No humps No jumps No beer Needs to get my reserve repacked. Spent the entire saturday on the DZ anyway. --- PCSS #10
  14. 1.1 under a Stiletto 170. Planning to downsize in 75 jumps so I get 1.3. --- PCSS #10
  15. Where are you planning to get the hydrogen? Hydrogen is only as clean as the energy source that is used to make it. --- PCSS #10
  16. Strange. Only time I got a really nice and slow opening from my Turbo ZX was with a wet canopy deployed in subterminal. How to solve your problem: -Get used to it -As someone already said, expose the front more may help --- PCSS #10
  17. Ok, so the grey suit was a shitty idea. I guess the pattern sucked too. This is actually the best I can come up with. Maybe I should write a random ff suit designer? --- PCSS #10
  18. How about black and light grey, is that enough contrast for video? Was thinking about white and something, but that is just to ask for a landing in a heap of poo. --- PCSS #10
  19. After reading the cheap-jumpsuit thread on the gear forum, I decided to order one from http://www.thomas-sports.com/ What do you think, is that grey suit to boring? Do I have to look like a clown to freefly? I have had my fair share of pink and purple shit, so that SAPS suit is out of the question. --- PCSS #10
  20. Hope he saved his game, or his death would have been completely pointless. --- PCSS #10
  21. If I where to name my country, I would give it eight syllables or more. That way it would be safe from Dubya. Eight syllables, and no vovels. I think that country would be pretty safe from attack. --- PCSS #10
  22. hagar

    Packers Charge

    What about those extra painfull canopies? Would you charge extra for a brand new VX 72 or a hard opening Sabre 150 that someone has decided to shoehorn into a 120 rig? --- PCSS #10
  23. More bad news: Saddams son Uday has just converted to shia islam to get more popular support. His brutallity is unmatched, and he makes Saddam seem "nice" in comparison. A regime change may not necessary be a good thing if Uday takes the throne after Saddam. Why is that often looked at as an impossible outcome? A former Marine Corps officer on why invading Iraq may be harder than last time. http://www.g2mil.com/May2002.htm I have to agree with that
  24. Who would win? Hard to tell Saddam H -no completed military training -job: being a ruthless dictator -experience with firearms: fires them during speaches -biggest strength: has many look-alikes -biggest weakness: not exactly known as a marksman -favorite movie character: Don Corleone George W B -no completed military training -job: current leader of the free world -biggers weakness: possible lack of intelligence -biggest strength: should be reasonably familiar with firearms -favorite movie character: Dr Evil --- PCSS #10
  25. Business owner: Isn't there ways to keep his business's economy seperated from his personal economy in such way that he is only taxed on what he takes out of his business? I forgot to ad that the KISS tax was on personal income only. A bussiness will have to be taxed according to other (more complicated) rules. It might be tempting to make special rules for situations like this. What if one of the children is handicapped? What if the wife spend all her time to save the rainforest? What if they want to buy a house instead of renting? Sooner or later you will end up with a system as complicated or more as the current one. Maybe it is best to just accept that no tax system will be ideal, but at least this one will be so simple that all the rules can be understood by a non lawyer. --- PCSS #10