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  1. no fucking way...words can not express what i feel at this moment...i was stupified when i read the thread it is amazing how knowing 3.5 languages and i still can't find any words to shout out my emotions i have had many friends go in but this is the last person in the world i would have thought...and it never gets easy i am not a religious person but all i can say is that he can now fly free and that he carved a notch in my soul...i feel lucky to be able to call him my friend and more axe learn to fly in 3d
  2. i saw mystere and it was awesome now i want to see the other shows learn to fly in 3d
  3. which cirque du soleil???? learn to fly in 3d
  4. geanky

    Are you cool?

    TEST edited for color learn to fly in 3d
  5. I can't understand it...should it be 370HSSV-0773H that makes more sense learn to fly in 3d
  6. geanky

    airline pics

    LMAO learn to fly in 3d
  7. welcome to the family...both and skydiving learn to fly in 3d
  8. your self does not count....just kidding..... learn to fly in 3d
  9. yeah i kind of feel like a slut myself after looking at the numbers learn to fly in 3d
  10. i once tried to suck the nipples out of the girl i knew but after a week a gave up.... learn to fly in 3d
  11. who did the video...osama???? learn to fly in 3d
  12. totally agree.... WOW!!!!! learn to fly in 3d
  13. see if they can also post a picture of the finished finger trap to see oh it looks like learn to fly in 3d
  14. geanky

    Smile : )

    i thought anyone could also pee soup...i guess it is just me learn to fly in 3d