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  1. New record, in style!
  2. I think the current AAD activation altitudes are prety much spot on for the current types of skydiving and gear. Why? We're getting a lot of AAD activations, and a lot of saves. And next to no "it just snivelled into the ground"-cases after AAD activations. If the AAD activation altitude were to moved up, all the other altitudes(break-off, main deployment, reserve decision altitude) would also have to be moved up at the same time. Otherwise we'd just be taking out some of the margin that keeps us from getting "two canopies out"-situations.
  3. the Safety-section, under Canopy control: "The Book of Canopy Control" ( )
  4. I believe this is due to a similar situation as with the smallest and largest PDR; The Techno 98 and 140 came much out later than the other models.
  5. Worked fine on my work computer with Opera 9.64(I think) but as soon as I upgraded to 10.00, the same problem appeared.
  6. Browsing the forums works otherwise fine, but as soon as I try to go "Back", the page is left in "loading" state, and nothing happens. The same thing happens whether I'm logged in or not. Works fine on my Firefox. Tested on OS X 10.4.11 and Opera 10.00.
  7. Nice image quality, but can the HD version handle shooting directly into the sun? The version I've got burns a black circle in the middle of the sun if it's in the frame. The sample video had a couple of shots where the sun is at the border of the image for a moment, but not a single shot where the sun is clearly visible.
  8. I'n installing a new line set on a Cobalt 135. The line set was ordered from Stane in Slovenia, so the trim chart found on does not apply. I called Stane on Wednesday and he promised to email me the specs, but I'm still waiting. Now he's not there and won't be until tomorrow. The owner of the canopy expects to be jumping it later today or tomorrow at the latest, so if anyone has the Stane-specs for a Cobalt line set, please post them here. Thanks.
  9. We just replaced all of our FXC's with CYPRESes. There was no reason not to. We calculated that the cost for just servicing the FXC's for 12 years was equal to or higher than the cost of buying CYPRESes and servicing them for 12 years. If you also need the buy the FXC, you're definitely paying more for an FXC than you'd pay for a CYPRES. At least if you live in Finland. (We had to send the FXC's to Sweden every year)
  10. Now where have I seen that before? Ah, that's right, I made something almost exactly like that a year ago for a V1... My version just wraps around at the trailing edge, and as the cutaway cables wrap around as well, the trailing edge at the base of the wing is really a bit too thick. I didn't feel like cutting up a perfectly good cutaway handle for this experiment, so I just stuck the handle inside the wing, in one piece, hence the cable that needs to wrap around. The test pilot got some fairly impressive fall rates as measured on a ProTrack, but forward speed was not measured and probably wasn't that great anyway. Apparently flying in full flight was incredibly hard compared to the regular version of the suit, and he could only keep it up for half a minute or so.
  11. It would be this guy. He has been doing it "next winter" for a while now:
  12. Seeing as the more usually accepted speed of light is 299 792 458 m/s, or almost 1000 times faster than what your school of thought says, there must be something in the ether Down Under that makes light slow down quite a bit there?
  13. Anyone have any idea what this is referring to? Has anyone seen this video? More importantly, anyone know where I can obtain this video? He is referring to LOIC's Verbier mountain flight. This video that was published about 4 years ago where he jumps out of a helicopter and definitely uses the parachute he brought along just in case? I'd say he was referring to something else. Probably something he saw after smoking too much illegal substances.