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  1. ernokaikkonen

    Antigravity by patrick passe

    Antigravity is still my number one favourite skydiving video. The combination of Passe's footage and the soundtrack just works so well. Most of the songs are from various albums by Joe Satriani. Does anyone know who performs the song that plays during the 8-way sequence? I heard it in a restaurant just a couple of days ago, but the CD that was playing was(surprise surprise) a home-burned compilation so no help there...
  2. ernokaikkonen

    Anyone ever jump a Turbo Zx?

    Yeah. I can confirm that. I did around 200 jumps on a Turbo ZX 145. I was overloading it a bit, IIRC recommended maximum wingload is 1.1, I was loading it at 1.3. The openings started "brisk" and as the canopy went out of trim they went through "hard" to "Would it hurt less if I opened the reserve at terminal"?. The landings weren't that great either; I couldn't get the canopy to plane out without inducing some speed with the front risers.
  3. ernokaikkonen

    Different RSL question

    No. You need a set of risers that have the ring(s) to connect it. You can, of course, jump the demo canopy without the RSL if your local regulations allow it. Just make sure the RSL clip isn't left flapping free. Connecting it to the cutaway cable housing is a popular way of preventing that; another way is hooking it around itself.
  4. ernokaikkonen

    Looking for Matter training info

    Both work just fine for me.
  5. ernokaikkonen

    Jump Shack Safety Notice

    "All models of SST/Racers, Racer Elites & Racer Trainers equipped with a single strand adjustable main lift web." I've never seen a Racer with an adjustable main lift web, but it sounds like the newer system has more layers of webbing in it. Pictures, anyone?