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  1. We're trying to figure out my friend's 30th anniversary jump. It was 1 week prior to when it went thru the trees at The Ranch. Anyone have the date? He never did keep a log. BSBD
  2. Genn


    The GPS coordinates are entered in the AGU. The course can be changed on the ground. And, the flare is more consistent than some TMs I've seen!
  3. Perhaps you can try radio assistance and a larger student canopy if available at your DZ. Landing is the hardest part. The rest is just fluff.
  4. I pack my reserves. I pack my CRW rig myself. 99% of the time I pack my freefall rig myself....unless uncle igor beats me to it!
  5. The sound is something I will never forget. Especially when I knew if was by bf crash/landing. Running to the scene as fast as you can. Holding the persons hand, telling them everything will be OK. Getting your head together, geting the insurance card, etc. Getting to the hospital asap. It's not easy and it is part of the sport. I stopped doing that a long time ago.
  6. I don't realy see what the big deal is. Second hand rigs aren't a custom fit. It may not have been "that great of a fit", but it may have been close. Close enough for this person to be comfortable enough to "try'n'buy"- as per your agreement. The person wasn't happy after the 'try' and doesn't want to buy. You should get the rig back with a repack (of your choice) and a bottle to your rigger. If you sell gear on a try and buy basis, there will always be a chance of a cutaway on any jump. Since there was no damage to the gear, they are not "responsible for anything that's not regular wear and tear"-per your agreement.
  7. Maybe keep it as a back-up if/when you plan to put together a second rig? Are you planning on jumping the PDR143 as a main? Last time I checked, you couldn't cutaway your reserve.
  8. My most memorable time with Mike was in 2001. We did a 17-way at The Ranch, late sunset load. My wingman on the right side came around and the whole formation went to shit-fast. Knowing I was the young pup on the load, the first thing he said to me when we landed was" It was all your fault!!" He was kidding - but man that was funny. He gave me some great advice on how to continue holding heavy formations with a bad knee. You were a good man, Mike. Thanks again for that. I hope you've found some peace. BSBD
  9. Price. I know the features and size, etc. I want so, it all boils down to the price for me. Shit happens. Even at the places known for their "customer service". If you want "warm and fuzzies"- go for customer service. If you just want the gear, I say go for the price. Also, if you have a local dealer that will match or beat a quoted price. Bonus. YMMV
  10. I freepack my all ZP PS126 in an older Jav J1 (cut for 150). It's a nice fit.
  11. I have had a PCIT from a closing loop being too tight on a CRW jump. It took two good tugs on the bridle to get the fucker out. Tail pocket, mesh slider, no bag... I knew going to my reserve would give me 2 out and taking my setup to terminal could seriously injure or kill me. Good ol- 1, 2, Fuck you! I saw stars, had the other 3 stacked under me screaming "GO!- You don't have a PCIT anymore!"...So, I shook it off and went. Landed, adjusted the length on my closing loop, and had an uneventful next jump.
  12. This website has been setup by maggot's sister Holly and friends. She keeps it updated with his status.
  13. The hardest part is getting to the door. Blue Skies!