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  1. Viking

    Skydive Monterey Bay

    Was Doing a roadtrip to from San Diego to San Jose and stopped in at Monterey for a quick jump. As I'm waivering I realize my reserve is a month out of date!! I smack myself and go see the rigger Macko. He Got my reserve repacked in a little under two hours BETWEEN LOADS!! and he didn't charge me a huge amount. One of the jumpers there loaned me one of there rigs to jump!! We just walked in and they treated us like family. It was great!! We were able to get a 6-way track jump going and the New King Air 200 they have got us to 18,000 AGL in 8 minutes!!! Unreal experience and I will be making the drive up the coast and make a point of visiting again!! The only con I can think of is the Weather. It is the Bay Area after all.
  2. Viking

    Cut off on final...

    I would have spoken up on the ground. She will never know what she did was wrong if someone doesn't tell her. At the holiday boogie someone cut Aggiedave off about 50 feet from the ground. He went over to him and had a few well choosen words with him.
  3. Viking

    diablo 170

    here ya go.
  4. Viking

    Straight-In Velocity landings

    i know i have no buisness asking but i can't help it. Why did you choose to fly a Velo without even learning how to perform high speed landings? Why go cross-braced?
  5. Viking

    Birdman Pantz

    there is one on the birdman site.
  6. Viking

    Tracking Derby

    Are birdman Pantz or Pheoniz Fly Tracking Suits allowed?