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  1. Dude...congrats on a delicate balance of priorities. By the way, I have been able to afford more expensive food than Top Ramen for a while now. I still eat it a few times a week! That stuff rocks! I drench it in soy sauce and eat it right out of the pot. Mike
  2. Actually, It was a Hawker Sea Fury. I was there that year. I have never seen a more bizzare accident. I was taking off with 2 other T6's and we saw it and just thought he was going to be pissed. We dint find out the tragedy until we got back to Memphis. He is probably most famous for the Red Devils/Eagles team with Gene Soucy and Tom Poberezny. Anyone remember when they chained the Eagles together, took off, flew a routine, and landed with them still chained? He owned quite a few auto dealerships in Ft Worth too that his widow now runs.
  3. Whats hoohnswoops real name? I have been at the contests at Perris if he was there. Flying a small canopy is not the most impressive thing. Luigi flies a 46 or so and I personally think Clint is better. You should see some of the unreleased video of Clint doing stuff....He is ultra smooth. Mike
  4. Having never flown a Stilleto this might be a bogus opinion but I really like the Sabre 2. I did have some problems with off heading openings until I figured out that you have to "fly" the risers during deployment. Before I was hanging there like a sack of potatoes. They Bill the Sabre 2 as the best "all around" canopy and I am tempted to agree. I let Steve Sanderson fly mine loaded at 1.2 or so and he said he got a great swoop out of it. I can get 150' or so just from front risers. I love it and see no real reason to change in the near future. Sounds like you wil never be in a swoop competion so I recommend the Sabre 2. Mike
  5. Fritz is the best freeflyer and Clint Claussen is the best canopy far
  6. I agree that the "Team Extereme" school was the best money I spent in my year of skydiving. I gave Michele shit about her hop-n-pops today. She is a trooper for doing it. Im glad Perris is back to normalcy. Mike
  7. I watched a particulary nasty malfunction from the door of the Shark 2 days ago. One of the PD guys was doing a hop-n-pop for the Para Performance Swoop event with that experimental, detachable pilot chute, bag, slider combo. (I still have no idea how it works) He got a hung slider and was spinning like crazy right on deployment right out the door. He tried to fix it for like 5 seconds and finally chopped it. He still took a good 3-5 second delay after chopping before he deplyed his reserve and was under it at a reasonable altitude. If he had an RSL, he would have had a f$%@ed up reserve deployment. I am big time anti RSL. I want my brain to be the computer, not a lanyard. I am always under my main at 2500, I have 2 audibles and I will chop rather than spend time (more than a few seconds) trying to fix a problem.
  8. Im really nervous about deployment. Jari and the Bird Man clan is here at Perris and I am told now is the time for me to do my first. I have 350 jumps, all this year but Im still more scared than level 1 AFF........More tomorrow night. I have to work tomorrow night so beer will have to wait....
  9. I think it totally depends on the situation. If the plane were not on fire, and anyone of the pros at Perris were flying the Otter, I would ride it down under 3000. If over bad terrain, Ill take my reserve below 2000. Anything above, Ill go main and take my chances. You also have to think, if you hit anything with ANY forwars momentum with 12 people sitting besides you, belted or not, that is one hell of a lot of kinetic energy stored there. Mike
  10. A Cobalt will absoulutely be my next canopy. I am not sure whether it will be a 150, 135 or a 120. I am going to demo a 150 all day tomorrow. The main reason I want one is the added safety of a safe deployment head down at 200mph. I had a good friend bail out of his Sukhoi 29 after the elevator bellcrank bolt worked its way out. ( He was straight down at 280 knots). His round chute disinigrated. A leader in the emergency chute business, Manly Butler, has a chute equipped with what he calls the "sombrero slider". Basically it is an advanced slider that wont let the round fully deploy at too high an airspeed. This system would have saved my friend. (I still have one and no airplne if anyone need one)I have grabbed a wad of pilot chute as well as the hackey too many times to be sure I will never have a premature deployment. I am currently jumping a Sabre 2 150 at about 1.4. I can front riser it and get a great surf. I am thinking of lengthening the brake lines about 3" beacause the tail deflects at about 3" when I pull the risers to my chest. I think I am going to be a front riser advocate. I can get one hell of a surf on calm days already with my brakes too short and I cant imagine how good it will be if I lengthen my brake lines. It is so much easier to bail on front risers and it is almost as much fun with a fraction of the risk. Yes, Sabre 2 openings are unpredictable as hell, but after it is open, the canopy kicks ass. I just want the added safety of the Cobalt. Mike
  11. I am completly convinced skydiving is as risky as you make it. As a former airshow pilot, I have seen 30 people I know on a first name basis die in an aerobatic aircraft. Only one of those was due to no fault of his own and Im only 32....I have been skydiving 6 months. I know people with 200 jumps that have been severly injured and people with 9500 that have never been injured and had only 2 cutaways. If you stay within your limits, Skydiving is safe as hell. If you don't, it is like the sea, terribly unforgiving....You make your own stats. Mike
  12. After what happened at Perris last weekend, I have made a promise to myself that I will never do night jumps. Todays smaller canopies make it far too risky as far as Im concerned. I will never accidentally jump at night so why do I need to practice? Either they take this requirement away or I will never have a D.
  13. If I am ever in a spinning line twist at ANY altitude, I'm chopping. Period the end. It is threads like this that made me decide this. Thanks for all the posts and I am a wiser skydiver because of them.
  14. I had my third problem within a month with excess brake lines today. Two ended in rear riser landings and one in a cutaway. The first was was because of excess that was improperly stowed on a demo rig by someone other than myself. The second was because I never stowed the excess at all and it ended up wrapped aound the tab on the slink. (I cut this one away because it was in full brakes on one side). Today pisses me off. I had the tabs on my slink tabs tacked to my risers and elastic installed on the back of them to stow the excess. I had a bit of excess caught between the loop in the brake line and the handle and it would not come out once I had unstowed it leaving me in half brakes on the left side. I still cant understand how in the hell this happened. Am I just unlucky or am I the village idiot?