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  1. I din't say you had to help me or that I had to help you....I mean this in a broad sense. If you are not giving more than you are taking, or at least equal give and take, then you are hurting society as a whole....thats more clearly what I mean.
  2. Dont we all think that Whuffos suck, as a group?
  3. Well I havent broken any of the 'rules' in this thread to be booted but.......what the hell..... BOOBIES! Mike
  4. What if I came up to you, a perfect stranger, and loudly said in front of everyone that you owed me $1000? You would be offended and shocked at the absurdity of it. I feel the same about slave reparations. And, if you call me prejudiced or racist for that viewpoint, is it not prejudiced or racist for people in Europe to be 'Anti-American' because some, not all, people in this country favor war? You don't know me and you do knot know what I have 'given' the world. My life philosiphy is, "If you are not helping, you are hurting". I have had a job since school and I measurably contribute to society. I feel I morally contribute to society by not staying with the herd and taking non-popular stances that I think are correct. I have never hurt anyone and I have given more than I have taken.
  5. I find it amazing that you can psychologically analyze my demeanor from a few posts. I don't think anyone that knows me personally would say that, mabye so....I just get pissed if someone says I owe them something that I do not and is ungreatful if I do give them something. If that makes me 'angry at the world' so be it. Mike
  6. MikeD, You are funny and smart....You must be a closet American! Thw whole point I am trying to make is: I have no problem with being Anti-war. I am anti-war but I feel that it is a necessary evil. I have a problem with people in Europe being "Anti-American". Not all Americans are for war. There are many more people from foreign countries living in America than Americans living in foreign countries. It seems that true "anti-Americanism" is empty rhetoric.
  7. Please don't lock this thread because of that! I AM sterotypical and I AM a loudmouth. That is a true statement. Mike
  8. I see you are in Florida and probably were not born in the USA...Im guessing not due to your name. If you were not born in America, you have no argument. You, and many other Europeans, are over here enjoying the freedoms and lifestyle you so jealousy despise.
  9. The Scottsman who is the first response to my original post said And as to what I know about European Psyche, see my original post. I couldn't care lees about European psyche, just the fact that we have done more for Europe than Europe has done for us. Mike
  10. That is exactly what I am talking about. Europe thinks they have the right to be protected by our Constituition. Lets say, for arguments sake, they do. I have the legal right to say my mom is a cum guzzling whore, she is not, but how morally right would that be after all she has done for me, even if I was pissed at her about another issue? She has done nothing for me compared to what America has done for Europe. Mike
  11. Haven't we come to their aid or defeated their Nazi government at the cost of thousands of Americans. To all in Belgium, France, England or Germany that are 'anti-American' I say "Fuck off and die you ungrateful assholes, burn in hell and I hope you get anally raped before you die." We are wanting to DEFEND Turkey and they are against it???? Mike
  12. No, but is has an Autofind Fritz and Mike feature....Straight to the ghetto.....
  13. 28K....Not bad considering GPS, Leather, Heated Seats, 240HP V6, traction, sunfoof, 6 disc changer in the GPS. The GPS has controls for just about everything integrated in the touch screen and they are all voice activated. Say "71 degrees" and the climate control goes to 71. It even sets the clock on the dash from the sattellite - You can't adjust it if you wanted to. It also tells you your altitude.
  14. This is in my new car I finally just got today. It took like an hour to program my voice to do everything. The whole car from the radio to the a/c is voice activated. Tell the GPS to go to the DZ and a females voice tells you how turn by turn. I love it. 2003 Honda Accord Coupe V6 Mike