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  1. Pammi

    Them feels....

    They had to order a special helmet with LED warning lights because they've heard about my rocky start... Been a while since I got on here. Now there is a NSFW option? LOL!
  2. Of course this took a weird turn, even without Sunshine and Martinez :)
  3. They are sweet as honeydew I will have you know! We were just having to explain to Tyler what 'honoring the pilot' was the other day. He was mortified at the concept that I ever would. Not that I would or anything I reassured him...
  4. How old is she? Tell her the wait will be well worth it - I'm told anyway :) Thank you all! They grow up in a blink - believe me, I think about it every day lately! College in two years?! Holy crap! We are incredibly happy, but miss jumping and you guys! Not to worry - family first, but we'll blow it all up soon
  5. Kevin ROCKED that camera! Is his camera alright btw? The music was perfect on the vid btw too. Sam went supersonic when Evanescence came on in the beginning Thank you, and the pilot as well, for diving for her. Those are some incredibly awesome shots! We are so jones'n now!
  6. Who says we're slacking off - did you not see the 2 year old? ;)
  7. and a few more... And thank you John (slotperfect)!! You guys did such an amazing job! I had thought I'd seen all the pictures before we left - no way! Those are incredible. Thank you so much!
  8. Here are some pics from Sammi's first jump today - she's been waiting for 7 years to turn 16 and be able to do it. She obviously enjoyed it Now she's in a bit of a pickle - skydive, or car... Pammi
  9. Pammi

    5,000 posts...

    Old School! Let's streak the quad!
  10. Working for some pain in the ass lawyers up here in Raleigh - so doing pretty good other than that Good seeing everyone again!
  11. Well I'm glad I didn't miss this thread. Happy Birthday girl!
  12. Pammi

    5,000 posts...

    ROFL!! I can't believe I forgot about operation melons! Of course, nights at Raeford are notoriously hazy I think.
  13. Pammi

    5,000 posts...

    Me too Mama! Miss ya all - and the jumping even more Soon, God willing. Until then, I'll keep spending my weekends peddling 'toys'. Ain't all bad Merrick digs product testing Although having 18 'boys' sitting around the house has got to be a little intimidating!
  14. Someone did actually sue God.