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  1. jdfreefly

    Can "experience" be a bad thing?

    A canopy will change it's recovery arc based on the wind.
  2. jdfreefly

    2 way sit drill dives

    I call it the "Round the World" Start out both sitflying, one laying base and one is the person moving. The mover flies up and docks left hand to left hand. From there 360 to a right hand to right hand dock. Then cartwheel to right hand to right foot dock. Then 360 to a left hand to left foot dock. Finally, cartwheel back to initial dock...left hand to left hand. Find another sit flier that can lay a stable base and take turns being the mover and the base.
  3. jdfreefly

    Cypres Saves: movies

    I'm wondering why there was no drogue on the tandem one.
  4. jdfreefly

    Samuel H. Beer

    Great post. Blue Skies Sam.
  5. jdfreefly

    You have got to be kidding!!

    With all due respect to your 27 years of experience and the jumps you have under your belt, I think some of your statements confuse opinion with fact. I really believe our decline in numbers has more to do with economic factors than anything else. This is my opinion, I have no facts to back it up. But I offer it as an alternative to your assertion. I believe that there is data that contradicts this. Since the inception of AFF the number of skydivers has increased while the numbers of fatalities relative to participation has decreased. Now, the devil's advocate may argue that this has more to do with changes in gear than changes in training, but again, I offer this opinion up as an alternative to your assertion. My dad, and some of the finest engineers in history learned to program computers on punch cards, and while I respect anyone who learned that way, it is little more than a novelty today. I hope my response doesn't piss you off too much. I do have immense respect for those who went before me and made the sport what it is.
  6. yes, but will there be Methane!?!?!?!
  7. jdfreefly

    Freefly Camera Flyer Needed

    I can't commit to be your camera guy, but I may be able to fill in sometimes. I just relocated to the Bay Area, used to jump at Crosskeys. I've jumped competition before, but not as camera.
  8. jdfreefly

    How long did you wait...

    If memory serves me.....not long enough.
  9. jdfreefly

    Question about the waivers we sign

    No, but I know of a couple of cases where thw waiver held up in court and the case was dismissed.
  10. jdfreefly

    2nd jump with the 20d

    some of the graininess is due to the fact that I used microsoft paint to shrink the file size down to the 120k limit imposed from dropzone.com some of it is from the fact that I know as much about cameras and photography as I do about women.
  11. jdfreefly

    stabbed pullout bridle - WTF?

    I think that is wicked fuckin cool. When you start chucking shit out into a 120 mph air stream, some freaky shit is bound to happen eventually.
  12. jdfreefly

    Dive Pools

    I have a good drill dive for building sit skills. Round the World: both in a sit, one person lays base, the other, starts with a right hand to right hand grip. Break the grip and fly a 360 to a left hand to left hand grip. Kartwheel down to their left foot and take a left hand grip on the left foot or lower left leg. 360 to a right hand grip on the right foot or right lower leg. kart wheel back up to a left hand to left hand grip. It is very important the person laying base DOES NOT MOVE. Take turns laying base and switch up the 360s so sometimes you do them to the right, sometimes to the left. Switch in back or front flips instead of kartwheels also. Also, when training for nationals, if you guys are having a lot of trouble pulling off some move you came up with, don't be afraid to cut it out of the routine. You see a lot of teams trying stuff that is at the edge of their ability. The result is it looks unpollished and the judges score it low. If I can remember our free routine from when I went, I'll post that too.
  13. jdfreefly

    Aerial shots of drop zones?

    try maps.google.com, enter the address for the dz and click on the satelite link in the upper right hand corner.
  14. jdfreefly

    Injury stories

    my injury