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  1. how can u own a galaxy tab and an iphone? why not stick with android? just curious..you seem to smart to be using an iphone..?
  2. Eastside freefly forever love ya peter do a jump with dl for me rip bro
  3. im there dude so are all the other tumblefuqs ive managed to get laid the last 4 years( mm 2 19 yo life guards) cmon bring back the convention i need some puuunnny
  4. u know the tumblefuqs will be there....
  5. judedre

    Vector III

    I've had a wings a mirage g3 amd javelin, all I can say is my custom vector3 is the most comfortable and durable so far,I've put 300 jumps on it 2 cutaways with skyhook (AWESOME) y would anyone NOT jump a skyhook? it works functions great and very comfy ,,,
  6. yep i drive fast what can i say judge ordered me to an 8 hr aggresive driving class WHAT A JOKE I MAKE FUN OF THE teacher for 8rhs straight heres a small part of the day i think you will find it quite funny.. www.youtube.com/judedre
  7. geeeeza sebastian is where its at mate take it from a londoner 2000+ jumps my trailer is at sebastian bring a tent or let me know u can stay in my trailer lots of brits, auzzies, s africans, u will have a blindin time mate let me know when u r comin maybe pick u up at the airport, aiiyt c u christmas dont forget king size rizla silver and some crunchies....
  8. yep ille be there so will a bunch of us from fl tumblefuqs,,,dirty sanchhez,,rodriguez brothers,,,hellfish,, were a mikxed bunch but bout 15 people i know from here goin should be fun ive got a rv,,be there from friday till monday10 days yeehaa
  9. ok get dome regular clorox put some of the powder on the end of a knife small amount drop it into a tall glass of clorox if it drops slowly down the clorox leaving milky white trails ITS PARTY TIME u gots some pwoper shizzle if it turns RED or any color if it starbursts n fizzes on the top thats the cut n its not very good.. good luck u have bout 2 8balls there 7 grams ..$300
  10. did you even read the post? do you get what were trying to do? heloooo i hate american idol as much as the next twat but read www.votefortheworst.com its called fucking with the system....
  11. hmm care i dont care thats why its fun its now on the news and it seems it might be possible to actually have an influence, hey it worked the first time with the presidential elections why shouldnt it work for this.???
  12. YEp thats right lets get behind this its now my 4th week voting as you know Sanjia is CRAP and simon has said he will quit if sanjia wins HOWARD STERN and hes 6 million listners are now behind it, here we go it will be hysterical if he wins ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sanjaya's number tonight is 1-866-IDOLS-08 (1-866-436-5708). Dial it as much as you can between 10 PM and midnight (9 PM and 11 PM central), or if you have Cingular Wireless, you can also text the word "VOTE" to 5708. If you get busy signals, keep dialing. Vote for the full 2 hours for the highest impact. Sanjaya NEEDS our help and this is the big week so vote as much as you can. GOTO http://www.votefortheworst.com and YOU WILL SEE THE LIGHT...
  13. iF ANYONE HAS ANY DECENT SPEAKERS please bring em the speaker on the projector is not that loud any decent pc speakers could be better any ideas bring em..
  14. ok i just got the 600 inch 2000 lumens projector will have it with me for the boogie so bring ya movies and anything u wana watch in supersize on the side of the new packin tent ( yep that includes porn).. see ya there kim , remeber me? allright darlin sure ya do luv...