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  1. Actually not, Squeaky boy. They had an interview with the bloke on the radio yesterday morning, and I for one believe it was just a genuine act of kindness. As for the whole koalas don't drink water angle, mate I reckon they do after they went through a bushfire. People who know me know I am a cynic, but I would have held it's paw as well. -- ZZZzzzz....
  2. Are you sure he didn't say they were flying saucers? Maybe the guy with the suitcases was a little green man from Mars? I'd sure find that easier to believe. I'd love to live in your world for one day, but not more than that. It would be an interesting study. -- ZZZzzzz....
  3. Wendy, I'm not convinced. The straps do not appear to be seat belts (see attached, look closely at the buckle). The strap shown looks like an adjustable packing strap (similar to attachment) Look at the way the belt is stitched back as well - not a seat belt. I don't believe that seat belts (or any other strap for that matter) would survive the stresses induced by actual flight. As I said in my earlier post, the fan was most likely strapped down for transport. Edited to add - DrunkMonkey's post is also relevant here. Same pics, different airline. Well, I hope so. I'm flying with Sabena tomorrow. -- ZZZzzzz....
  4. No. This story is obviously fabricated and I'm surprised so many people (including Chris Schindler) was taken in by it. 1. It would be impossible to take off in a loaded four-engined jet airliner on only three engines due to asymetric thrust. You would have to use two engines, not enough to get airborne on any normal runway. 2. The straps shown would not survive the wind-induced torque and buffet of actual flight for more than a few minutes, should it be possible to get airborne at all. It is more likely that the (clearly damaged) fan was strapped like that for transport, and someone made this whole story up. China maintains a very high standard of aviation safety as far as I'm aware. -- ZZZzzzz....
  5. It's been 32 days for me now, after 8 years of 2 packs a day. This helped me (attached). -- ZZZzzzz....
  6. This thing is amazingly accurate. It had me pegged at the first go. -- ZZZzzzz....
  7. Adelaide was a lot of fun, I was there on Wednesday and Thursday. It was quite rainy most of the time. I was back in South Africa for the weekend - did one excellent three way at Pretoria Skydiving Club, but now I am in Germany for the rest of the week. Most travelling I have ever done in such a short time. Ulm, to be exact. Fun place. Hope to see you guys this summer! -- ZZZzzzz....
  8. Hey Sqeak, Looks like I'll not even be able to leave the airport . I'm in Adelaide at the moment - Melbourne was very nice (they do an amazing flamethrower pillar thingy on the south bank of the Yarra river every hour ). Ill have a look whether I'll need to check in for the international flight in Perth, or if I can do it in Adelaide. Will let you know, maybe we can guzzle a quick beer somewhere - but I doubt it. I may be back in Summer though, hopefully a bit longer this time
  9. Would have loved to, but I don't have my kit with me . I'm also leaving for Melbourne early tomorrow. But I'll be back....
  10. Hey Squeakster! I'll be in Perth on Friday, but only for a day unfortunately - transit to Johannesburg. I'll be back in summer for a longer time, hope to see you then
  11. No, but I could be friends with someone like that. -- ZZZzzzz....
  12. "We'll burn that bridge when we get to it" Not very funny, but it is a mix between "We'll cross tha bridge when we get to it" and "Don't burn your bridges" It applies very well when dealing with subcontractors. -- ZZZzzzz....