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  1. Good news! I negotiated a freebie in our marriage vows that if I ever had a shot with skymama I could take it with impunity.
  2. Thanks! And, wow, I'm still in top 40 of post counts? You people are weak!
  3. If any of my old friends are still on here. Just wanted to drop by and say, Hi. Here are a couple of pics those who know me probably thought they'd never see...
  4. Should I be nervous? No, you can handle it. I have faith in you
  5. Hiya, Lovely & Luscious Ignore anything else I've said in this thread.
  6. Same thing I do everyday, Billy. Try to take over the world. Actually, I've been spending all my time, day and night plotting how to get into skymama's pants. I've finally perfected my plan and have begun the implementation of Stage 1. Stay tuned
  7. PhillyKev

    woot woot

    I'm off the strippers. I've found that I enjoy corrupting the innocent more than wallowing with those who are equally deviant.
  8. PhillyKev

    woot woot know you can have all you want. No points necessary
  9. PhillyKev

    woot woot

    Congratulations!!! Still in FL?
  10. PhillyKev

    woot woot

    No need to google. It was Jessie Crossman from Dropzone. Feel free to quote this. Whatever it takes for me to tap...err, smack that ass
  11. PhillyKev

    woot woot

    What's happenin', hotstuff? Nope, no jumping for me. Just a random movie quote. 10 points if you name the film and character. Points can be redeemed for kisses or spanks. points void unless redeemed by kel
  12. PhillyKev

    woot woot

    People probably told you that Jessie Crossman was the only person skilled enough to jump from a 747.