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  1. Just got exact same thing for my sewing machine from Jeff211.
  2. ramon

    Skydive Spaceland Dallas

    very friendly great atmosphere. This dropzone is one where you actually 'feel the love'. Very good freefly atmosphere with load organizers that ' actually jump with you'..imagine that. It is in a dry county so bring your own beer. One of my favorites and I've been to a dozen
  3. ramon


    If you are looking for an intermediate canopy in between stilleto class performance and a cross braced, I think this is it. Hooking high is much safer than hooking low and this canopy is capable of hooking almost as high as some cross braced canopies and certainly much higher than a typical eliptical. I have put about 40 jumps on a Vengeance 135 (loaded 1.67). The only other canopies I can think of that might be able to do a snap 180 hook followed by double front in the dive from 350-400 feet and have a nice surf would be an Alpha/Cobalt or a crossfire (at this wing loading). but with the vengeance you get the benefit of a negative recovery arc incase you hook at 500 or you let off your double fronts too early. This canopy is more fun in the toggles than a samurai and seems to be much easier to flare and surf (although the samurai can probably surf as far). The flare seems like an Alpha, sure, crisp and in control less spongy than a crossfire. This canopy also seems to have a pretty low stall speed for this loading, I was taking a few more steps on a crossfire. It is not really versatile, it seems to want to come down pretty fast, however you can pull the brakes deeper than when they are stowed and slow your descent to make way for traffic or get back from a long spot (althouh pulling rear risers is probably better). The rumors about size are right if you jump a 135 try a 120. The 135 will seem like a dog (but it will dive). Basically the canopy flies and stops like a bigger canopy but it surfs like a smaller/faster one. Oh yeah, it has airlocks if your into that and it is supposed to be more stable in turbulence, but that is not why I bought it
  4. ramon

    Skydive Spaceland Houston

    I have been to 4 DZs since I have moved to Texas and Spaceland is my favorite. The indoor packing area is airconditioned and really big (good place to crash). It is a Brand new facility. The landing area is huge, the off landing areas are pretty open and safe, and there is a huge swoop ditch and a pond. It is a young dz so there aren't really any clicks (except Deguello the 8-16 way RW team, and they are really nice and organise jumps for lower time RW folks) They just upgraded their otter to a super otter and now it is 15 minute turnarounds. There is a good mix of folks and skill levels, except I must say there are no crew dogs (my two friends have been making 2 stacks, but that is it). Only thing that would make it top notch would be a hot tub, bunk rooms and more freefliers