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  1. Show off!! No 1 eh? At the ole Spaceland, whoohoo!
  2. Here ya go!! http://starcrestawards.com/database/index.html The patches are on their way and he told me they were built in 1978!! whoohoo!
  3. Cool, have they been setting up at the airport up the road? Jumping the Chip was a blast, make sure you take the air horns! And announce it as well. Are the heli's still across the street from the Chip? Sturgis is a blast!
  4. I do not think there is one near Sturgis. Myself and Skydiveatlas.com with Sean Tillery set up a temporary DZ in Sturgis during bike week a few years ago. It was primarily tandems and a few fun jumps back in 2006 I think it was. We brought in a Beach 99, it was the first time any jumping had been allowed. We wanted to go again but its been a real challenge getting things sorted out to make it happen. I think the Burningman event has jumping not sure though??
  5. This has Jerry in it (goofy guy with the red protek :) ), never knew about this. Its from 1999, looks like the camera man could not get back in, had to let go. Then spends the rest of the time looking for it but its behind him. Wow, good catch dad! Most likely his group would have been at least an 8 way with several of them being newbies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XBRtnE05ILs I am amazed how he gave a full count but no one left....I thought the count looked funny but I didnt see anything that showed he had "stopped" anyone? Rats, probably should have put this in General, sorry mods
  6. Is second to none! Ship to Denmark and practically before they open your package a new one will already be on its way back to you. Thats been my experience with them.
  7. Well, there ya' go! CRAAAAP!!!!!!!!! I knew better...
  8. You mean to tell me I have been trying to get this for 10 years, I told Andy he needed to get on this and he decided to go, then we get it!! And now you invite him to organize them at your boogie??? Damn thats it, Im going to the other SkyFest 2009!! :) Seriously, just got word from Bill Newell and he has received 9 forms, so our numbers and patches are on the way! And yes my number will be lower than Andy's!!!
  9. Why am I thinking he jumped at Seagoville for a while, and also thinking Amarillo TX is where he had the DZ??? I know, I was just a kid.....but....
  10. Your answer. So if you are born into a skydiving family, that counts as time in sport. I did read that(first 16 years of my life) but I doubt he was packing from day 1 of his life, hence the question. Timmyfitz, they are valid questions, your not the first to ask them, and each time I am asked, I question myself on how I express "my time in the sport". So I hear ya. Strato is on the money as well. I was flying the family 172 by the time I was 4 (the 182 was the clubs plane that my parents ran), could take off and fly the pattern. By the time I was 6 i was packing, teaching, guiding students down (orange paddles no radios) and landing the 172. Taking instantomatic pictures from the student seat on exit or landing photos of jumpers for profit. My first solo was at 14 in a glider and the second was the family 172 at 16 with my father jumping out. So I was actually a "jump pilot" on my solo flight, and have never flown jumpers since. The quote in question can be interpreted in different ways, I wrote it to mean "watching the first 16 years" and packing for most of them (10 to be exact). Another point that strato makes I think is, 2nd,3rd and 4th generation skydivers will most likely have more knowledge, experience, and understanding about skydiving by the time they are old enough to jump than the 200, or sometimes even 500 jump wonder has. Why? because we saw it, felt it, grieved it, and even buried the mistakes, all without ever actually jumping. Especially today with the high performance canopies (or collisions) being half of the total fatalities each year. Lets face it, the average "life span" of new jumpers today is 3-5 years before they "femur" or swoop themselves out of life or the sport. My mother made 24 jumps with me while pregnant, hell she even broke her arm holding a students static line as an instructor (excuse me, that would be a JM) while still in the plane and pregnant (in the 60's). She then went on to become President of USPA (80's/90's) and was chief judge for practically all of the first 20 years of the US Nationals (Oklahoma) which each year half the family would drive there from TX and the other fly in the 172 (dad and myself). So please, you tell me, Im all about the different perspectives, how do I answer the question, "how long have you been in the sport"? When asked like that, 42 years is my answer, you ask me how long I have been jumping, 25 years is my answer. Now riddle me this, who/what is a 2nd, 3rd,4th generation skydiver? Did ones father do a few military jumps so you as a son or daughter are now skydivers, did he do one tandem before you? My answer is this, a 2nd (or more) generation skydiver is from parents that "sport jumped" on a somewhat "regular" basis. Ones that had skydiving in their lives, even if they stopped prior to the childs birth, it was a major part and "genetics" in the family. Just my opinion on that, cause 2nd (and more) generation skydive formations can be really fun these days!!!! And there is one more reason for claiming 42 years in the sport. Being that some folks appreciate the time or history in skydiving, it gives me bragging rights, or the "lower" license number (even though mine are high under the circumstances) so yeah, its egotistical, big headed, and cool!
  11. Also, remember not to flare them like a square. Just do a chin up on the rear risers right as you land. Yeah but that wasnt just because it "may" have helped the landing, more like, one was scared shit less trying to climb back up before impact! Ok so maybe it slowed the decent rate a little, but who cares after say; 20' per second, whats a foot or two at that point? What do I know, I only watched you tough folks pound in every weekend for the first 16 years of my life, while you paid me $.50 to pack the darn things (mains). Yes there still are DZ's with rounds, I visited one state (not Texas) a few years ago while I was with SunPath and I noticed the student rigs looked awfully familiar. I asked the owner if he knew Bob Chaffin, he said yes, "that is who I got my student rigs from". Turns out he had the rig I made my fist jump on in 1984! I could not believe it.
  12. So Bill Newell sent me some video from 1993 in Perris containing hoop dives. Pretty nice flying, but as we got further into the video (multiple jumps) I began to see something. If i am not mistaken there was extra altitude.......but what caught my attention was not only was it extra at the top but also the bottom. Some names and locations in this video he included in a letter were Perris Pukes, Mike Dimenichi, Tim Moorehead, West Point, and Elsinore jumpers. He said Mike rigged the hoop with red and green lights with switches that the holders used as a traffic light for the night divers. Good ole days!!! (not really that old, but for some...) And to both of you NSCSA holders...Damn nice!!! Would you do it again? The NSCSA would be the only reason I would do another night jump, ok maybe for a NSCR instead. LOL
  13. Thanks! Its on facebook here: not sure if this will work but here it is. http://www.facebook.com/bruce.d.crawford?ref=ts
  14. Yup, twice now. The first time was Beezy Shaws dive when I took Lee out as video. The second was last weekend. I discovered for me it was the cold air that just took the air right out of me. After about 10 seconds into the first time, I put my hand over the opening in my full face helmet and it allowed me to draw slower, and what I think was "warmer" air. The second time was the same helmet but without the visor so my big nose was probably exposed a bit, quickly I covered it for about a second, breathed, and from there on it was normal. At your jump level anxiety may play a factor, but I think the temperature can have an affect as well. Try covering your nose and mouth and breathe in once, (staying stable) for just a second or less and see if it helps. My trouble occurred right out the door at 13,500 in early fall or late winter. And skybitch makes a great point too, I was probably at least one of those.
  15. Its also the first time the award has been issued in about 8 years (its been available for over 40), so with this 12 way, the last number issued will be 360! So once the GA group is awarded there are only 360 in the world that can say they officially did it!! Great skydive guys!!!! It has taken me 8 years with about 40 attempts to get this. What a great day and i really appreciate everyone giving this two tries today!!! THANK YOU ALL!
  16. One of may favorite "specialty" ac jumps! Got to jump one during Bike Week in Sturgis! All the pilot was worried about was scratching his new paint job! No loop or barrel roll to get out, I had to climb out which wasnt easy. Ultimately I made my way to the wing and just rolled off. Climbing out backwards put my rig exposed in front of the tail and above the fuselage for quite sometime (see exit shot), so I stuffed my handle deep into the spandex, and dug it out in freefall. The pilot asked if I cold close the canopy after getting out, I was able to but it was very difficult getting out on the wing. Luckily I am 6' 1" so I was able to reach from the black step at the P to the wing. I found I had to hug the fuselage to keep from getting blown off. Ultimately I squatted with my left shoulder against the fuselage looking at the tail. We had him in a slight dive to bring the tail up and I just rolled off at a 45 angle to the tail. I felt staying low and small was the best way. The T6 made it to my riskiest specialty jumps list thats for sure. Ill never forget the view while backtracking away, then rolling over to see 600,000 bikers below! I believe the bullets and casings I dug out the Yuma desert were from planes like the T6. Was told they used it for training during the war, dug several different sizes out. Pretty cool, you could follow the flight lines when digging them up. still want blimp jump! Its a good one to log enjoy and be safe!
  17. hmmmmm quite interesting.... weekday attempts with a registration.... going to be a busy 3 months, guess I better start promoting eh? emailed fortson already, whoohoo!
  18. You did not just post the recipe to my favorite El Phenix or El Chico's meal!!! I grew up on sour cream chicken enchiladas! Its about the only thing I miss in Texas besides friends and family of course!! Thanks for the recipe! !! :) So thats why they call them Yankees eh?
  19. Any idea of the age, number of jumps and or packjobs? Just curious. Now PD can say even when blown it will bring you in safely. LOL Glad all ended well.
  20. Forget those others - this is the shot you want. Tried like hell, but the damn thing wouldn't flare. You got to build up speed with front risers first!!! Interesting gores
  21. Yo Howard Im not good with the search thingy here but find the one about the biplane incident at SkyFest, I believe it was 2006. The pin was pulled as the jumper climbed out. Bag comes out, pilot catches bag with one hand and holds it against the fusalage, rolls plane over and yells at jumper to let go. Pilot releases bag, jumper flips once as line stretch thru legs and has a perfect opening. Pilot had 30 or so jumps so he knew what was gong on. Thats the quick version. I remember watching from the ground as it happened. When I saw the deployment so quickly after jumpers release I said, what the f^** did they static line that thing? Of course not knowing what happened at the time. Bob Rader got perfect sequential shots from the ground. They were published in Parachutist. I can also get you in contact with the pilot so you can get his story. But I remember seeing a post or something here. What are you up to now? When can we expect to see the published goodies. LOL
  22. My experience with the Casa's over the years is, 32 normal, 33 if really needed.
  23. Well now!! Hmm when is this? Ill be heading back to the Farm with a loaded Uhaul next Thursday? Will I make it in time? :) Yes, I am going to be a Farm Animal!! Can you say SF 10? ok, so I finally saw Labor Day, hope I can read a map better..... See you soon I hope!!