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  1. Yup it is moving. This is a good thing. Our goal is to create more awareness for the fund. We want to start sponsoring teams but we need to grow and Spaceland is a good start. Please support the move, SkyFest in Motion is a great cause!! The Pink Mafia Girls will be there!! Blue Skies www.skyfestboogie.com
  2. There is a skydiving scholarship fund out there for skydivers. Does anyone know anything about this? Has anyone benefited from this fund? I sure would like to know. I hear they have a great boogie. Has anyone been? Is it good? Would you go again? Will you follow it if it moves? Please tell me? Should I go? More info www.skyfestboogie.com I think it is a good thing, don't you?
  3. If ya'll get a chance go to the website and sign up for the email list so we can keep you updated on the new stuff. Tell all your freinds, and I do mean all of them. Thanks for the help J
  4. All you have to do is win the raffle to jump with these ladies. Even though my brother and I brought this skydive back 3 years ago we still don't have our Pink Patch. There has been a new twist added to the dive, but I can't tell you about it, the ladies will just have to show it to you on the plane. Good luck!!
  5. Hey beautiful how the heck are you? You know we can always use a lovely lady to help us out in many ways. How are you, give me a ring or email. Lets play at the boogie get some skydives in.
  6. Raftman you know I wouldn't expect anything less, you are an organizer!! Brett"s air toys. Everyone likes to play with them!! Thanks man we need all the support we can get.
  7. Who plans on going this year? Last years was a kick ass event, do you have it in you to do it again? SkyFest is the largest event in Texas and the surrounding states three years running and our fourth year is even bigger and better. We are taking it to Skydive Spaceland. 300 jumpers register making over 2800 skydives. Hot air balloons, 2 Otters, and Az.Skyvan, possibly a helicopter. This event truly has something for everyone! This year will include the Texas state freefly record, men and women's. The infamous TeXXas Pink Patch dives (chance to jump with 19 women) the Women,s Texas State record for belly fliers, many prizes and much more. Don't forget about the worlds largest SCR ceremony saturday night. Pink Mafia will also be there to spice things up as well. The event is a fundraiser for a chance to win a skydiving scholarship through the JSSSF. Come and enjoy the best event in Texas and all for a great cause, YOU! For more info go to www.skyfestboogie.com
  8. Sorry you missed it. Sorry you don't support the cause. When is the last time you have been to Tx? Yep its hot, but we can handle it and so can 275 registered folks from 7 states. You missed out. Sorry about your misfortune. Ahh, Voodew I get it.. Have you ever been to one?? OHH ok. Blue Skies to you. Just caught your response, Hope you can try to give us a chance next year. Blue skies to you.
  9. Dang, "jackass" so much for the first post, damn I was wondering if we could do the DZ.com record if time allows, but may i should just drink more tequila
  10. The block tickets start at 20 tickets for $19.00 each. That is the smallest amount you can buy. If you register at the boogie they will allow you to use your block tickets on any aircraft, except for high altitude and balloon. There are no 10 ticket blocks, lets try to keep our info straight Some of the raffle items include, free vector, 2-40% cert,from Icarus,2-50% oxgyn helmets, 2-free altimeters, 2-50% off mirage, free protrack and dytter, and the list is still growing!!!! WooHoo! This is my First Post! BEER! But you gotta come to the boogie to get it!!