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  1. I have always said the only reason my parents had kids was for the packing. Which I was by the time I was 6 in 1973. We were paid .50 for packing the T10's. My brother and I charged each other .25 to lean. What did we know? By the time I was 15 we were up to 2.25 I believe. By this time we could pack any canopy that showed up at the DZ, round square or triangle. I remember when I was 10 and made $40.00 in one day at a novice competition in Spring Creek TX. Packed 40 T 10's for a buck each. That was a long day. I have 0 malfunctions from my pack jobs as a kid, did have 1 total back then but it was before the curved pin was used. My parents would call ahead to DZ's when they were traveling for Meets or whatever and ask if they had packers, I was told people would laugh at the thought of it. I actually did a little research with this a few years ago and had asked some other 2nd Gens when they started packing. Some were before me but they were not getting paid, this includes my 4 year older sister who was packing by 1969. It is quite possible that we were one of the first paid packers in the Texas area, maybe even more. Funny I found this thread, I just went thru some storage and found the Instamatic photos I would take of the jumpers landing, or as an observer getting their exits. I took 40.00 from packing and purchased a Handle Instamatic camera, you know the ones you crank out of the top of the camera. I would chase the students down and catch their landings for a 1.25 (each shot cost a buck). Funny though, it took me 25 years to figure out why I had to always chase these guys down. My brother and I would always guide the students in with the orange paddles (no radios). I finally figured out that he would purposely shoot them away from the peas when I was taking photos, thus making me run my ass off to catch the shot. Sneaky little devil! A year later I made enough money to buy a Nikon and start processing slides on the weekends. Would not trade anything on earth for being around back then. Fun stuff!
  2. info here: http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/dailynewsmckeesport/s_755285.html nice!
  3. Here ya go: http://sunpath.com/web_en/index.php?menu_level1=3&menu_level2=4 http://sunpath.com/web_en/index.php?menu_level1=3&menu_level2=5 I am 6'1" at 185 and I wear a C19 with a 3" split. But that may vary depending on your torso/leg ratio. I would guess that most manufacturers would put you in at least a 18"+ MLW. Probably a 19" depending optional hip and chest rings. Hope that helps.
  4. Blue skies to Gene, have a great respect for the pioneers in our sport. Is it me or does the guy with his back to us in the first pic have a P.O.B. over the reserve handle? The one with the reserve hanging to the right side. I think I remember folks doing that when transporting, but not geared up of course? Blue skies Gene
  5. We had a ten year old that used to pack student rigs. She did a great job, never packed a mal. Was hilarious - "uhh... is that little girl supposed to be messing with that parachute?" "Yeah, she's packing it, that's the one you'll be jumping." I've always told folks that the only reason my parents had kids was for packers. Was packing by 6 years old for $.50! And yes, the 1st time jumper is scared shitless when they discovered that! Whuffo's: For years when questioned about my religion and jumping on Sunday's, I always replied: I get closer to god every weekend than most folks do in a lifetime. Was a good answer for 20 years until about 4 years ago when chatting with some whuffo parents. Their 10 yo daughter looked up and said: Yea, but he keeps sending you back! I about lost it, I was speechless.
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    Oh, hell. Now you got me started on that whole rating requirement thing. It severely grinds my shorts that you can get get a Coach rating one day and an AFF or TI rating the next. Stupid USPA. It's unbelievable how often that happens. And its about to happen at your DZ! :) Wonder how said person will Coach/AFF Instruct the landings. Whats the saying, "those who can't do, teach".......
  7. Skydive Deland has been doing it for years and still does.
  8. My guess is that your confirmation will be an invoice, that's usually what they do when I order suits for ChutingStar. If you like, send me a PM with the name the order was placed under and I will confirm receipt for you. Either way I am confident they have your order, they are usually on top of things. Enjoy your new suit! J
  9. Do not know if the story is true, but I can tell you that it is something that Mike would do! Hell yeah! One does not mess with Mr Mullins.
  10. Daaaaaamn! That's an eternity in those days! Bunch of undisciplined fucks! Ha! What I did not tell you is that the morning they got it they were put on a weather hold. Thinking that it was not going to clear, they broke out the red wine. A couple hours later it cleared and they went up and got it on the first try of the day! At least that is what I have been told! Guess they were pretty relaxed!
  11. That's not "old!" Old means they were shot in black nd white or etched on a stone tablet. Those are just "not recent."
  12. Yup, jumped Tom Bishop's single engine otter. one of the side windows blew out of it on climb up in January! Brrrr
  13. That's not "old!" Old means they were shot in black nd white or etched on a stone tablet. Those are just "not recent."
  14. I would not trade growing up on a DZ back in the 70-80's for anything on earth! I feel blessed to have been a part of that history in our sport. Very lucky! Yeah, she made about 24 jumps with me, but I have tried and she wont let me log them!! Probably explains why I went straight to the fetal position on my first few static lines.
  15. Schrimsher here, oldest son of Sherry. Many folks do not think she was a jumper. She has nearly 500 jumps, most made in the 60-70's and again in the late 90's. Her last jump was a Tandem in 2000 where her and Jerry renewed their Wedding Vows after 35 years. Jerry passed away 6 months later. If my history is correct I believe she was one of about 35 women jumping in the US back in the day. Most seem to remember her as President of USPA, but she was also the Chief Judge for many of the Nationals in Oklahoma, and world record attempts, including the 400 way. She is a pilot, jumpmaster and rigger as well. Oh, and a great mom! Just thought I would share some of her history so folks may know a bit more.
  16. That is the Liberty Parachute Team, so I would guess that one of those is Twardo. Damn I still regret not getting to jump with them at 2006 Oshkosh, missed it by 20 minutes. Uggh! Great clip!
  17. I woke up this morning with 99 jumps for the year. Made 3 jumps today! Whoo hoo!. Then I realized that yesterday was my 26th Anniversary since my first jump on 12-23-1984. I posted 6 years ago on my 20th Anniversary but realized this year that I was off by 11 days, so I guess this is my correction to this post 6 years ago. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=1386406;search_string=20%20years%20ago%20yesterday;#1386406 I realized that I was off by 11 days when I found my first jump certificate a couple of months ago. But I can say that my 25th High Schools Reunion wont happen till 2011 cause I graduated in 1986. I feel blessed to be a part of the sport from the late 60's (not that I remember much then) but seeing all the amazing changes in the last 43 years is something that I believe will never happen again to that magnitude. So, I guess I would like to thank all those Pioneers who had the guts to progress the sport in those "dangerous" days. And with that goes Thanks to all the "young-uns" that have taken that to even greater levels! I only have one request to those young-uns. Bring back the true meaning of a SkyGod! Only you can do it. Give back to the sport, jump with the newbies, get them safe in the air so they can join the "groups". Doing so will keep our sport growing, otherwise they get bored and quit cause they have no one to play with. As we say at SkyFest "Pay it Skyward"! Being a SkyGod is easy, just give back, and ask for nothing in return.
  18. Great stuff Ward! If I remember right the story behind Chicago's DC3 was that it was not tied down during a storm and it backed itself up into a pole and damaged the wing!
  19. Does the helmet make you fly funny? Dooh! Will have some G2's at the dz by this afternoon, whoo hoo!
  20. Your loss for not getting to know me(which we both know otherwise) That would be a great reply if it was true, hard to close your eyes when you are 10 years old guiding students down with orange paddles because radios were not in use yet, or packing parachutes for .50 each! Father only had kids so he would have packers! Oh, and dont forget, we do have a landing area dedicated to swoopingCrazy what does that have to do with this conversation? besides that one area you will never get to go. Quote Yeah, your right, I will never swoop in the spectators area where 30+ whuffos are hanging out and being unpredictable while putting yourself (not to mention taking someones life or your own) in a position for no "outs". And yup your right again, I am grateful every time the parachute saves my life on deployment, I do not need to make it do it again at 60mph 40' off the earth! But hey, I'm old school, but Ill trade the "cool and groovy" for being active in the sport another 40 years! Dont be jealous Dave, cause what I've seen in the changes in the sport from the 60's to now are INCREDIBLE! and it will never happen again. I feel blessed to have been a part of it! But thanks for the beer tonight, and once again your were right, it was not to my taste, a bit too sweet, but appreciated it! Back to Hunter! Thanks for the jumps today, you really showed your talent and discipline. Thus I will happily make sure you see the Vladi Ball tomorrow because someone like yourself may invent a "new and improved model". Of course I also trust that you will "share the concept" before you go and give it a try!
  21. Jay you definitely don't need to be encouraging a very young jumper!! Thats all we need is a 100 jump guy go out with a vladi ball!!! Not gonna happen!! I just said i would show it to him. My guess is that he has already done one with a tennis ball (which is much worse), you may want to look around more often at the DZ my friend. Besides, I believe the rubber bladder is worn out, its about 10 years old. You obviously dont know me very well, while I may only have 1600 jumps, my time in the sport has given me plenty of experience. Oh, and dont forget, we do have a landing area dedicated to swooping
  22. I'll show you one next time you are out here, I have two.
  23. Man, you guys rock! Those must have been some great jumps, especially in the same day. I have landed a Para Plane twice when I jumped it my fathers Security system, but I have a really screwed up ankle so I have not landed a round or dactyl. I did put one of the dactyl jumps in Ted Strong's back yard lake one July 4th, my first and only water jump. Other than that, I wear a second harness and just toss the pc and d bag on exit and fly around for a bit then chop it. We did a vintage jump 10 years ago at my fathers memorial boogie and we were able to get a shot of the delta2 and pc in frame together but the Para Plane never made it to them. Since then I have always thought it would be cool to get a shot of an old square, round, delta, wingsuit and modern square in the same shot. Wonder if it cold be done? Would that be original?
  24. Its all black with rainbow colors at the gores? Yellow , red, etc... but only on the "back side" of the canopy? As I kid i remember many of the jumpers having this same pattern on their PC's? Certainly want to get the info right so I can log it correctly.. Pretty sure it was a "stock" color pattern at the time? So maybe Church Window is correct.
  25. How does one get there hands on PZ81? Would love to add it to my collection and jump one?