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  1. So I was thinking of you last week. The actual temp was 92 and the "feels like was 109 one day" Uggh! Without looking at your link, it does look pretty good, the humidity is dropping and rain does not look like a problem and of course we all know they love to post possible T storms every day cause that covers their arrse! So maybe for the first time in SF 10 year history it will be under 100! Whoo Hoo! And being this may be my last post for a while, thanks Lisa H! Muaaah! Got your text! And thanks to all of you! J
  2. No, its not Warrens PP, you are only allowed to take "instructional flights" out of that if I understand the rules correctly. But I can say in reference to your statement: "Then we can all pile on the "surprise" aircraft..." that will not be the case, at least for a single load. The mystery continues..... Someone please tell me how the title/subject to the thread gets changed in the middle of the thread. If I knew how to do that, boy would I have changed some titles to the truth over the years. Especially the last two years! On a factual note: Had a 16 hour day today and the place is ready! And as i said before, this is truly the BEST layout of "traffic flow" we have ever had! So good... that the temporary loading area has couches under the tent! Mock up, LO's, Packing, and the manifest are all right there!!!!!!!!! With your favorite manufacturer looking at it all! Very little walking for tent or RV city, food, showers/bathrooms (nice outdoor trailer setup), no shortage on water, electricity or even AC! Its time to boogie, like no other! Thank you all for your support! J
  3. Baby, you can have my wallet and anything else you need any time! You will never know how many times I told people the story about how incredible the crew at SFB09 ROCKED! Ya'll adopted and overcame from all the "major hickups" and made sure SF held up to its responsibilities, which was one of the best SF Crew in history. And not having my keys, wallet, LO tickets, what ever else you took away from me was fantastic! So, your pedestal awaits for you this week! Do you need a foot massage or anything? Just let me know. Whooo hooo! J
  4. Well being he is from Texas, friendly he is! He can be a bit aggressive at times, but only when he is He only gets aggressive when he is trying to get someone on a load with him for some fantastic skydives!! Ok back to work, see ya soon!
  5. Hey you, how are ya? We used to have the list on the site for the first 7 years. We then built a new site and it did not make it on. Then when we did the site again in 08 (current one) we had a spot saved for it but failed to get it up there. This year we gutted the site and I did not realize how much time it would take to get it like I like. Its been a pretty tough 18 months or so for me with the moves and job, but things are great now so I am slowly building it back up. My goal is to get all the history for every year on this site by the end of the year. For the last 6 years it has pretty much been a 1 man show (me) for the pre event tasks. This is the first year where my job did not allow me to have the freedom to work it all the time. But I have managed to get things in place and set up. Wish I had the crew that you did back in the day! Yeah, yeah, I know..excuses, excuses. But as I have said before: life gets in life's way sometimes. As far as "where they are now" good luck. I request letters or write ups about what the funds did for them and I have received a few over the years. But as you know its like herding cats In the past we published the names in the post event write ups in parachutist so many of them are there. Some day I will figure out a way to make the concept go nationwide, but that takes money to say the least. Just need to win the lottery and we can do it!
  6. Hey I knocked the dust/rust off last weekend. :-P If I can't hang I'll have 6 planes to play with at least. Jay any clue to the special plane(s) you were lining up? So far I got CASA, Helicopter, Balloon, Otter, Mystery 1 and Mystery 2. Come on, give us at least somethin. turbo prop, not turbo prop, jet, not jet, single engine? I heard it was a tailgate aircraft with dual jet engines. Don't know the name of it, but it is used in Europe in a few places I believe. maybe i should have been marketing mystery planes for the last 9 years of SF. LOL All I can say is that they have: wings tail motor Thats all I can say about that......
  7. What is this a 300 jump wonder jump off, or just a PUPS thing? Oh man, this is gonna be fun!! Crap! Guess its a good thing im staying in Texas.......but i could be there with Mic on the ground....... Screw the boogie, just want to hang with Mic too! Yall do what you want, everything is in place, so just get on one of the 6 planes and leave me alone! So I agree with ya, Mic, get there early and we can go down a rocky river carrying the canoe!!
  8. What is this a 300 jump wonder jump off, or just a PUPS thing? Oh man, this is gonna be fun!!
  9. Unfortunately the Pitts was sold and we lost it. Have feelers out for another but nothing promising. Weird though, seems like every year I go thru this and it seems to work out, I honestly thought there would be no balloon and now we may even have 2! And yes the Casa is good to go as well, I signed the contract this time! Whooo hoo! Thank you for the support!
  10. Ahh yes, had the black and red Sabre 1 if I remember right? The Balloon is scheduled to do one drop Thurs evening. Then the regular schedule will be an AM and PM drop starting Fri morn. Due to the timing on confirming the Balloons we will have to sell the tickets at the event. But you can let me know which day you prefer and I will pencil it in. May I assume Thurs night? Looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks Oh and Jim, no beer this year, just a keg of Seagrams 7..
  11. R44 holds 3 and will be there for the entire event Heli Alti between 4 and 5 Otter and Casa 25.00 Half price first load on Otter at 8:30 AM Balloon there Thur - Sun $85.00 maybe 2 of them other specialty AC between $25.00 and $35.00 Possibly 6 different AC total to play with and more to check out! Between the attending Manufacturers and those who have donated from overseas have created some great items up for grabs in the Gear Auction Sat night! 100% off Custom Containers 100% off Helmets 100% of Audibles 50 to 100% off jump/wing suits and much more! Hope that helps and thanks for the support! J
  12. She attended the first SF which was the JSM Jerry's memorial boogie which was July 2001, then she attended SF 02, and 03 that I know of. Not sure if she ever made it to the Spaceland SF's but she did attend the TSR in 2003 or 4 I believe. Hope that helps tell her I said hello J
  13. Sherry "Butcher" (AerOhio) is very much an active skydiver. Sherry Schrimsher is J. Schrimsher's Mom (SkyFest) and was very active in the USPA beginnings including numerous and selfless acts of assisting the USPA in the early years. She was married to Jerry Schrimsher - an accomplished skydiver, pilot and both were loved by all. That's her , amybe even no jumps but has always been one of us! Actually, she had a little over 400 jumps, but most were done in the 60's and 70's. She got into judging in the 70's and that ultimately took over. She got back into after her time as Pres of USPA made about 50 then gave it up. She makes a tandem every once in a while.
  14. That seems fair enough. :) It looks like Sat is a definite, thinking Friday will be good as well. Will post once he confirms the days. Balloon will be flying Thur evening and doing an AM and PM drop Fri - Sunday! Drop me a line if you want me to reserve a slot. Will be dropping 6 per load. We will sell the tickets there. Thanks
  15. It was pretty sweet, 3 girls purchased one in the auction, had myself and my mother sign him. They said they would bring him back this year! Fun stuff
  16. Pg 24. That is Scarlett on the SF 7' stuffed Banana. My brother built his harness. Here are some pages from his logbook: He survived 6 years of SkyFest, had 9 jumps, with about 20 female riders to his credit. It usually takes three to tame him in freefall, but Scarlett managed to take him by her self! That was the last time we saw our buddy. That was SkyFest 08 and I believe Tony Hathaway took that shot. He had been with us since 2002. Last we knew he was resting in the tree tops. Check out some of his other jumps attached. The one with Beezy was SF06 with Ali/Mel and Kim riding him. One or two of the Mullins boys, a Boyd, Mark, myself, and rats memory failing me... I learned that at 170# under a Spectre 150 I could pretty much stay with him. I watched him head towards the main road next to Spaceland looked up road and saw a small car coming. Looking at the distance away and his rate of descent it was not looking good. Amazingly enough he landed on the shoulder on the passenger side of the car about 2 seconds after it went by! Tim B. (FrankN Ass) deploys hanging from the harness of the banana. Bag bounces off it and continues for a perfect opening. I know cause I'm on the right watching this fool! Prior to Tim bringing him down safely, Bret, myself and my brother do our best to keep Mandy S. from SD Dallas on top of our banana! He had managed to wear out the other two ladies but Mandy rode the clock out! Those shots were by Perry P. I believe. We always said we would jump the banana till the banana splits, he never did, he just never landed.
  17. Your welcome! And speaking of good times at SF check out pg 24 of Parachutist this month. Scarlett stole my banana! Andy, were still collecting for that fund!
  18. Damn Andy, I was going to say: thats the SkyFest spirit! Thanks And Dane, I will make sure you have a slot as well. The days attending are going to be nailed down in the next couple of days. Saturday has been discussed and pretty sure that will go thru. Marion: This is the 10th year of SF, last year was the one and only year with an AC/manifest/loading issues (again, the DZ's responsibilities in 09, which was not what was agreed to). Look at our history page on our site and check out what we have done. Or one could search DZ.com for SF 01,02,03,04,05,06,07,and 08 and read about the success we have had. No one was more disappointed than me, that I can guarantee you! And in a lot more ways than anyone will ever know. It was enough to knock the wind out of me and leave a hole in my heart. The Casa "breaking down" was nothing compared to the behind the scenes issues that we dealt with. It is important to keep things moving during an event.The Casa drains a boogie financially. Not sure about most folks but I cannot afford to pay 5K for a Casa to show up and sit on the ground. With that being said, we are trying to continue to do something good with this event for the sport, jumpers and all involved. Help us reach that goal. So who wants to boogie with a great group of Farm animals, fantastic load organizers, surprise AC, meet some manufacturers, get some gear cheap in an auction, party their jumpsuits off make some new friends and have some kick ass skydives?!!
  19. Not yet... still waiting to see if they're gonna give me the time off. I don't wanna pay for it and find out that they won't let me go. Sometimes things are a pain in the arse to plan for when in the military. Do I not recall a video being posted that was an interview from last year with you saying, and I quote: "I will never miss a SF, I might miss other boogies, but I will never miss a SF" end quote.... Had to dog you a little. Seems to be the thing to do lately around here. I know you will give it your best shot! You know you are an important part of SF and I know where your heart is. Now if I can just make you keep your damn clothes on!!!! What part of the world are ya in now?
  20. Of course I do! AC contracts are written so there is a "go or no go" clause so that if we know bad weather is coming (no worries there, its SkyFest ) we can hold off their arrival the morning of. Right now we have it scheduled to arrive Thursday, probably mid morning to noon sometime. In other news: We just picked up another specialty AC, with one more pending! So I have at least 2 very unique AC that will go great in ones logbook. And being that I personally do not have these 2 logged with my 40 odd that I have jumped you can bet your arse I will be on the first drops. And get this: the price is right! What are they, well........lets just say, you wont be disappointed. Helicopter will be there the entire time: Tue - Mon Have a new lead on a pilot with 2 Balloons, still pending. As always there will be many manufacturers present to show off the latest and greatest, not to mention the additional ones (especially over seas) who donate to the Auction in addition to those who are attending. The shower trailer is confirmed, the bands are booked, pre registration is open, belly dancers are ready, beer is ordered, RV slots are about gone , Organizers are organized and the famous Farm is ready! So reduce your driving and just hang out with the Farm Animals! Ok, ask me another question. And thanks for your support!
  21. I stand corrected, when we last spoke about a week ago (on the phone) you had said you were talking with Chris. Since then Chris and I communicated and he sounded very doubtful about coming, but maybe he will change his mind. In the past two Skyfest boogies there have been a lot of wingsuits. I am not seeing much interest shown in this forum for some reason. Yo Marion, Did not mean to sound rude there, and I may be the one that stands corrected as I have been playing phone tag with Chris. You may know more than I do. There are not a lot of WS at the Farm, I know of several that are interested, so that may be why the "excitement " may seem low. Just a guess. Sort of ironic: ChutingStar is the US distributor for BM items. For what its worth, the heli will be there for 4 days, might be an opportunity for some. But what do I know, I only have 1 WS jump. I'm confident that when Tony shows up and folks see the Suits that there will be interest. Still chatting with Kathy to see if she will appear with demo's as well. thanks J
  22. QuoteI asked if they had any organizers lined up and as of right now they do not.Quote Not sure when that was asked, up until very recently the Brothers were coming. Did I miss an email from you? Scott has canceled, Chris and I are still chatting about his attendance. Tony U from Tony suits will be there with all his set up and organizing as well. Waiting to hear from Justin again... All the pre event items are still organized by myself including the LO's and we will have plenty available in RW and FF, and two should be enough for the WS I would imagine? The site has a list of LO's and other stuff. Pre registration is open now with heli tickets available to purchase online as well. www.skyfestboogie.com The auction on Sat night will have %50 off a WS from Tony along with lots of other items. We have folks coming from TX, CO, Ohio, KY, and several other states as usual, not sure if WS or not. Sure there will be some FL folks coming up. Chuck, what are you doing?
  23. Oct 96 issue, skydiver from SD Dallas, hot red head, made a few jumps with her. :)