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  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Andy... however, I still have tons to learn and was hoping to see The Brothers Gray, Chuck Blue, or someone of that caliber there. Yo Marion, Tony from Tony Suits will be there, the Brothers have been a major part of SF over the years and we may have a schedule conflict with them. Chris and I are working thru it as we speak but we will have a WS rep/mfr. owner there either way. More stuff being posted on the SF site almost daily now, so keep an eye there. Trying to keep up this year, been a real bitch! Good thing I dont have much hair to begin with
  2. Its not that formation loads are not desired, just 3 plane all day jumps, slows the event down way too much, as some have recently discovered. There is only one "official" GA State Record on file with USPA and it is for CRW. So these record attempts are casual but will be records. SkyDave will be organizing the FF, he has been on the 53 and 69 Way World Records. We expect it to start at an 8 way. We will also set the Women's belly, maybe a Women's FF, and hopefully a POPS. I expect the Women's to end up as a 20+ Way Belly. SF has been doing State Record Attempts every year, and are proud owners of quite a few over the years. Several were completed with quite a few new jumpers on them so again, its casual and kept as fun!! Whoo hooo!
  3. Hey folks, things are about to get really exciting! Stay tuned for more details!!
  4. I expect registration to open up any day now. There will be a chance to reserve the RV as well. Keep an eye here: www.skyfestboogie.com Thank you for supporting the event! J
  5. If you have to be under 40 then it should be a 39 way you discriminating SOB!!!
  6. Well if you bring it to the NW..... you can probably get one of those nice Boogies in the 80's... low humidity.... you would not know what to do with yourselves See yall did it again, I knew Amazon would chime in, its like she can smell the heat.....typed or real!!! Hmmmm, maybe we will get lucky and it will be in the 80's....And yes, maybe someday I can do it there, would be great!!
  7. 100+ cause it always is at SF.. Its just one HOT boogie!! Maybe this year will be the first under 100!!
  8. Will have RV slot reservations open soon, same time as pre registration, which I expect in the next couple of days. I'll add you to the list for now, but please send an email when it is set up on the site. Thanks! J
  9. Nice List! For all those making Mike work late into the night, he likes Guinness. Sure I can get some back for him. Glad I took the day off!
  10. I am heading out at 7 AM tomorrow, going to stop by the shop to pick up last minute items. Hope I can get it all in the truck! ill be up there tonight, flying down with the plane tomorrow. if you have room for a cooler which it sounds like you dont, let me know. no worries if not. thanks, mitch Just found out I will pawning 4 rigs and a new camera helmet for beer once I arrive. I like green bottles folks, or brown bottle of Seagram's 7. Going to load the truck now, will see what I can do for a second cooler. Surely I will need a second with all the gear I am taking down for folks. LOL
  11. I am heading out at 7 AM tomorrow, going to stop by the shop to pick up last minute items. Hope I can get it all in the truck!
  12. Ok Mr Chris, Looks like Koons is leaving today in his RV, rumor has it he will take the PD tent down for you. I will get it to him before he leaves. I will be bringing down extra crap from work like, audible batteries, gloves, goggles, etc. If you have a request let me know ASAP. Go here to see what we carry. www.chutingstargear.com I will be hanging a SkyFest Banner at the Farm Tent so look for it if you need something. Do you have a need for a billboard tarp? I have two that I can bring. Will also bring two 10x10 pop ups. The Thunderbow is ready to jump, whoo hooo!! later
  13. Just got my hands on one a few weeks ago, plan on jumping it this summer. Just need to remember how to pack it, last time I packed one was when I was a kid in the 70's I believe. Will probably chop it with a cutaway harness, not sue if my ankle can handle the landing, either that or put it in the pond at the DZ. good times!
  14. Yo Nick, its all good. You are correct in both cases, you and I have had a conversation about his opinion on BASE back then, I believe he said they were all criminals. Personally if he were here today I think he would love the wingsuit base jumping, even though he would not like the fact it is illegal, I think he would enjoy the beauty of it. He was all about human flight. Everyone has an opinion and you are not the first to express one in regards to them (not that there were many negative ones) but I wont lose any sleep over it. BTW, not sure if you were thinking this, but Sherry is still alive. May the dentist drill you deep, naaah, hope it goes well. Be well
  15. Heeeees baaack! Hey Congrats!! Did ya notice I kept the school dates in mind again for ya? Ahhh do a honeymoon at the Farm! LOL.... Hope to see you Bill its always a pleasure. But life does get in life's way at times, so I understand!
  16. You bet your arse we will, break the landing pattern rules and they are outa here! Looking to keep our safety record as is! Thanks for the support!
  17. Naaaa, he wasn't a Bozo, he was just goofy. sure thats where I got it from.
  18. Not in late July That is why I suggested it. We get about 6 weeks where there is very little chance of rain.. from just after the 4th of July... till mid AUG... before the 4th... and after Aug 15th... we get a very few showery days. We have a dry season.. and it fosters some pretty harsh fire seasons during that time. Scroll down to the June dates: Now whats your excuse? he he You know I am just giving you a hard time!! By the way, when was the last time you have been rodeo'd? Its time again! So what do you say, can I have that slot? Wouldn't that be a great shot!! http://www.intellicast.com/Local/History.aspx?month=6
  19. Always wanted to do the WA area (Ferringtons), thats a great thought! Maybe Amazon would quit bitching then eh?
  20. And I've decided that no matter where SF goes, its just hot! I really thought we would be below 100 at Raeford for he first time in 9 years, it was predicted to be 99, but they were wrong again! Uggh!
  21. There is a little hobby shop north of Raeford that has one built with the motors. He is only asking $500.00. I have the speed controls, radio and servos that would run it! Not sure if its a Hangar 9 but it looks like it. It would be easy to cut the door out for jumpers! Never flown a dual engine and was still learning 3d at the time, but he knows I want it. Tell you what, you buy it, Ill supply the parts, we can fly it at SkyFest and crash it together!! I'll even make the canopies.
  22. DUDE.. 106 degrees and 90% humidity nearly killed me at Chester... You get used to this mild climate after a few years.. this is America's version of Crappy English Weather up here most of the year... just like you guys are used to that hot assed humid weather. Chester was hot, enough to set a record I believe? Luckily we can take advantage of the 2 ponds at the Farm! I have 3 cutaway harness's ready for the Thunderbow, lopo, Strato Star, and Paraplane just for us! I even sacrificed an old G4 by cutting the container off it just for the 3 ring release!! Thus giving me harness's with shot and a half's, large rings and mini rings. Left my Javelin in perfect shape of course! What else do you need?
  23. Its like a scratched record! Too hot! So what did I do for you: moved it to the East Coast and up to June. Not good enough yet?
  24. Ditto. Only an hour and 20 minutes from me with the pedal to the metal. I'll believe it when I see it Billy!! LOL This is another thing I like about having it at the Farm this year, the South has been strong supporters for some time, now its in their back yard!