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  1. Whats wrong with an adf? Great way to listen to a ball game on the ride to altitude.
  2. I can't speak for the pponk upgrade, but I own a 61 d model 182 (470l) with cowl flaps and a 6 cylinder engine monitor as well as have flown a fair bit of jumpers in a 56 with the same engine. I have spent a considerable amount of time tightening up my baffles yet the 56 seems to run way cooler than mine even when flown 40mph slower. I cruise climb at 120 in my 61 and struggle to keep it below 390, in the 56 I climb at 80 and hardly ever break 380. Pulling back the power to 15" 2 minutes to jump run and decending at 15" shock cooling doesn't seem to be an issue even without cowl flaps.
  3. I can't believe it's been 10 years. Seems like only yesterday... I still miss you every single day.
  4. Indeed its not an issue at all, but the landing are in Somis is 5 miles south of the southwest corner of the box.
  5. KCMA has a skyride scam dropzone (not like a real active dropzone) the landing area is just a few miles from the Santa Paula Aerobatic box.
  6. Commercial pilots license and a valid class 2 medical is all you need for a Cessna. 250 hours minimum to get your commercial.
  7. Didn't see that one coming...
  8. Not really aimed at the sa2 but still relevant here... I have 3 different Katana 120's and they all open slightly different with regards to tendency to open on heading. They all "feel" slightly different from each other.
  9. Hot damn congrats! Sitting behind my juki 1541 (a direct descendent to your 111) binding some carpet for a cessna 195 as we speak!
  10. I am at a complete loss... Van encouraged me to start flying, and and I owe most of the joy i find in life today to him. He and Alberta were two of the most amazing people I've ever met, I am proud to have worked for them even if for such a short time. My world is a better place thanks to the two of them, and I am positive that the world is a better place thanks to the two of them. Words can't express the joy I found in our 5am conversations getting ready for load 1. I've missed those moments so since the dz closed. I'm so sorry I didn't take more time to visit in the years since. Again, words can't express how much you two mean to me, and I'm so sorry I didn't tell you that sooner.
  11. Godfrog, you can't slip something with a 100' wingspan like you can a Cessna or a Cherokee. With a long wingspan a big forward slip will result in you dragging your wingtips across the ground. Wings level and kick the rudder is all you can do, unless you have crosswind gear like a 47.
  12. Gregg Koontz does it all the time! For real though. [/url] [url]
  13. I drive a 51 year old truck so I can afford a 53 year old plane.
  14. Ryoders pointer and scale type is the most accurate torque wrench available. If you do end up with a clicker make sure to store it set at 0 pounds. Storing it with any preload will eventually make it fall out of calibration.
  15. I always went with the opposite. I use the X as a backup if there is a loss of radio communication on a demo. If communication is lost and I see the x I'll jump at the predetermined time, no X means no jump if there's no radio.