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  1. I can't speak for the pponk upgrade, but I own a 61 d model 182 (470l) with cowl flaps and a 6 cylinder engine monitor as well as have flown a fair bit of jumpers in a 56 with the same engine. I have spent a considerable amount of time tightening up my baffles yet the 56 seems to run way cooler than mine even when flown 40mph slower. I cruise climb at 120 in my 61 and struggle to keep it below 390, in the 56 I climb at 80 and hardly ever break 380. Pulling back the power to 15" 2 minutes to jump run and decending at 15" shock cooling doesn't seem to be an issue even without cowl flaps.
  2. boyfalldown

    SA2 170 opening characteristics

    Not really aimed at the sa2 but still relevant here... I have 3 different Katana 120's and they all open slightly different with regards to tendency to open on heading. They all "feel" slightly different from each other.
  3. boyfalldown

    Canon EOS 300D

    That is the original rebel, I put a few hundred jumps on mine. The picture quality is great, especially with a nice lens (I like the 10-22) all though many have had success with the kit lens. It will accept a standard bite switch in the mini jack on the side of the camera, sorry no timed shooting like a go pro. The are a few minor downsides to that first generation dslr. It is a lot bigger and heavier than newer offerings from cannon, even the rebel xt which is 8 or so years old by now and can be found for pennies on the dollar and is roughly half the size of the 300. It also has a small buffer that takes a loooong time to clear. The first four shots happen pretty quickly, but then the waiting begins. After the first burst I seem to recall it being 1-3 seconds before you could take the next shot. Free is free, and the quality of the pictures is excellent. The slow buffer and big physical size are a drag, but not impossible to get past. If I were shooting tandems professionally I'd look for another camera, but if your looking to build your first camera rig on the cheap and upgrade later, that's a fine place to start. Oh, and if the cameras been sitting for a while be prepared to buy some new batteries for it.
  4. boyfalldown

    Swooping the pond solo?

    Not much help with your question, but yet another thing to ponder. What happens if you do a low turn above solid ground and "hit" with nobody around, same results.
  5. boyfalldown

    Noob with a Camera

    Hey goober, just what are you trying to convey with that post? Are you just whining that you don't like the rules, want some support from some other 50 jump wonders, think you know better than every one else and should get the bsr's changed, or do ya just need a hug?
  6. boyfalldown

    Buying First setup 1989 Talon

    Sounds a lot like my first rig, that I got in 1998. Someone modified mine to accept an aad (which cost more than the whole rig did). It got me through my first 150 jumps, till one of the main flaps tore off while I was closing it. Its a good rig if you only plan to fly on your belly, you really wouldn't want to freefly in it. I wouldn't pay too much for it, knowing its not going to have a great resale value due to its age. If it fits, is really cheap(I'm out of touch with used gear prices but I'd think around $1000), and is in good shape it could get you by for a while so long as your happy on your belly.
  7. boyfalldown

    Having trouble reaching my pilot chute

    Not that it helps much after the fact, but wings makes the ext. Its a taller thinner container that gets the pud lower on your body for tall guys jumping smaller rigs.
  8. boyfalldown

    would you buy a 20 year old canopy?

    20 years no problem, but 500 jumps on an F-111 canopy is a definite pass. If your not familiar with the difference between zero-p and F-111 do a quick search. F-111 is great for the first few hundred jumps, but by the time your ready for a new line set most of the flare is gone.
  9. boyfalldown

    Tokina AT-X 17mm?

    I've had one since 2004. It's ok, just ok. Heavy, a bit soft for a prime lens, lots of ca in the corners. 17mm is the perfect focal range for me, but if I had it to do over again I'd pass. A 10-22 may be a bit more expensive, but it kicks the dogshit out of the tokina any day.
  10. boyfalldown

    Skydive San Joaquin Vally

    Yep, probably 100 jumps there. George and Robin are the most amazing Dzo's I've ever met. Fun accommodating, I look forward to many more seasons with them.
  11. boyfalldown

    Strange equipment problem

    Check if your editing gear is using the composite (yellow rca cable) or S-video input on their mixer. S video has separate pins for lumanance (black and white information) and chroma (color ). It is possible for your camera to have an issue with the s-video output but work fine with composite. Jim
  12. boyfalldown

    mixing boards*&bhs=t&shs=sima+9 Sima SFX-9, so far so good, no complaints.