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  1. While we're at it could we please do something about being able to use a cell phone while driving? Seems like it would be an easy fix.
  2. conservative red neck, owner op long haul trucker,,self reliant prepper here.... although you didnt direct the question at me, may i answer...... 1) YES 2) YES 3) NO
  3. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here. The Wall Poger Waters - In The Flesh Live The Who - Quadrophena Genesis - Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, Trick Of The Tail enjoy!
  4. an army of burger flipper fixer' is lying in wait........
  5. I'm still old schooling it. Been at it for 35 years hauling open deck freight. My '99 KW W900 and my '98 Pete 379 both with 3406e engines don't have any of it. Also maybe the best engine CAT ever made. Yes the new trucks have lots of tattle tail systems but I think we are still a long way off from self driving trucks.
  6. Why am I not suprised that sexual harassment is on this guys list of things to do. No telling what's going on once people get a hit of the gas in his office. Baiting bears in the woods with food while safely perched in a tree stand covered in monkey piss, armed to the teeth....ooooo what a challenge!
  7. Douche Nozzle..... No doubt he lacks in one department or another that he feels he needs to resort to this in order to feel superior.
  8. Wish I had the time to pursue this stuff. I've got a laptop full of dangerous, illegal maneuvers that I've filmed from my truck. I won't pull out of the driveway without video cameras on. I've got the truck/trailer set up 360*. In cab aimed out front, mirrors - down both sides, and the back of trailer. I don't miss a thing. I'd recommend everyone get a camera. They're cheap enough and can save you all kinds of trouble. Great job capturing this. The trouble it's going to cause them couldn't happen to a nicer couple.
  9. Wait a minute...I thought the kid wasn't a kid. "Just like the kid outside the store like everyone else here I was totally against what the cop had done. New developments and information comes in that the headphones were not relevant, the kid knew exactly what was being said to him, and purposly said "Na fool". Also found was that he was depressed and suicidal. Guess once you make a post here your locked into that statement and can't change or add to it with new information. Sounds like a stupid ass idea to me. "
  10. Maybe I wrote something that wasn't clear... If I did I didn't do it intentionally. I'll try and clear it up.... Absolutely, should a 20 year old be held as an adult if he's done something wrong. What I was talking about was how you would describe that person. I thought I made that clear with my examples. Apparently it didn't come across that way. Alls I'm saying is...( I'll try one more time...) Let's say your at a football game and some jerk just spilled beer on you. You turn around it's these 3 guys... Would you be of these 'men' spilled beer on me or would you be of these "kids"spilled beer on me? I'm also not saying that I would describe every 20 year old as a 'kid'. It's all about the appearance and attitude and maturity. This person ( to me) appeared to be leaning toward the immature side. Society is partly to blame that this sort of thing is acceptable. When I was 20 most of the people I had grown up with were clueless as to what they were going to do with their lives. I on the other hand was already fully immersed in my families business. I wasn't running around on the streets...I was pulling apart truck motors in my dad's shop and running freight intra state. I really thought I made it clear what I was trying to say. Does this clear it up any? By no means was I trying to say if a 20 year old commits a crime that he shouldn't be treated as an adult. Regardless, I don't think this guy deserved one in the chest.
  11. You might call an 18 or 19 year old a kid but not a 20 year old? Your kidding right? See how these 3 guys are dressed in their baggy clothes and shorts... Looks like your typical group of loser kids who are probably up to no good. Doesn't mean they deserve to get shot. The guy was wrong for walking away and it wasn't smart to put his hands in his pants but it was the cop who told him to take his hands out of his pants. No sooner did he do that he got shot. If these cops were so worried about a gun should they have ignored the other two and only focused on the one?
  12. If my wife and child were in that house I wouldn't want the cops blasting big holes into the house. If it's knocking down huge chunks of wall then someone could also very easily get hurt. There could have also very easily been an electrical fire which might have killed everyone. Looks like your going to find a way to justify this over use of force also. Your starting to make it clear what's wrong with the police these days. Use way more force then is necessary and then make up all sorts of excuses to justify that use of force. What do you think would be a fair dollar amount to get this house back in the condition that it was? Maybe 250g is slightly excessive. Cops inflate numbers all the time. You bust someone with 10 pounds of pot and then claim it had a value of 5 million dollars. I guess it's only ok when you guys do it.
  13. Nope, don't work for the media or an ad firm. I also didn't try to come up with a flashy title to get people to look at what I posted. I quickly describe what was in the video ...that's it. I had no devious intentions whatso ever. As suspicious as you are over my title leads me to believe that you do what your suggesting I did. When you see a group of people hanging out at the beach playing frisbee and drinking beer and acting goofey do you describe the group as a group of adult men or a group of goofey kids? Hard to believe that your a cop and have a hard time understanding how people describe what they are seeing. You really seem a little out of touch with reality if that's the case. Me..Im 53 and a 3rd generation owner operator pulling a flatbed or step deck ( depending on the season) and run all over the US. Been doing this my entire life. I grew up in a very rural area. Personally, I think your just trying to be difficult not understanding how someone describes a 'kid'.
  14. Are you telling me you don't use the term 'kid' for anyone that looks like a goofy kid? I'll bet if you described him vas a 'man with head phones' most people wouldn't have looked at him twice. Whereas if you said ' the kid wearing head phones' you would have looked at him. My kid is 26, works for cbs sports doing graphic stuff and has a legitimate incorporated side business doing computer stuff. He's still a kid. You can't possibly have a hard time understanding the difference.