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  1. Uhhhh can we start answering your questions now for next year, maybe Ill have them all answered by then Seriously Bill, thank you! You have the energy, curiosity, eagerness, and the attitude that makes me want to keep this going! Of course your not the only one with those qualities, but you are the one that is "in my face" with it since the first day I met you a few years ago. Thank you again my friend!!! But next year your not allowed to swoop my bunk room, unless you bring Jenny back
  2. Hello all Sorry for the delay but I didnt finish loading everything back into storage until Wed then needed 3 days of nyquil to recover. Many thanks to Roxi and Pops for sticking around an extra day to help with storage and paperwork. I cant say enough about the great crew we had this year. Michelle, Roxi, Tammy, Pat, Deva, Mark,POPS, and more, you guys really worked hard and I think it was the best crew SF has ever had! Many thanks to the LO's, vendors, dz staff, pilots and other volunteers, everyone worked hard this year. To the Thackers: WOW! Love the DZ, Thackers and the staff worked their tails off. I personally love the history that comes with Raeford. And to Gene Paul: I hope you had a great birthday, and I promise not to tell your real age now that I know! It was truly an honor to have you host SF! THANK YOU ALL! To Mr Bill Booth! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! You went out of your way to make the best of what we put together. While the weather may have delayed us, you changed your appointments and came out to share your movies and stories anyway! Truly an honor to be a part of that. Thank you again. Chris Spence, well what can I say, its Chris! I will be looking to hire you and your PA system next year, you are cheap right? To all that attended, once again you made SF worth the hard work! I was overwhelmed with all the thank you's and appreciation shown this year. I still have about 150 survey's to finish the data entry on, once completed I will post the results. To those who wish to have negative perceptions about the inner business dealings of the event, I will address those issues later. I am preparing to head west tomorrow for a much needed break. I will say this: to Dave C (vertifly) we both know why you chose not to attend this year, the choice was yours to make. I will not go into it online, Im not the type to divulge ones "personal" issues in that matter. To the statements of "false" advertising: SF does not hide behind inflated numbers, sponsors, vendors, AC or any other "inside" events. Do things get changed at the last minute? Yes, but once confirmed it is posted as quick as possible. There is a reason more than 18 vendors have attended SF for the last 7 years, and its not because our numbers or advertising is false I can promise you that. To the vendors: What can I say, SF is blessed and grateful for your support, now and in the past! While the seminars were a new thing to SF, something I have wanted to do since day one, they didnt happen mostly due to weather. But I realized something that was one of those "forehead smacks", the seminars did happen, every time someone walked up and asked questions! They have been present for 9 years, silly me. Demos went out, people learned and products were sold. This years auction was filled with fantastic products and great deals were made all because of your dedication to your great products and SF. Thank you!!!!! One would hope that the core of the event is not tainted because it had AC problems for the first time in 9 years. There has been somewhere around 60 AC attend SF over the years, heck one year we had more than the WFFC at much cheaper rates on the same AC! 3 years ago we had: 2 Otters, G Caravan, King Air, PAC, 3 balloons, 3 P Parachutes, Heli, SkyVan AN2, Trike, and a CUB, all for jumping. SF did not have the contracts on the planes this year like we did in the beginning, maybe we need to go back to that. I know that the DZ and Rampart (Fayard) were doing the best that could be done under the circumstances, do I wish we had a third? Of course, but it was not my battle, next year it will be. There were a lot of great things that happened this year! Some exciting new stories were written and many had a great time, I for one enjoyed meeting all of you and appreciate your helpful comments about making SF even better. Jello J did a great job with the SCR Ceremony and POPS jumper and friends really knocked out some 8 ways! Chuck, I got to say, excellent job!!!! To the World Champions: Sorry the weather didnt hold for us on the days you volunteered for, would have been great to get you guys in the air! To the Golden Knights Demo: Incredible opening ceremony! It was truly amazing to see. To the Golden Knights "fun jumpers": Thank you for playing with us and sharing your experience. Thanks for offering free coaching during the event, I know many youngsters took you all up on the offer, much obliged. I must say that I am jealous of not being able to jump with the Knights. I made the first load for a HNP but after that I was to busy rescheduling promised events that got canceled early in the week due to weather. It was all worth it though, movie night, stories, awards, all of it, we made it happen thanks to everyone's assistance! Adapt and overcome, we did a lot of that! We did the best we could under the circumstances, I hope folks can appreciate the hard work everyone from the DZ, vendors, LO's and volunteers put into this, I know I do! More later, thank you all again for your support J
  3. Kick ass! Well, I would say that could make you one of the first "fun jumpers" here for the event. But..........we already have a gentleman here who is from Scotland!
  4. Maybe this will help http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=3580756;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread
  5. Aerial with landing locations and rules. And yes there are plenty of trees for camping under, in case you didnt notice them.. That is all for now.. J
  6. Hey, the canoe will fit in the pool wont it, probably wont be much different that the river eh??
  7. Yes he does, and he has night vision goggles! I would not attempt to swim in the pond. There will be water training for B license, so if you want to sign up for that.........LOL
  8. Its good........if you are near the school. I do know verizon works out here, most the time its pretty good.
  9. What, you mean like the "Remove Before Flight" Red thongs we use to sell with matching shirt? Oh wait, this is a Bolas reply never mind
  10. Helicopter jumps are up for sale on the SkyFest Boogie website now! Woo Hoo!!!!! I still want a balloon jump though To help Jay out a bit, yes there is sort of seprate landing areas for HP landing....the Swoop pond is a ways away from the main landing area. Also last time i was there.....the beer line was also for HP landing. Now that being said, like Jay stated earlier, lets be safe.....just because you set up for a HP landing, lower jumper still has the right of way....dont think just because you set up for it you are committed to a 270. Also, on another note, I will be offering my video services while there. So if your doing a special jump that you would like video and still of, please look me up. I dont charge much...slot and a small fee to cover my pack job and a drink later in the night. See you all in sunny NC this weekend Thanks for the help. But........ I will have an aerial tonight to post more details. But the casa and Pac will land across the runway along with HP landing area. Otter to land in main landing area, NO HP landings, nothing more than 90 in any main area (this includes the casa and pac). The pond will be open but you must have authorization first. More to come with details this evening. And sunny NC it will be!!!! thanks again J
  11. I say cocktails should start in the afternoon when you get here. I know by then I will need one!!!! Cant wait to see ya!
  12. We are having a meeting on Wed, I will ask. I dont think they will have bulk rates during an event due to refunds, but thats just a quess.. Will let you know.
  13. Helicopter jumps are up for sale on the SkyFest Boogie website now! Woo Hoo!!!!! I still want a balloon jump though I am working on adding more slots for the balloon. Will try to have an answer this week! If not I bet I have one by next week!!
  14. So I found some old plaques with 4 Man Sequential Dallas Parachute Association. 1st place 2nd. etc.....1978. I thought, cool I know what I will do with these and packed them back up for Raeford back in March. Last week I sent them to the trophy house and discovered this ad in the newspaper it was wrapped in. So come on Mike G with Chuting Star, speak up!! If you knew Forest, he does make a great Santa
  15. It will be the same noodle arrow system we used last year. There is actually 2 landing areas, 1 per plane. The S&TA is working on the flier as we speak. Should have it soon. Basically you land in the direction of the arrow, once turned on final you should not cross over it. Land parallel to it in same direction it is pointing. Thanks for asking When I learned to skydive, they said to use the windsock. Showing my age, I guess. By the way, did I mention I'm organizing TeXXas 20-ways Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday? Fun stuff, ya know. You in? Well as long as you going by the ol'e "Get in or go in rules" cause I think I might be falling a bit faster than last year. Oh wait, guess that means I finally earned my way to being base!! Yeah, Im in for a few!!!!!
  16. Sorry I missed this.... The waiver will take less than a minute to fill out. Papaer work for registration has been greatly reduced. Of course this is the first time we have tried this so guess we will find out. SkyFest doesn't do "boogie bags" but wait till you see what we have this year! More updates coming as I get the final words. thanks all
  17. It will be the same noodle arrow system we used last year. There is actually 2 landing areas, 1 per plane. The S&TA is working on the flier as we speak. Should have it soon. Basically you land in the direction of the arrow, once turned on final you should not cross over it. Land parallel to it in same direction it is pointing. Thanks for asking
  18. Your qualified, especially in the female category see J turn and run............. Folks, these are really fun formations! They are a great chance to push yourself and make that "leap" to bigger ways in a "controlled" environment. No really I mean it! While they are 20 ways they are also "low pressure" dives. So give it a try!!
  19. I like the way you think. :) Ok I will add this to the updates iI just made to the site, yes dogs are allowed. Please check the site for more updates as well. J
  20. Self supporting units are free, there will be water available to fill the tanks. Yes we will have a truck lined up for black water disposal, not sure of the cost yet. Unfortunately we will not have electric hook ups available. Plenty of tent space, the additional showers are very nice, there will be a dozen port a jons throughout the DZ. Now, on a side note.............Please be safe! I am getting reports of injuries that are keeping folks home bound! Stop riding motorcycles or playing basketball, you need to be skydiving at SkyFest!!!!!!
  21. Oh shit....Chuck is gona be there.....let the nig noggery begin!!! Oh Crap!!! Cocatilliooooooooooooooo..............man, am I in trouble!
  22. Great news! Chris Bachman of ParaGear donated a case of Cold Smoke!! He will arrive Tuesday the 16th, so bring your brackets, cant wait to see the formations we discussed!!! Thank you all for your support with SkyFest!
  23. Apparently she did, I was just at the wrong river LOL We just confirmed that the Army Golden Knights Demo Team will be performing SkyFest's Opening Ceremony!! It will be on Wednesday the 17th between 7 & 8 PM! Of course SkyFest actually starts on the 15th but The show will come right before we start listening to the pioneers tell their stories of the ol'e days. Will have the site updated tonight!.... Whoo hoo!
  24. I was, been standing on the side of a river bed with a box of rocks and a paddle! waiting for a cute brunette in a canoe