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  1. From what I gathered from the article, the integration of wind tunnels into USPA was a PIA decision that the USPA voted against but was overruled. As the representative for the USA, the USPA was forced to comply. The question now is what to do/how to comply with the PIA directive. Could someone explain to me what the PIA actually does for me as a USPA licensed skydiver? Organize international competition? Anything else? Is there is a reason to cede authority to the PIA?
  2. Where'd you see that Mark?
  3. I have a Spectre 210 sitting in my closet if you want to buy it.
  4. That's not what you asked. You asked what a Sabre2 is close to.
  5. http://www.giltcity.com/newyork/anthonybourdainnyc?package_id=13202?pkey=fborganic&signup=f&osocid=facebook&plt=wallpost Anyone been to Above the Poconos Skydivers?
  6. Try watching this. It might help. 50 second in or so. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8F5MkP484E&feature=related
  7. SUNY New Paltz - Skydive the Ranch 6.7 miles
  8. WRONG! The title of the video is clearly blaming the Vigil fire for the whole thing. It's passing the buck and B.S. Also, an enemy deserves no mercy. What is the problem Mr. Lawrence?
  9. Good luck. Hope your plane doesn't fall apart or burst into flames!
  10. Or maybe this isn't the sport for you. There has to be a threshold ratio between the number of jumps and the number of broken bones.
  11. For the record, Subarus have boxer engines. It means the pistons are horizontally opposed giving a lower center of gravity than pistons that are diagonally opposed. A Porche Boxster does not have a Subaru boxer engine in it.
  12. RIP man. Did a whole bunch of video for you in the cold cold spring this year at the Ranch. Blue skies.
  13. Most likely not. Although I have to wonder if the reserve handle was dislodged before it was caught on the GoPro. If it was seated properly and there were 3 inches of 3/4 inch velcro holding the thing in place, I'd expect the GoPro to bend a little, or the guy's head to be yanked as the velcro was getting ripped apart. Edit: I guess not. It looks seated, but it's a pretty big handle. I'm going to have to get a GoPro and see if I can get it in my smaller D-ring.
  14. Whatever matches your jumpsuit, duh.
  15. So 254 jumps with 239 posts puts you at about 1.06. You should be careful or you will violate your own rule. I consider the content rather than the source. I personally have posted more than I have jumped, but I have rarely posted to Safety and Training , Incidents, or General Skydiving Discussions because I know I am an noob. I have been involved in many FAR and SIM discussions, because I don't think jump numbers matter in those discussions. I'd do it the other way around, posts divided by jumps, so anyone that has a ratio over 1. Excessive posting always makes me wonder why people are wasting their time on the internet and not jumping. Read more. Post less. Keep your ears open and your mouth shut. Anyhoo, thanks for reminding me to update my jump numbers.
  16. Don't forget to save a couple for yourself. Sparky No doubt. I have this rule about DZers that have more posts than jumps.....
  17. Make me a few "I learned everything about skydiving from Dropzone.com" shirts. I know a few people I'd like to give it to.
  18. Yea, welcome to the mainstreaming of skydiving & greed. Also, the search button is your friend.
  19. http://www.1q2w.com/funny/welcome-to-last-week.jpg
  20. Jump #40-something. 15-way sunset tracking dive with heavy cloud cover coming in at 4k. Fell behind the group, next thing I knew there were people from the tail of the track breaking off and tracking at/past me in the opposite direction. Got separation and had to make the choice to pull above or below the clouds at 4k. Pulled above. Got through the cloud cover and it was VERY dark under the clouds. Had a hard time recognizing landmarks at this new dropzone (to me). Barely landed on the good side of the beer line. Lots of scary factors for a new jumper. Too many people in the air for comfort, clouds at pull time, new DZ, no light.
  21. http://www.ihi.com/ Hands-down the best for US travelers going abroad.
  22. We can never know if the rigger's reserve job was any good since it was never used, hence my answer of partially.
  23. Are you being dense on purpose? Said skydiver wasn't forced out of the plane - it was a voluntary act. We sign page after page of waivers and watch countless training videos on how our voluntary act could likely kill us. And we choose to go forth anyway. It's called personal responsibility. Just because someone failed themselves doesn't mean they should sue anyone who ever had the slightest contact with said personally irresponsible person. So please tell me, what's your point? None of your posts seem to make any sense other than you being a digging lawyer.
  24. 7 minutes on my Spectre 210. Most of the time is spent getting all the damn air out.