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  1. New to the sport (AFF 5) I never thought this would be the case... but canopy flying is one of my favorite parts of this sport... but Holy crap!! came across this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ydJW1N7w2c&feature=related It scared the you know what out of me! I apologize if it has been posted before... ... just wondering what experienced skydivers think about what happened here??
  2. DSE- This is a skydiving forum, not a medical one... however... First, the article you are quoting is 10 years old (from 1991).. second, it talks about the weakening of bones AFTER the removal of hardware.. third.. your own quote says.. "The reasons for removing hardware include discomfort from the metal objects under the skin and impingement when muscles or tendons rub on the metal pieces." There is NO reason to remove plates / screws UNLESS they are causing pain, limited motion, infection, etc. The fact is the hardware is STRONGER than the bone itself (duh).. so any injury to the area would most most likely occur above or below the original injury... as one doctor told me, "If you have any impact strong enough to break a titanium plate or screw, soft tissue injuries due to those fragments will be the least of your worries." believe me, I have had these conversations with numerous EXPERTS .. ad nauseum.. I stick to to my original point.. don't listen to me or anyone else on the internet.. ask your doctor.. or several of them as I have.
  3. PiLFy - Do you have a medical degree?? Any experience with orthopedic surgery?? Have any idea what you are talking about?? While my skydiving experience is limited, my experience with titanium plates and screws inside my body is extensive. guineapiggie101 - There is NO reason for you to put yourself through ANY additional surgery if the hardware in your leg is not causing serious complications. Having been through this a few times (two plates and 16 screws myself) and being treated by EXPERTS in the field, including teams of orthopedic surgeons who are leaders in their profession and treat professional athletes, NOT ONE has ever told me there is any risk of extra injury if it occurs near the original surgery site. As a matter of fact, the standard procedure now is to leave hardware alone for the life of the patient unless it is causing some complication... even if the patient is going back to the same high risk activity that caused the injury in the first place. But don't listen to me.. my point is.. don't listen to ANYBODY... except your doctors.. and your instructors!
  4. OK.. so I'm new to the sport.. can't find answers to 2 "dumb" questions... 1. I know the jump plane slows down just before we exit.. but how fast is it going when we jump? 2. Who closes the door? Does it just stay open until the plane lands?
  5. Or maybe this isn't the sport for you. There has to be a threshold ratio between the number of jumps and the number of broken bones. But if I don't jump again how will I improve my average? It's all good!
  6. popsjumper.. You are 100% right! I had every intention of doing an awesome PLF... however.. instict took over and pulled up my feet at the last second... I DO NOT recommend (as if i can recommend anything with 6 whole jumps) anyone jumping with injuries... I just wanted to share... it was my birthday.. not the smartest thing to do.. but it worked out... I will NOT be jumping again until everthing is completely healed!
  7. Okaaaayy.. so update on the injury thing.. 12 weeks later.. did my AFF level 3.. passed.. but flared early again and broke 2 bones in my OTHER foot (MOTHER &*%$!) however... a week later did my level 4 on my B-Day (Sunday) and no new injuries!!!! (Butt landing!) Had a GREAT time even though I have to do it over... no one told me it is WAY easier to turn on your own than when two instructors are hanging on to you
  8. I will.. and congrats to you too! Your story helped me have a little more patience... always nice to know your not alone. As you know, it's not easy being "grounded". We'll see how it goes and I'll let you know..
  9. I just wanted to thank EVERYONE for your responses! This forum has kept me occupied (and lessened the depression) while on the mend. I have been practicing my PLFs and I WILL be back in the sky on Sunday! Ankle took a little longer then expected to heal and weather sucked last weekend... but can't wait to continue AFF Sunday. I will be paying a LOT more attention to my landings.
  10. I have patience.. and plan to be jumping for a long time ... figured it would be a lower number.. but.. guess we'll have to wait.. and thanks for the info!
  11. I realize this is a dorky noob question but.... I am an AFF student and was wondering what the rules are for licensed jumpers jumping with tandems. I have friends / loved ones who want to jump tandem and I would LOVE to jump with them (not as the instructor obviously) just to at least be near them in freefall. I was just wondering if there are rules against this.. it it DZ specific.. has anyone done it?
  12. I'm with Cazmo... first jump was after I was 45.. BTW - "THIS" really hurt! (check the photo) Still loving it though! Have fun!