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  1. Thanks everybody. Most of ya'll have been helpful and informative. I'm going to demo a Sabre2 and keep an eye out for some of these other similar canopies.
  2. Thanks! I like the steeper glide and slightly longer recovery arc the Sabre2 has, but I'm not enthusiastic about some of the reviews regarding its openings. I'm gearing myself to progress into high performance landings. This is my starting point of my progression and plan to wing load at about a 1.15 for now. Then possibly the same design wing at a 1.25 before advancing to another design.
  3. So anything else? Or are those two going to be about the most similar on the market?
  4. Wouldn't PD's Pulse be closer to Safire and Pilot?
  5. What is a good canopy to compare to the Sabre2? Something with similar flight characteristics; as close to "apples to apples" as you can get. I'm going to try to demo soon.