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  1. Skip trace work is extremely inaccurate when someone is hiding their location. He has rented mailboxes that he uses as his address and I suspect some utilities under his sister's name. The skiptrace that WAS done only showed past information...MY address and his parents address. I am not stupid and like I said...he has learned how to go off the grid and has. Skip traces are a waste oof money for a guy like this and I already wasted that money. Again...I know where he lives and we can't serve him in a secure building unless he cooperates. Hiring a PI to stake him out and follow him is VERY expensive. I needed his work location (PM'd to me) so we could serve him at work, but instead we will use an alternative plan that will ultimately cost him a lot more money,which strangly enough I was trying to avoid. ~"I am not afraid. I was born to do this"~
  2. I believe that I have what I need, via PM and a couple phone calls. So...after all the $ I have spent someone finally had a conscience. I did take care of what is needed and had no other option as I am broke...cant afford a PI nor can I afford all the subpoenas that the attorney suggested to find him. I did what I had to...did not enjoy it and don't like getting bashed by a bunch of pompous @$$holes who have "notmyproblemitus". Do you think I enjoy the crap that is slung at me? Hell no and I knew it would happen BUT...I did get the help I asked for because SOME people...a very few, do give a damn. I held out as long as I could but sometimes when you get pushed up against a wall, you have to do some things you don't enjoy. ~"I am not afraid. I was born to do this"~
  3. I appreciate the sentiment...I really do but at this point I have no option. This has dragged out since Dec 2011 and I still do not have clear title to my home. Peace will come with his complying with a decree. He is in contempt of court and does it all because he thinks it is fun. It is his history and his pattern. I am not having funand I am sick of it. In addition...I placed a bet with myself that NO ONE would help me. I hope I lose that bet. ~"I am not afraid. I was born to do this"~
  4. My assumption is based on the fact that he has notified me on multiple occasions stating that he has such a severe shoulder injury that he cannot lift anything. Not a pen to sign a signature or a Tandem Rig. He has stated that tandems hurt him so much that he is unable to do them. Simple assumption, on my part but I have come to understand now, that all you have to do is walk in and be breathing and able to see, in order to get a medical. This I am pretty certain of. He did not have legal proof of a rating and his DZ did not check. They also do not appear to care that he is claiming a serious injury while continuing to do tandems. ~"I am not afraid. I was born to do this"~
  5. It is very expensive and I have already spent plenty to get him to comply with a divorce decree. Unfortunately he does not and never has played by the rules and has plenty of people to hide behind...mostly skydivers. Without a quit claim I can't do anything with my house. I could go on but the guy has always got away with a lot and it is time that someone put a stop to it. Case in point...an old post in which he sold someones rig and refused to return phone calls for well over a year? The owner finally got his money after over 3 months of public postings. There is more, but the people who stand up for him (a very distant "cousin" and a couple others) don't even really know him...they know nothing of the crazy stuff I have had to put up with for years. He has also avoided service for non-payment of credit card debt. He does not pay his tickets. This type of person costs us all... You get what is coming to you. Posting publicly is my only option at this point. I am weary and I want this over with. No one should be allowed to drag out a process for this long and it started one week before Christmas 2011 when I came home to find every item of value removed from my house and all the money gone. I am tired but I am also mad and will not stop until he complies and now he will have to pay the legal fees, also. His choice. I had no choice in what happened in 2011...he will have no choice now. ~"I am not afraid. I was born to do this"~
  6. He has stated to me in writing (and to a few other people) that he has such a severe shoulder injury that he can't lift anything and that it hurt so much he could not do tandems. Now in rethinking this...he probably passed the medical, as the joke used to be that if you could walk in the Doctor's office and were breathing...you will pass your medical. ~"I am not afraid. I was born to do this"~
  7. So. Do you know how your DZ handles this issue? I happen to know a Tandem Instructor that has done Tandems in 2013 and 2014, yet his rating is lapsed (I believe since 2012, because it appears that his FAA medical is not current?). His DZ is likely unaware because they trust him, but isn't this a serious liability? This guy also claims (I assume for a current suit against a motorist) that he is in so much pain from a shoulder injury, he cannot lift items. So. Question is...how does your DZ handle checking currency? ~"I am not afraid. I was born to do this"~
  8. I am hoping someone out there can help me. I divorced this guy in Feb. 2013 and because of his games this took well over a year and $10,000.00. Since then he has refused to comply with a divorce decree and we have incurred huge expense all because of his playing games. This is not just about money, but he has also not signed a quit claim. Now I know I will get all kinds of nasty grams from some of you and I am asking that you refrain. You don't really know him if you do send me nasty messages. This is a serious issue and I just want it finished, I want to close this chapter, He is claiming that he works all over the country and that is his excuse for not complying and for not allowing himself to be served with papers. We need to find where or who he works for so he can be served. We have had a process server outside of his residence but it is gated and he refuses service. We tried serving him at his parents house and he did not show up for court, He has now missed three court dates and we can do nothing until we can serve him and or garnish his wages. Again, please try to help me and refrain from any nasty comments. This is a serious issue. Greg has been seen doing tandems at Chicagoland, last year and this year. If he is there regularly, please let me know and we can serve him there. ~"I am not afraid. I was born to do this"~
  9. Why is Kelly in a tizzy? Because an unfounded and irrelevant accusation was made? Why doesn't this belong here? If you knew the rigger or jumped with him, wouldn't you want warning? This is Gear & Rigging. Why so angry? Unless you have something relevant to the question at hand, why even post here? I believe that some people consider this theft and some believe it is a breach of contract. Personally, since the money has been owed for over a year...the rigger stated that he had it and then stopped answering his phone...I believe it is theft. Please...Help these guys out instead of helping a thief by getting nasty about a subject you know nothing about, and causing this to be deleted and (once again) protecting a thief. ~"I am not afraid. I was born to do this"~
  10. Correct. You do have that right, however it muddies the waters when you appear to have a bias and point out untruths such as "Post Relationship Grudge". This is about helping a fellow skydiver (and two really nice guys) recover SOMETHING. I stand by what I have said previously...peer pressure. If the guy who bought the rig would contact Greg (and if it is who I think it is, Greg stated inthe past that they are friends...he follows Greg on twitter and is in his google circle of friends)...if the purchaser would apply peer pressure, it may be enough to cause Greg to pay up. ~"I am not afraid. I was born to do this"~
  11. Post relationship grudge? There is no Post Relationship grudge...it has yet to reach Post Relationship status because Greg has failed to comply with the divorce decree. I get collection calls on a regualr basis for him and NOW I heard from Chris about the rig. He was trying to find Greg becasue he was getting no response so he contacted me. Was I supposed to say, "Not my problem?" I was the one who used to take care of all the business end of the rigging and I was the one who did the gear sales. Poor Chris had no idea that Greg could not be trusted. Greg stole from me even while we were married, from my sons and had a rented mailbox to hide all his purchases and Credit Cards and other accounts. Chris is not the first person who has had a dishonest experince with Greg as a rigger...they just won't post on here because of people like you. The only thing that Chris has stated, that is not accurate is that Greg lost it after his divorce. Greg actually lost it a couple years BEFORE his divorce and finally made his move after I started to find out all the lies and the hiding of facts. Once I started to ask questions he became very secretive and the lying escalated...or I just noticed it more. Either you know Greg...or you must have a bone to pick with divorced women in general, because to attack Chris or me (people you don't even know) seems a little unusual to me. Rants about Greg? They will stop when he mans up and complies with a divorce decree and / or I stop getting his collection calls or finding out that he lied, cheated or stole from a friend of many years. To Chris. I apologize for what has happened to your father. And to the other three people who I have been made aware of the dishonest rigging practices...I apologize to you also. I spent years promoting Greg as a great rigger and myself as honest and fair in gear sales. I wish I could have warned you all when Greg screwed me over, but as you can see...people like labrys crawl out of the woodwork and make accusations and then threads get deleted, protecting the guilty. ~"I am not afraid. I was born to do this"~
  12. It is messed up...and now that we are in the midst of a drawn out divorce (he did not even show up at the last court date...yet ANOTHER delay..the third caused by him), he thinks he can threaten my job. Says he will go to my employer because I sent him an email from work asking why he lies about everything. Probably not one of my smarter moves, but i spend about 10 hours a day there so not much spare time after. He is a piece of work all right. ~"I am not afraid. I was born to do this"~
  13. Oh my god...sounds like you jumped where I jumped. Talk about Deja Vu... Or, my personal favorite, when the instructor (after being woke up of the couch) is asked by the student (who can smell the booze on their breath)..."Are you OK to jump?" (not knowing that the instructor was also fucked up on E the night before, also). Ah...memories... ~"I am not afraid. I was born to do this"~
  14. From my experience I have met some of the BEST people in the world skydiving...but I have also met some of the worst. Extreme sports are attractive to extreme personalities...and those personalities swing both ways. I have a few people who have my back and I will ALWAYS trust them, but I have also experienced a much larger amount of people who, as soon as it does not benefit them, they will not come near you. No matter what you have done for them in the past. (loaned them money for a reserve or a main...scraped them off the field and then helped them after...with walking, repair of their damaged gear {for free}...helped them get re-current). They do whatever it takes to benefit them...for whatever reason. Whether it is to get on staff or just to feel important...heck sometimes I can't figure out the motivation, but like I said. Extreme personalities. There ARE some great people out there in this sport...I know it. ~"I am not afraid. I was born to do this"~
  15. If I out him...and basically by looking at my profile, some people will KNOW who he is...but if I out him it will do no good. He is highly respected as a rigger and a tandem instructor at the Iowa and Chicago area DZ he jumps at. Even though I have a witness to the first time (who heard us discuss it) and the time he did it to a customer (I reamed him about it all the way home that night, in front of my son's), I KNOW it will do no good because not only do they support him...for the last several years I have not been going there with him, so they all think of me, exactly what he has told them. (Apparently he has been planning a divorce for a few years and telling people how awful I am...most of them have never even met me). I know this because I went with him to Taylorville (a club nearby that had a small boogie) last fall and a few people who have been jumping with him would not even look me in the eye (Jim S. in particular...you know who you are). It kills me...really it does because there is more that he has done, but I can't put out here and these people think he is terrific and have no idea of what he really is. As a matter of fact, I expect him to threaten me about this poll, but my preemptive strike to him is: "Don't make me take this further. Don't make me mention this to the Tandem instructor who told you, "That is the most line twists I have ever had in my life", or go to the DZ where it happened to ANOTHER TI that you were ticked off at (remember the story you told me last summer?). I KNOW it will do no good because I am a bit of a whistle blower and no one ever listens...I just usually get a lot of threats and nasty grams from people who want to protect their status quo. Heck, even I did not realize just how screwed up all this was until a skydiver friend told me just how screwed up it was and that I should use it in the Divorce proceedings. I guess maybe I was protecting MY status quo since I was tied to the guy (for 15 years). Guilty (plus, embarrassing). ~"I am not afraid. I was born to do this"~