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  1. After a long fight with cancer John left us today. Loud, opinionated, direct, John was one of the people who added colour to the dropzone. He will be missed.
  2. Edmonton Skydive Centre in Westlock, AB has a lottery for a season pass with 100 jump packs having one lottery ticket included. The guy who one this year quit his job and moved to the DZ.
  3. I have nothing more than a manufacturors rating and I managed to stumble through a few thousand tandems without killing anyone. UPT demands that the holder have some sort of instructional/coaching rating as a prerequisite, so this person must have one of those. The real question is whether you are concerned about safety or creating drama. If safety is your main concern I would say relax. If you want to create drama, well then jump right in.
  4. Changing the subject slightly, the way you phrased the question implies you consider cutting away to be a given. If that is so you should talk to your instructors/mentors about two out decision making.
  5. Yes, you should buy your own rig. If you buy a used rig with the intention to do one hundred jumps on it and then resell it you should be able to have an effective cost of $5.00/jump or less. Renting is not only frustrating, but poor economics.
  6. I have tried on a few G3s and found the tightness under the chin thing to be a show stopper. At first I presumed it was a newness thing or something that could be adjusted, but have concluded that that is just how they are made. People who own them tend to acknowledge it and brush it off. I can't and am looking for something else. Hopefully you will get used to it.
  7. Student jumps represent the largest risk to a Dz for a fairly low profit. The real revenue for DZs comes from tandem and, especially for Cessna DZs, the student ground school. You represent the type of student I liked dealing with the least when I was in the biz; you are treating student jumps like an end product rather than a means to the end of becoming a solo skydiver. You are not proposing to switch your program to this DZ, you merely want to do one or two jumps there before continuing your student phase at "your" home DZ. You are not alone in this approach but in general this type of jumping is a pain for instructors as they must make sure your knowledge and skill level are where you think they are. Unless they personally know your previous instructors they are unlikely to take their word for much of it. Furthermore this approach tends to be very cost ineffective for you. Since the owners of the Montreal tunnel do not cater to piecemeal student jumps at all (nor do they sell GFF), I will presume you are at the tunnel in Beiseker AB. My suggestion is you grind Debbie for the sixty dollar discount off your tunnel time, get Jesse to help you with your turn issues, and return to your home DZ when you have enough money to finish your solo certificate. This is probably the safest and most cost efficient path. Have fun.
  8. Wow! The Blues have come out almost strong enough to make up for that embarrassing rendition of the national anthem. WTF was that?
  9. Not true at all. Depends on the state. Where I am, if the contractor doesn't supply a certificate of insurance, the state makes the dropzone pay for coverage. Similarly in most if not all provinces in Canada, the responsibility chain goes from the employer (or sub-contractor) to the contractor, to the land-owner, to the welfare system. In other words if the sub-contracted cameraflyer doesn't have coverage, the DZ is responsible. If the DZ goes broke, the land-owner is on the hook. One way or another the province wants to find someone other than the ministry of social services (welfare) to pay. In British Columbia the WCB act states that a non incorporated sub-contractor who provides labour only (including personal tools) is not responsible for coverage. For the purpose of the act they are employees. This is not to be confused with their tax status which is a federal determination. In the Pitt Meadows crash all the working employees, part and full time, were covered. The part timer who was not working on that jump however, was not. WCB is now acting like every other insurance company out there and suing everyone in sight to try and recoup their losses.
  10. The Canucks will beat the Sharks again, but their second round opponents will be the Kings, Blues or Ducks. All three of these teams are a lot bigger than the Canucks; the sort of team they cannot beat. Too bad because they are the only team in the west that can beat the Blackhawks.
  11. Actually we have a different style at ESC. I have Ian's square until the pot is won. Hope I never win brother, but I wouldn't trade my square for anyone; you've been a DGIT since AFF. But I'm not saying anything new here.
  12. Physical fitness Proper sleep and nutrition Lack of a hangover Morning stretch
  13. Actually assholes like you are the true waste of cyberspace. She was asking a legitimate question without pretense or hubris. Some people think that their importance as humans is measured by the thickness of their logbook.
  14. You're just a hateful old woman. There is nothing wrong with brussel sprouts. You are probably just steaming them too long. You should be forced to eat Brussels sprouts twice a week until you see the light.
  15. I get it that they can't act like Bertuzi wrt Duncan Keith but what was with the gentleman's league style game. When Hendrik Sedin is your top checker you gotta give your head a shake.