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  1. Andrewwhyte

    John Smith (Aphid)

    After a long fight with cancer John left us today. Loud, opinionated, direct, John was one of the people who added colour to the dropzone. He will be missed.
  2. Andrewwhyte

    Rental Gear - I guess I'm just venting.

    Yes, you should buy your own rig. If you buy a used rig with the intention to do one hundred jumps on it and then resell it you should be able to have an effective cost of $5.00/jump or less. Renting is not only frustrating, but poor economics.
  3. Andrewwhyte

    Tandem with gopro handcam

    Do a few hand am jumps with you own gear to get your procedures down prior to taking it with a tandem. Remember to point the lens at the subject not yourself. Get used to a lot more grabbing of your arm than you have previously been comfortable with.
  4. Andrewwhyte

    Hanging out in the Holding Area.

    Turn when you get close to leaving.
  6. Andrewwhyte

    Skydive Ecuador????

    When I lived in Mexico I met a few Equadorian jumpers. They told me it was very cheap.
  7. Andrewwhyte

    How many pass-outers?

    I have had 3 in ~3000 tandems. Two of them woke up before landing. I have also been on radio for 2 IADs that have passed out under canopy. One had turned onto final before he passed out. Bloody nose, but otherwise OK. Turned out he had narcolepsy issues he didn't ell us about. The other guy woke up at around 800 ft and landed without incident. He was awake just long enough to undo his breaks and fortunately was pointed up wind so he was over good alternates when he woke up.
  8. Andrewwhyte

    RW6 removable O rings........

    Contact Debbie at Pacific Skydivers in Pitt Meadows British Columbia. When RiggerRob worked there he had a large hardware collection.
  9. Andrewwhyte

    Reasonable cost expected for 1 hr coached in tunnel

    Where? US will be less than UK for example. What size tunnel? Might matter.
  10. Andrewwhyte

    Hollister and Groupon

    We did a Groupon offering last year. It was good for us TMs (more volume) but not so much for the DZ. On the plus side it did bring in new demographics (particularly young South Asian and Middle Eastern immigrants) but had a very low video uptake and lower than normal retention rate. More problematic was the calls all this year asking when we were going to do the next one; we had become our own main competitor. We will not be doing it again.
  11. Andrewwhyte

    Why jump at night?

    So that your first night jump isn't on a demo.
  12. Doug, I live nowhere near the east coast, I have no team to champion. However if you have the luxury of mobility and truly want a quality learning experience I would chose to train at a DZ that has a program that works in conjunction with a wind tunnel. Raefort NC and Deland Fla come to mind. The advantage a tunnel plus AFF program offers is not to be passed up. I only wish we had a tunnel close to where I work. Have fun.
  13. Andrewwhyte

    Cessna 206 question

    Remember that a 550 burns more fuel than a 520. Do you routinely have one or two jumpers getting out low? How high do your high loads go above sea level? If you are going to 14,000 with six most loads you definitely need the 550. If you drop one at 5000 most loads and then go to 11,500 then you probably don't. Skydive Big sky operates a 520 turbocharged at Innisfail AB. They may have some numbers for you, but Lyal from Eden North ran it for longer so maybe he can give you some insight.
  14. Andrewwhyte

    The Transformers Effect

    It will not be as big as Point Break. Not because it is not as totally awesome as a five minute freefall, but because we stand on the shoulders of giants. The Giants' names are Bodhi and Agent Utah.