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  1. Thanks for the advice. I was expecting a few lose weight, or stop being so fat responses before a serious one lol. I'll definitely talk to the instructors at the DZ, thanks again.
  2. Hey guys so I haven't jumped in about 6 months due to work and am going to get back in the air this weekend. I have 95 jumps, 2 years in the sport and I have flown a sabre 2 170 since about jump 15. When I first started flying the 170 I weighed about 155lbs (175LB exit weight). Over the past year I've gained about 15 pounds so now I'm sitting at about 165lbs (185LB exit weight). My wingload at 155lbs was 1.03. Now at 165 it's 1.1. My question is how big of a difference will this make on my canopy? I was a little skeptical due to being 6 months out and having gained some weight. Do you think it is still safe to fly? I don't want to have to upsize and I've gained weight from working out so losing weight isn't really an option. What do you guys think?
  3. Hey everybody I just got a Cookie G3. I have never worn the G3 or any other full face helmet. I originally got the large but it was very tight so i swapped it for the XL. The XL shell seems good but it is a little tight under the chin. Whenever i looses it to make more room under the chin it seems like the back of the helmet isnt snug around my head. My question is how exactly is the G3 suppose to fit. Is the cloth in the back suppose to be snug against your neck/back of head or does it matter if there is a gap. I might just not be use to the full face yet but I spent a lot on it and want to be sure.
  4. Thanks for all the help. It was taken using my computer so i guess the camera just flipped it around. And no that is not the casting couch lol.
  5. Range of motion is good, but i haven't jumped it yet so I can't say for certain. I just have never worn an rig with hip rings and have nothing to compare it to. The rig was a steal and I just wanted to make sure it's good.
  6. Hey I just got my first skydiving rig. It is a used wings rig with articulated hip rings. The previous owner was the same size and weight as me however all the rental rigs I've used did not have hip rings. I wanted to know where the hip rings were suppose to sit on your body. I attached some pics. In the one picture my pointer finger is right on the point of my hip. I thinks it's good I just haven't jumped it yet and wanted to make sure. Let me know what you guys think.