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  1. Did you downsize too quickly, and at what wing loading? Did you have a bad experience as a result of flying a too aggressive canopy: collision, bad landing, injury (getting yelled at)? I am new to the sport...and looking to learn.
  2. What is your currency least jumping 2 times per month, more often...less often? I realize this question is different for people based upon experience level and skill. What is your personal "safety" currency meter? What are your thoughts on defining currency for a low-time jumper like myself? I only get to jump about one day a month--3-4 jumps in a day. Is this too little to keep "current"? I travel so much I do not get a chance to skydive as often as I like.
  3. At the dropzone this weekend...the skies were very crowded with skydivers. What do you do safety wise to protect yourself from those with too aggressive, or poor canopy skills...and how do you handle crowded landing areas as you approach the landing area?
  4. How long does it take you to do a good, safe, packing after a jump? For those of you who do your own pack job? And what canopy do you pack & what size?
  5. What is the lowest altitude you have ever pulled at?
  6. Define injury...sprained ankle, face plant, broken anything etc. Is depth perception a challenge for you when landing? And do you think it should be a D license requirement?
  7. Have you been hurt on a night jump. What caused the injury? Advice please...
  8. I am interested in the Safire 2 because I have read and heard that the canopy may be one of the best when it comes to soft openings, less chance of getting spanked. I hear the Pulse is also known for very soft openings.
  9. Exit weight is 185...I haven't purchased the canopy yet but I believe I can get a 230...
  10. "This canopy is a versatile performer; suitable as a first canopy when lightly loaded,"...From Icarus web site Would you agree this would be OK if it is LIGHTLY loaded? 40 jump total for me so far.
  11. what is the worst advice a fellow skydiver ever gave you?
  12. So what do you believe is the top container system, and why do you think it is superior? (Ex: Mirage, Vector, Racer, Talon 2, Voodoo, Wings, Odyssey, Javelin, Dolphin etc)? Anything you particularly dislike as a container system? And why.
  13. I hear conflicting comments about hard opening vs soft opening canopy(s). Some say Spectre can have its share of hard openings, others say the Sabre has a reputation for opening hard. I have read that the triathlon opens smoothly. Give me you opinion as to what canopy(s) have the softest openings? Is there a canopy that is most often considered "the soft opening canopy"?
  14. Beatnik, over 200 in one day...when did you start and how much time between jumps...and what time of the day did you finish?