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  1. Quote Luigi has never BASE jumped before! Actually, Luigi was out here a couple months ago with Jimmy P. making his first few flicks. (maybe this was part of the planning for this stunt) Seemed to like it plenty and will surely do well with this stunt. He is a great at all types of flying. I wonder which clilff he is jumping? Cya
  2. Treejumps

    Fatality, Twin Falls, Idaho, 3 November 2006

    This is the second fatlity here in 6 months, both due to basic procedures (a good, solid pitch of the PC) not being followed. This skill is one of the most basic in base. You must throw the pc well enough away from you to clear the pc & bridle. After seeing thousands of live jumps over the years it is very clear that a good solid pitch is all that is required to not wrap your bridle around you. Hundreds of aerialsts doing thousands of jumps per year regularly throw their PCs while head low (completely upside down), and it is fine to do so, actually, required to do some types of aerials. A good pitch is part of aerials, and any other base jump. I'll quote Adam F's packing video from the 90's on this one: "A good solid purchase (grip) on the PC is the crux of any base jump". A solid purchase and strong pitch are the rock solid basics of base jumping (stowed). If you practice them, when the shit goes down (and it will), you have a much better chance of reacting appropriately. BSBD
  3. Treejumps

    Never Jumped Warlock/Dagger

    Your friend is scared and should just ground crew for you. You should not encourage him, then you will have an extra rig to jump.
  4. Treejumps

    Stash Bag Dimensions

    The size is completely dependent on the size of your stash.
  5. Treejumps

    Scott/Moose from Maryland

    He goes by Lumpy on here.
  6. Treejumps

    JVX and Velocity competition results...

    Thanks for the report, it is very interesting for those looking for new competition canopies. So you are saying that the 6 year old 21 cell Velocity design and the latest and greatest 27 cell pure swoop machine have more or less equal performance. Very interesting. Who was flying the Velo? I understand that Jeffro won overall, what was he flying? Cya
  7. Treejumps

    Need info on a HUCK IT container 2 pin

    Hey RedDevil, I built that rig, and the rings are mil spec, exactly the same as used on TSo's skydiving rigs. For your own piece of mind you can check out the supplier at: If you have further questions send me a PM or give me a call. Cya
  8. Treejumps

    Tailgate for Skydiving Reserves

    The tailgate was designed for slider down deployments. It has no real effect (although some have started putting it on for good measure) on slider up deployment. Are you really having that much trouble keeping the lines in the middle, or are you just worried about a random line over?
  9. Treejumps

    New rules for new season

    Not that I'm competing anymore (at least not anytime again soon) but I weigh 245 walking around, and exit at 270+. Whats an oversized swooper to do? I'm sure there are others. Three words: Trim Spa baby!
  10. Treejumps

    To All BASE Jumpers - Con'd

    Ray is my hero! GO RAY!
  11. Treejumps

    Disconnection of PC on reserves??

    Reserves are packed into "freebags". The freebag is attached to the reserve PC bridle, but not the canopy. This is done to help eliminate entanglments, and make for cleaner deployment. All current reserve system use a freebad.
  12. Treejumps

    A Funny Bridge Day Email I Received

    Great e-mail. It sounds like we are getting our message out to the world, loud and clear. "We are crazy, don't F with us" This guy should receive the hard as nails award. He must be Austrailian. Seriously, if a bone isn't sticking out and there is no blood, how can you tell who should and shouldn't jump?
  13. Treejumps

    sailrite LZ1 sewing machine

    There are a slew of machines similar to that one on E-bay. I bought one and thought it was a piece of shit. Very clunky operation. The presser foot raiser was on top of the machine, and the worst part was that the "reverse" actuator was the same lever as the stich length adjuster. If you want to reverse you have to loosen the finger screw on the lever, reposition, reverse, and then relocate the lever back to (hopefully) the correct length. For long runs of heavy canvas like sails, it may be OK, but for detailed small pieces it would be very cumbersome. I would reccomend a good quality home machine like a Brother or Singer. Spend $150 to $200 and you have a machine that will do all the repairs you want and do so smoothly. My 2 cents. Cya
  14. Congrats Gardner, Way to fight the good fight!
  15. Treejumps

    Jumping for disabled children - how to help

    Hey Shane, So how much was that Red Bull pledge? I tried to look at this in a positive light, but it just reeks of "look at me", and DOOD, I scored a World Record for my resume. I notice very little effort has gone into generating pledges for this "charity" event. Nothing on the boards outside of the base zone, yet it sounds like a tremendous effort has gone into contacting Guiness, lining up the media, and generally attracting attention. I'm not surprised, but I am pretty well disgusted. BTW, if this is such an important cause, why isn't Miles on line asking for support all over the place?