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  1. These things are growing like weeds in the DC market! This will be the 3rd less than an hour from my house (and this one is one 20 minutes)
  2. Way to go Moe! Nice interview. Its also nice to hear TandemBASE getting some play. Just like Moe says, everyone wants to do the coolest, baddest thing right now. Thats why we made TandemBASE, so people can see what BASE is all about. Tree
  3. I was sad to hear the news of Gordon Riner's passing. Gordon ran several drop zones including Parachutes Are Fun where I and thousands of other jumpers learned to skydive. There are so many great stories about Gordon and PAF. He loved skydiving and loved to see people having fun in the sky. I remember Gordon would often ask people who had just made their 1st jump if they wanted to make another jump. If they answered "I don't have they money", he would tell them he didn't ask them about money and send them up to make another jump on credit. He was the last of a special breed of jumpers and I am lucky to have learned to jump at his drop zone. BSBD A link to the newspaper story.
  4. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta! That is an awesome picture. Hey, at least they are already getting out last, and no more getting hosed on a long spot. Should make for an interesting time videoing them though. As for a good idea? I've shot a lot of tandem video and it would not take long to have this turn to shit in a hurry when the student does not do their job. Cya!
  5. Thanks everyone. I'll try a few things, call Mark, and hope for the best. Its got to be something simple and stupid.
  6. Hello riggers, I moved my 269w across town and when I set it back up it started to run, did 2 or 3 of the straight stitches and then stopped. The clutch will engage and I can disengage with the button on the left side of the machine, but she won't do anything. I can counter rotate the upper shaft about 90 degrees, and then back forward 90 degrees, but thats it. It worked fine before the move and was not dropped or anything. Stumped in Idaho
  7. Hey math genius, 10% of $60 million is $6 million. 10% of $6 million is $600k. If you all think that the lawyer is a worthless piece of shit (like pretty much all contingency based plaintiff lawyers), give him a call with "information pertinent to the case". His number was listed in the complaint, and I am sure he would love to speak with a few thousand experienced jumpers, that is if his lines were not so jambed that he could not conduct other business.
  8. I guess base has really progressed when a guy with 11 student base jumps can start giving base instruction, and a guy with 1 base jump gives him a raving review. I don't care how many videos that Sonic has watched, or how many skydives he has, or how much he has talked to actual base jumpers. He is unqualified to be even talking about base jumping, much less instructing people on it. Forget about the rig that is nothing more than a copy of all the other 2 pin rigs on the market; it is irrelevant to the issue of a completely inexperienced base jumper trying to re-invent himself as a base instructor. (PS: I've know Sonic since 99' through swooping, something he is highly qualified to instruct in) Would you let a guy with 11 skydives teach skydiving, even if he was a world champion paraglider? Of course not. the fact is Sonic knows as much about base as a 15 year old Mountain Dew addict who has watched 1000 videos on youtube. Pretty much nothing because you don't learn about an activity by watching, you learn about it by doing. Sonic: Leave base jumping to base jumpers. Better yet, take a couple years and go out and make several hundred jumps from dozens of different objects, you know, actual base jumps. Thats not asking much when you are playing with peoples lives. You don't know shit and other people are going to pay the price for ego and $$$. Here is what I imagine an interview with Sonic about this would sound like: Regis: So Sonic how many base jumps do you have? Sonic: 11, but they were 11 really hard jumps. Everyone knows that NRGB and Perrine are advanced sites. If I was aloud to I would jump a really tall cliff because thats high enough to be an actual skydive, and I really do know something about that. Regis: So with these 11 jumps you felt experienced enough to not only design gear, but to create an instruction course? Sonic: Absolutely! You see I have over 5000 skydives, and when you skydive you use a parachute. When you base jump you use a parachute. See? Regis: See what? Sonic: Its just a parachute whether you skydive it or base jump it. Regis: Are you a skydiving instructor? Sonic: I have over 5000 skydives. Regis: OK. So I understand that you are an FAA certified master rigger? Sonic: Absolutely! Regis: How many rigs have you personally sewed together, and jumped? Sonic: Well, none, unless you count the old Racer that I made a 3 pin bridle for. Thats why I got the people at Jump Shack to build them for me. Its not really a base rig, its just a 50 year old skydiving harness with an old belly wart reserve. But hey, a parachute is a parachute when you're skydiving. Regis: You mean base jumping? Sonic: Whatever, same thing, still with a parachute, right? Regis: Uh, yeah. So will you ever make a base jump off anything other than a simple bridge? Sonic: Absolutely not. Thats illegal and I'm not about all of that sneaking around stuff. For myself and my target customers its all about legal skybasing, err parachuting. You know, jumping. Regis: So if a cliff, building, or antenna were legal you would jump it? Sonic: Absolutely not. I've only got 11 jumps from bridges, are you crazy? Besides, I'm not aloud to jump that stuff; you could get really hurt or killed doing that Regis: But you are willing to instruct students on how to do just that? Sonci: Absolutely! You know the old saying, those who can do, those who can't teach? Regis: Uh yeah. So do you see any kind of credibility problem with the fact that you don't and never want to actually go out and base jump? Sonic: Absolutely not. I have over 5000 skydives. BASE610
  9. Damn Colon, this is the funniest shit on the internet since Glad your back at it. Tree
  10. Hi John, This is for a building access rig to get through metal detectors. Even if they only last a few jumps, plastic would be fine. I've picked up a few ideas and will test them before the intended use. For those that asked, there is no hump on your back. They pack up long and flat. Thanks for the help
  11. No one is smuggling anything. Anyone with actual answers to the question are encouraged to respond. All others take witty banter to the bonfire.
  12. Hi all, Does anyone have any ideas about non-metallic slider grommets? Carbon, ceramic, nylon? Maybe not even grommets, perhaps rings that could used like on a RDS? Every other piece of metal on a rig can be easily removed, but I could use some ideas for the slider. Thanks
  13. Sign me up. I've got nearly 30 years on skis and fly a VX @ 2.4. I've been wanting to do that since the Pro Para-Blade days. Looks like a good weekend trip to plan for. Cya
  14. Yo feral, I thought you were running the prison, not an inmate. WTF! We are working on baking a cake that is "stealth" to metal detectors, so we should have you out of there soon. Cya!