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  1. Hello Mates I am on my 1st day leave Seven is typing this as i am not allowed to use the computer but i can dictate . Where the Fu (k are my letters you try geting sentenced to 8 years jail and only a few.........................................................................................people send me letters thanks to those even know i have to give you few a gentle reminder invisable letters (jj agent swallow and others that have yet responded.... I can recive letters photos thats it anything else vidoes books etc have to go throw seven and i have to fill out paperwork or with dvds i can watch them when i get days leaves once a month. Yes i dont mind hearing your good times trips because i keeps me going till i can base again in 5 1/2 years time . As if i base in Australia i will break my parole and i would never think of breaking the law ( is that ok Aussie base nazis politically correct media loving channell 9 slim footage stealling motha fu (kers) so i will have to settle for falling out of a plane until i am allowed over to europe as the us wont let me in for 7years after i get out because a Aussie with dreads is a big worrie.. so my postal adress is as below must be exactly as written. Feral MIN 237524 Locked Mailbag 115 Silverwater NSW 1811 Australia You must put your name and address on the back of the envelope only send letters or postcards or pictures any thing rude or contraband will be taken out and destroed The sad thing the only time I got to see jumps was when someone died and there have been to many and many of them good friends so when i got letters with photos or of mates havin good times it makes the time better unlike most of my fellow convicts That have xxx rated pics i my walls have pics of jumpers cliffs buildings a few clipings when people have done cool things like the jet fixed wingsuit dude. i would like to once again thank seven for taking dictation complete with my speeeling orrors And tom aiello dont edit my little rant because you know i really harmless and i can have you taken care of on you base travels.............. that means looked after .................. oooohhh you know what i mean ...or do i... ps I wont be able to respond for another month ok .. bsbd feral
  2. Hey out there in Base Land. We have been far removed for quite a while but We would like to say a big hello and merry xmas and crazy New Year to all our friends in the base community.Feral is enjoying all the letters from those who care to write. I am sure he is sending his xmas wishes to you all in a typical Feral Way!! Hoping to see you all soon. Peace love and mungbeans...7....xxxxxxx Middle finger to the rest of you... bsbd Feral.
  3. Awesome!! I am keen to hook up with as many people as I can... and yes I would love to get current with the world champ before leaving...we were just wondering where you were the other day!!!! TA DA!! VOILA!!! peace love and mungbeans...7.....xxxxxxx
  4. ok ok ok I couldn't do it ... I tried to stay grounded but it is killin me...I am back in the air.. I am registered for Bridge Day and looking forward to being in the ZOO!!! Are any of my friends going to be there??? I am then scooting across to the otherside of your tiny little counrtry and wanting to hook up with friends OLD and New to jump the Perrine.... is there anybody up for a party??? I am so so excited!! fire some mail at me!!! Love yous all!!!! Peace love and mungbeans...7....xxxxxxx
  5. what a wanka!!! thats such a great word with just the right amount of OZZIE TWANG!!! WANKA!! bite me if you dare!!! Seven
  6. Seven7

    Fatality in Norway

    Rest In Peace Coombesy.. I dont know what to say you were amazing and yes a real nice few and far between.. our thoughts go out to friends and family and everyone in Norway right now.. peace love and mungbeans...7.... Bsbd feral.
  7. AAAhh ha ha ha!!! Jeb is the LORD of Darkness according to one of the convicts down here!! Beware... but he will have fun where ever he goes that is what is important... Peace love and mungbeans...7....xxxxxxx
  8. Seven7

    Alor Setar

    YEEEEEHHAAAAARRR!!!!!! Go gary GO!!! I knew you would blast it out of the water!!! Your packing still makes me cringe but hey!! ITS Working!!! Go hard party peoples with love from the convict and myself down in OZ!! Peace love and mungbeans...7....xxxxxxx
  9. F U ( K ! Seven told me about Darcy today. My deepest thoughts go out to his family and friends. Darcy was a funny Bastard, that little kick his right leg used to do when he jumped .I so enjoyed jumping with him he was such a character. I remember the 1st time I met him it was in 1999.Our 1st overseas trip.I broke my leg on the 3rd day of the trip in France but we kept going with the trip, Arco , Switzerland , Amsterdam then to Norway .Even though I couldn’t jump I had a ball .I met so many cool people ,watched and filmed the 24way. But I was couped up in Lysebotn so I gathered money off people, copped a lift back with some Norgies in there car with a backpack and my crutches off to Stavangar to go shopping for food at the supermarket. Loaded up with food and hobbled to make the Ferry. Now I had only been to the ferry terminal once before and we had caught a taxi there so I was hopping along to all the different ferry terminals with my backpack full.I knew what the ferry looked like but couldn’t find it. Then this guy yelled out something to me. I heard an Aussie accent. He drove into a parking lot and I crossed the road. He pulled up next to me and asked if I was a basejumper .I said yes. It was good to hear an Aussie voice as I was getting pissed off because I couldn’t find the ferry. Darcy informed me that yes the ferry leaves in the morning to Lysebotn ,comes back only half way then back to Lysebotn then back to Stavangar .He told me I could get a bus then change to another bus and meet the ferry but the bus didn’t leave for about 4 1/2 hrs. So I jumped in his car back to his place that he was sharing with his Norgie girlfriend at the time and we talked. Aussie base is tight but I had never met him because he is from South Australia. We ate, chilled and watched some base vids . He was very cool. He then Drove me to the bus terminal , grabbed me a ticket then off I went and he came up later that week on his bike. Then over 2000 , 2001 ,2002, 2004 he became a very good mate ,one of the people I looked forward to seeing every year in Norway. Plus He really loved my coffee and he didn’t laugh when I got an espresso machine delivered to Lysebotn .He came over to the cabin, talked to Seven and I while I put it together and I made 7 and Darcy and myself a cappuccino .We sat out on the balcony looking at that beautiful view ,Smellvegen down to Kjerag,laughing and talking smiling.F u ( k I’m going to miss him! Bsbd Feral